Other factions fighting.

Started by JimmyAgnt007, May 13, 2016, 10:25:18 AM

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Id love to see two enemy factions (enemies of each other, not my enemies strictly speaking) duke it out on my front lawn. 

Maybe a faction warcamp event where a traveling army sets up a base for a short while.  If they are enemies they will attack my people but not siege or assault, just defend.  If they are friendly they can trade (mostly buying food and meds id expect)  Then there is the possibility that another faction shows up to attack them.  The player can just sit on the sidelines and watch.

The winner grabs prisoners, bodies, loot, and moves along.  The player can pick up whatever is left or rush to loot as well if they are friends with the winner.  Or you can just kill the weakened winner and gain a pile of loot.

This might result in the player gaining too much wealth of course, if they kill off both.  but it would be fun to watch a large scale battle without any direct threat to your own base.


Didn't we have this discussion less than a week ago?

But I agree, it sounds like a cool event. More stuff not directly threatening/involving the colony would create more life on the map without pressuring the player too much.


Did we?  I got married last week so I might have missed it.


Yeah i made similar suggestion as an event.


But it already occurs naturally, without a specific event. Do you prefer defined, rigid events to emergence ?


This happens all the time if you make peace with all the factions and they pop up to say hi at the same time ;b


I was thinking of something a little larger in scale than the regular visits.  Just to remind the player its not all against them. 


Quote from: JimmyAgnt007 on May 13, 2016, 12:55:57 PM
Did we?  I got married last week so I might have missed it.

Geez Jimmy, you can't just get married and miss something on the rimworld forums. Get your priorities in order.

Seriously though, congrats!
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