Pirates want your booty, not your booty.

Started by Travinsky, May 31, 2016, 02:29:24 AM

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I think it might be a nice idea if pirates and tribals weren't simple interested in hauling off your colonists and instead sometimes targeted the other resources of your colony such as your silver or your food stores.

It sorta makes sense to me. Imagine if its winter and the pirates are running low on food, well instead of targeting your colonists, they instead target your food stores. I think this could maybe work if say your colony has a high food to colonist ratio or high wealth but a low population (Like if you manage to kill a thrumbo early on and your wealth jumps up) so instead of focusing on the paltry amount of colonists they just target your warehouses, stealing silver, weapons and clothes (Maybe clothes if there's a cold snap?).

I worry this might make the game too easy, raids are the main way my colonies end  but then again I find mechanoids are the main destroying faction and they aren't interested in forcing colonists into slavery.

I dunno, just an idea I had, feel free to let me know what you guys think. (Also sorry if this idea has been posted before)


Would be fun and make for a much fuller story.

There could be 2 types of thievery: the aggressive type and the non-aggressive.  The non-aggressives would be something like this
- "They will take what they can carry from your base, unless you stop them.  However, they will not attack you unless provoked.  They will be careful to avoid your more defended areas [insert defense avoidance AI very similar to that used by raiders]"
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Some guys who come along and harvest your crops then run away with them, maybe right before your own people think its ready to harvest so that they arnt all out there at the same time.

Or some other guys who just grab stuff thats laying around outside.  Cargo pods you havent picked up.  An animal that was left out.  Maybe you just havent hauled your harvest out of the field yet. 


This is already in alpha14, confirmed by Tynan.


Could you link the confirmation, I can't see it on the Dev Blog announcement.


Quote from: Travinsky on June 02, 2016, 08:35:44 AM
Could you link the confirmation, I can't see it on the Dev Blog announcement.

Quote from: Tynan on May 28, 2016, 03:04:12 PM
I'm happy to inform you that as of next version, raiders will switch to stealing things and try to leave with their loot, if they see enough good stuff around. It's similar to kidnapping.

So, you could just leave a pile of silver for them to get a similar effect.
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Sweet, I wonder if it works like a tribute or something you can just leave at the edge of the map. Lets hope it can't be exploited to make things too easy, but it should help tackle those sudden jumps in raids without completely wiping out your colony. Cheers.