[B18] RT's Weapon Pack

Started by rhtstm, August 31, 2016, 04:09:56 AM

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Quote from: Zookes on November 23, 2017, 12:58:01 PM
I went ahead and did a quick hacky B18 pass on the xml just to get it done for my saves, so I thought I'd share it here. Everything works without errors (supposedly), but is not terribly balanced due to necessary melee changes. Link to mega:


Best to wait for RT's official update if you liked the melee weapons.


It doesnt work for me :( I had a pawn with L96 sniper rifle and Thompson submachine gun and one boar almost killed them both because everytime they hit him they did no damage and error log logged something about null penetration value or some crap like that :(
Oh and those weapons have no options for fire modes, unlimited ammo like in vanilla etc :(
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RT's Weapon Pack for B18 Released!

Steam users can now subscribe to the new version via steam workshop.

Non-steam users can download from google drive. When I push an update via steam, I will then also upload the steam version to Google Drive. Make sure to check often!



Woohoo, nice man! Those textures are really, really nice. I'm loving that fire extinguisher! ;)


Quote from: Harry_Dicks on January 15, 2018, 11:41:18 AM
Woohoo, nice man! Those textures are really, really nice. I'm loving that fire extinguisher! ;)

Thanks man! Glad you like the art. I did spend a lot of time drawing and polishing each pixel! Haha. Enjoy~



Hey man! first, sorry my bad english, i will try :D
love you mod soo far, i can't play without it anymore!
but if i can ask, you will change the sounds of gunshots to make them more unique?
and if you want a basic tranlations to Brasilian portuguese, i think i can help you a little

thanks for this great mod and work man! realy enjoy soo far!


I usually don't like weapon packs that add this many weapons. However, you've managed to make pretty much all of these weapons easily identifiable. No two weapons look very similar, or you aren't really sure what one is. Yeah, you might have like 8 SMGs, but they all look very nice and distinct from each other. Even the MP7, the way the handle looks on the gun, you can see represented by just those few pixels.

Kenny Dave

Thank you for the mod, I enjoy it greatly. I know about weapons that I thought I ever would now.

The BAR M1918 says "can also be used on a defence complex"; what does this mean? Is it CE related?


could you screw a bit at the mellee weapon balance ?
Most of them have incredible high DPS compared to vanila weapons.
Plasteel Longsword exec.  13.92 DPS 100%
Plasteel Katana  exec,   23,81 DPS 50%
Plasteel Butche K sup.  15.40 DPS  50%

A Katana is basicly a lighter longsword asian style and should have the same DPS but faster (like it is).
But a butcher knife with more DPS then a longsword ? :-) Ok maybe steven seagal would agree . :-)

I think they should have same DPS rating like vanilia ones, but their boni made them more useful.



rhtstm, or any other who could actually confirm this and help if need be.

I loved this mod to the very bone, its fantastic. But, as I was frantically crafting all of the available rifles I came across some that, when in the hands of a drafted pawn, would have just a "miss radius 1" instead of the usual broken down accuracies. I know that the 'miss radius' is used in launchers and miniguns....  But it seemed a little off to find it in normal rifles, as almost no shot would hit the target at any given distance even with lvl20 shooters and higher than good qualities.

At this moment I found this only on M4, M14 and M1 Garand. EDIT: and in all of the machine guns.

Is it really supposed to be like this?  ???


I love this mod hope this gets updated to b19


Yeah, can  we anticipate the update?
I have no idea how, but it works!!!