[1.3] Map Reroll (2.7.1) - Pick your starting map

Started by UnlimitedHugs, March 28, 2016, 05:23:43 PM

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luckyly you didn't made the log from the world generation when you wanted to reroll the maps.
So it is impossible to say anything about the problem since we can't see the error message.

1. clear out all the error's at startup (maybe read the 2.link from my signature)
2. if that don't allready fix the problem, try it out with less mods until it works. Then readd some mods until it don't work again and you can identify the conflicting mod.


Updated to 2.7.1

Updated with a compatibility fix for Configurable Maps, submitted by Kiame.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to talk briefly about the development of Map Reroll.
I know many of you are submitting issues and sharing about things not working quite as one might expect- especially when used with other mods.
As it stands, this project requires a lot of effort to be kept in good shape- the complexity of the base game, plus the DLCs, multiplied by constantly changing mod scene is significant. While maintenance is feasible, I'm not ready to put quite that much work into this project, as I have mostly moved on from Rimworld modding, and have other things vying for my attention- such as career, and personal well-being. You will likely agree these things should always come first.
So, I'm not saying good-bye, I'll probably be still around to update to major versions. If you have the knowledge and interest to fix an issue with the mod- by all means, send me a pull request on GitHub. I hope I can at least stay on top of those.

Beyond that, know that I appreciate you, and hope that you have the wisdom to be unbothered by the things that aren't working smoothly for you, and move towards the things that do- as life is worth enjoying.
With loving care,
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