[A17] Save Our Ship (v1.01)

Started by Kentington, September 20, 2017, 07:15:01 PM

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Update v1.01: Fixed an issue preventing some players from constructing buildings inside a ship's hull.

With this mod, any ship you launch is saved to a file. You can then start a new game using this ship to continue your colonists' stories on another world! Research, player faction data, and pawn relationships are all carried over.

SOS also includes new ship parts which allow constructing a proper interior. Any building or item placed atop a hull tile is saved with the ship - letting the colonists bring their favorite art, their workshop, and all the supplies the next colony might need. Cryptosleep caskets can be built inside a fully sealed hull at reduced cost.

Requires HugsLib.

====Technical Details and Known Issues====

"Loose" pawns aboard a ship won't be saved with it (they'd die during the interstellar journey). Put your colonists/animals in cryptosleep caskets.

Hull tiles can only be placed in a room fully bordered by ship parts. Placing a wall, nutrient paste dispenser, or any other building which counts as a solid wall will prevent placement of hull tiles in that area. Hull tiles automatically create roofs for themselves, which may cause compatibility issues with roofing mods.

Starting a game with a landed ship prevents new pawns from being created at game start. Colonists can still join later, of course. Ship starts are also incompatible with "start with," "start with animal," and "start near" scenario components.

There are many ways in which a third-party mod could store world data. If it's not saved inside a vanilla data structure (specifically the pawns themselves, a building on the ship, a faction def, researchManager, taleManager, or playLog), it won't come with the ship, which could cause issues with those mods.

Many NPC pawns from the old world will be missing when the ship lands, which will produce warnings if developer mode is enabled. The game cleans these up automatically.

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When I finally make it off that godforsaken planet, I want this mod!


oh man, this opens up a lot of possibilities!
* pickbullmister goes playing with it for next few hours

thanks dude!


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definitely a must try, hoping vanilla goes this direction in the future

would be amazing if they adapted space too but thats a story for another time


Do animals put into cryptosleep caskets work properly?



Quote from: YokoZar on September 21, 2017, 12:57:16 AM
Do animals put into cryptosleep caskets work properly?
Nevermind the description implies they do.  This looks amazing :)


Does this wokr with sd_spaceship, like as in does it save the constructions that are added with the mod, if so this would be amazing.


YokoZar: Yes, animals in cryptosleep will be saved.

Ceanox: Yup! Any building with the shipPart property set will be counted as part of the ship and saved.


Or don't let the game end after you launch your spaceship.
You can mine asteroids, get raided by other spacecrafts, and need ofcouse spacesuits/EVA.


Okay, I'm officially stumped. I can make a room out of ship beams, modules, and airlocks (and nothing else). Pawns automatically build the roofs. I can build hull plating in the rooms. What I can't do, is actually build or install anything on the hull plating. If I try, I can place the object, but my builders won't work on it, and if I select a builder and right click on the object, nothing happens. I've started a new game with only hugslib, prepare carefully, editable backstories, and this mod and it still happens.

Am I missing something? Is it just me?

Edit: And, after much trial and error, I was able to launch a ship with stuff in it (build ship room, install buildings, THEN install hull plating under buildings). After I test launched a ship, I can now build on hull plating.


Canute: I had actually played around with that concept (creating a dummy "world," mostly empty but with a small number of hexes to represent various land-able space stations and asteroids) but ultimately it was outside the scope of this mod. Might continue that and release it separately.

EDIT: VeeCee, just uploaded a fix for the issue.


Yep, that fixed the issues I was having, much obliged. Now to launch my ship (well, mini-base, really) for real, and try it in a new scenario.