[1.4] RimHUD - Add more information to the UI

Started by Jaxe, September 21, 2018, 07:08:31 PM

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Hello and thank you for your work. I install this mod, it is green in mods list, and... nothing happens. Is there i miss something?


you should verify that you installed the mod correct.
Just compare the file structure it with the other mods you used.


Updated to v1.6.7:
- Added support for RimWorld 1.2
- Removed support for RimWorld 1.0


There's an issue with the Royalty DLC, meditation has too long of a text to show up correctly as activity no matter how I try adjusting the settings.



Updated to v1.6.8:
- Possible lag spike fix
- Fix allowing non-vanilla skill passions
- Fix for invalid mood offsets


Updated to v1.7.0:
- Performance improvements
- Fixed deactivation on some modded moods
- Added activity tooltip
- Clicking on activity opens the Work tab
- Changed skill passion indicators to a star
- Skill values will now show a + when skill is currently being learned




I can't believe RimHUD still haven't been implemented in the game yet. Someone need to slap the dev team and wake them up already. Vanilla HUD is Sucks tbh.


Quote from: Enrymion on November 16, 2020, 06:14:21 PM
There's an issue with the Royalty DLC, meditation has too long of a text to show up correctly as activity no matter how I try adjusting the settings.

i have the same problem


RimHUD updated to v1.9.0:
- Significant performance tweaks
- Added clickable icons for faction and ideoligion (if available) on the inspect tab
- Illegible multiline text fixed
- Window height limit increased
- Refresh rate changed for better performance
- Added dev mode to inspect performance. Click the version number in the config menu to toggle. Must be in RimWorld's dev mode to work
- Added "Ideoligion, gender, race and age" element in available content
- Compress notifications off by default
- General code tidying and miscellaneous tweaks


QuoteAdded clickable icons for faction and ideoligion
I love you so much. It's a massive pain to have to dig to get to the ideoligion view when all I want to do is make sure my prisoners are converted so that I can flip to the recruit button. RimHUD needs to be the standard UI. Cheers!


Updated to v1.9.1:
- Added legacy localization for 1.1-1.2
- Added toggle for Faction and Ideoligion icons


Updated to v1.10.0:
Color Tab: Added hex option
Color Tab: Added Prisoner and Slave colors
Content Tab: Fixed display error
Content Tab: Disabled Rest bar for non-colony animals to match vanilla (can be re-enabled)
Content Tab: Can "Add row" to append a sibling row to the selected row
Content Tab: Fixed presets for Dubs Bad Hygiene (with and without Thirst need)
HUD: Colony Prisoner and Slave names and titles are now colored
HUD: Added Certainty to Ideoligion button tooltip
HUD: Added Suppression bar by default for Slaves - click for shortcut to Slave Tab
HUD: Added Prisoner Info (Resistance and Will) by default for Prisoners - click for shortcut to Prisoner tab
HUD: Fixed some tooltip stats
HUD: Added additional stats to element tooltips
Code: Added some error handling for a few more HUD elements
Code: Some refactoring and code tidying