[1.0] Clutter ("Was i a squieerl ?" December 20, 2018)

Started by mrofa, February 16, 2016, 02:32:53 PM

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Hello there mrofa ;)

I have a question/request about your door access system. I am using Orions Hospitality mod and was wondering if you could add a guest tap to the access system because as of now my guests won't use the door anymore when it is activated.
I don't know if this is something possible to code or not but I thought asking doesn't cost anything :) .


Thread title says 1.0, but Clutter furniture isn't available yet, anywhere?...


Door access system also seems to not function correctly. You can set the door up to let prisoners through, but they won't ever come through it.


Can you add Nexus downloads of finished 1.0 mod (Structures v2.1(1.0),Windows v1.2(1.0),Door Stuff v1.5(1.0) and Hands (1.0)) first?



I hope Clutter furniture makes a return appearance.  You're the best Mrofa, hope you're well.


Does the B18 Clutter Furniture work with 1.0?

I dont care about linkables, etc. Just wondering if it will build the furniture.


Furniture is all what we are waiting for, it was so great


Have some little problems when use "replace stuff" with clutter "the door stuff", pawns will build a new door "into" the wall already exist. This would make the door unaccessable, but deconstruct the wall fix the problem.
Also, a recently released mod called "rimcities" have the same problem as well, all the doors in the map are built into the wall.
*Edit* looks like using clutter door or structure alone both cause the same problem
*and another edit* is the mod better vents/coolers conflict with replace stuff, sorry for bothering


can pawns that arrive from a downed pod leave a locked room and does that impact their recruitment


is there a patch for jecrells expanded doors mod and clutter locks?


Please.. I really want the window mod to be updated!