[1.1] The Doctor's World (June 29, 2020)

Started by Dr_Zhivago, December 02, 2018, 03:17:15 AM

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Decided to put all my mods together in one post. For the sake of consolidation and uniformity. Order from chaos.

The Doctor's World
Check out my Steam mod collection if you're inclined or want some mod ideas.

Vanilla Friendly Combat Overhaul
Check out my other Steam mod collection if you want to overhaul Vanilla combat.



A mod of combined patches for Vanilla RimWorld, any of the supported mods, and my RimWorld mod collection "The Doctor's World". This mod patches many mods not currently included in my collection, and can be used without any other mods.

Content Overview
New Vanilla Content

  • New Architect tabs and organizes Architect menu
  • New drop down menus
  • Balances recipes for various items
  • Beds require cloth
  • Underground power conduits
  • Enhances miniaturisation abilities
  • Increased "stuffable" items
  • Lights are now more efficient with power usage
Supported Mods
Huge List Inbound

Important Info
For possible conflicts: Mod Compatibility
For ongoing games: Save Compatibility
For all changes: Changelog





Normal and Spacer (Spacer only with [sd]medicaddons)

A small mod that adds a vitals monitor to... well... walls. Check the settings to add functionality to all beds.

Everything, always. Just deconstruct walled monitors if you wish to remove mod.

v1.0 Downloads

sulusdacor- for his mod "[sd] medicaddons" (which I highly suggest you get).
zzz- for the original mod mine is based off, "Wall Vitals Monitor".
notfood- for conjuring the spirits of the computer with their spells.
And of course all the beautiful mod creators/users out in the RimVerse.



Rolling Table
A table used to roll joints more effectively than a crafting spot on the ground. Can make smokeleaf joints in x1, x5, or x10 quantity.

- VGP Garden Medicine compatible, can be used to roll cigarillos.
- RimCuisine compatible, can be used to roll tobacco products.
- RimCuisine 2 compatible, can be used to roll tobacco products.
- Smokeleaf Industry compatible, can be used to make various products.
- Smokeleaf Industry Reborn compatible, can be used to make various products.

v1.0 Downloads

A16 Downloads

Xen- for helping me realize I was missing defs
ilawz- for texture modifications
Lanilor- for helping me learn xpath patching on the Discord



Vanilla Animals Overhaul Reloaded
A collection of patches and tweaks regarding animals. Check out the links and code below.

I have updated this mod further for RimWorld v1.0, upon seeing that Ludeon user "Caffeine Zombie" took the first and largest step to updating.

v1.0 Downloads

Original Mod
Ludeon Thread

Date Format: DD/MM/YYYY

v1.0.6 (03/02/2019):

- Westerado Compatibility
- Minor formatting edits

v1.0.5 (18/12/2018):

     Edit to market values, new values are:

    --Vanilla Animal Horns--
        Rhino: 100
        Gazelle: 20
        Ibex: 20
        Deer: 15
        Elk: 20
        Caribou: 20

    --ACP Animal Horns--
        Black Rhino: 125
        Whooly Rhino: 150

        Milk: 20
        Wool: 5 (no change)

        All egg values unchanged: 10

v1.0.4 (15/12/2018):

    Small update pushed for compatibility with "Giddy Up"

v1.0.3 (12/12/2018):

    Labradors, Huskies, and Wolves are now pack animals.

v1.0.2 (11/12/2018):

    I have updated Thrumbos so they can be pack animals, produce milk, nuzzle, as well as updating the wool features.
    I have altered the amounts of hay and kibble that can be consumed at once, upping the value to 200 for each.
    I have also included a patch for the mod "AnimalCollabProject" which allows;
        black rhinos to be Pack Animals
        black/wooly rhino and bison horns to be harvested from corpses

Original Mod Author's words below:

A collection of patches and tweaks regarding animals
-= 1.1 - "Charles Darwin Edition" =-

Focused on animal mechanics

    Cassowaries, Emus, Iguanas, Ostriches, Tortoises, and Turkey can now lay unfertilized eggs

    Monkeys and domestic Cats had their body-size upped in order for them to be eligible for haul training (from 0.35 to 0.40 for monkeys and from 0.26 to 0.4 for cats)

    Elephants can now eat trees and the female elephant will also drop tusks

    Caribous, Deers, Elks, Gazelles, Ibexes, and Rhinos will now drop horns/antlers/tusks when butchered. They are considered quite valuable for reselling and can be used as makeshift melee weapon

    Alpacas, Deers, and Ibexes can now be milked. Ibexes produce poor-quality wool now

    Thrumbos can now be sheared (every 50 days) for their high-quality wool

-= 1.0 - "Konrad Lorenz Edition" =-

Focused on animal behavior

    All bears, Alpacas, Ostrich, Rhinoceros, Cow, Elk, Caribou, Warg and Elephants can now be used as pack animals and will be used by other factions

    Pets sets to follow master while doing fieldwork will now also consider DoctorRescue, ReleasePrisoner, Slaughter/Milk/Shear, Harvest/Cut, Strip/Bury/Haul Corpses and CleanClearSnow as fieldwork.

    Chinchillas, Rhinoceros, Ostriches, Turkeys, Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Rat, WildBoars, Monkey, Wargs and all wolves are now herd animals.

    Cats and big Cats are now trainable (up to advanced like dogs) but are harder to train than most other pets (wildness raised from 0.2 to 0.5 for the pet).

    All Bears, Foxes and Big Cats have now a "maxPreyBodySize" attribute up to their relative own body size attribute.

    All dogs are now set to be predator (but only for the smallest animals)

Thanks / Credits

A big Thank you to Oblitus : For fixing "pack animals" to be buyable.

All Horns/Antlers graphics were made by Coercion originally for the TropiCKAPP Rainforest mod

Also Mehni for pointing me to an error with the changes I made with cats behavior changes

kaptain_kavern- for the original mod.
owl- for Westerado compatibility
Ludeon Forum user "Caffeine Zombie"- for the original RimWorld v1.0 update



Removes all Vanilla starting research, and as such, is only useful at the start of a new game. The benefit of using patches as this mod does, is keeping all Vanilla behavior of faction types.

Patches are named after their function. EG: "Vanilla_NewTribe_RemoveStartingResearch.xml" is the patch that removes all starting tribal research in Vanilla. You can delete a patch if you want the starting research back.

Current Mod Support:
Yabils: Space Gremlins

v1.0 Downloads

Xiapher-Mod name idea



The Birds and the Bees - CF Patch
Adds reproductive organs for "The Birds and the Bees" with prosthetics based on "Cyber Fauna".

Load after "Cyber Fauna" and "The Birds and the Bees".

Adds simple (80% efficiency) and bionic (125% efficiency) and archotech (200% efficiency) reproductive organs for animals. Restores fertility.
Also works with derivative mods such as "The Birds and the Bees - RBSE Edition"

Known issues
No known issues. Save compatible.

v1.0+ Downloads

Daniledman- Cyber Fauna
Fluffy- The Birds and the Bees



A mod which allows the disassembling and assembling of Archotech technology after the required "Nanite Production" research. This is a late-game technology and objects will produce nanites upon being disassembled.There is also a "scrambling" recipe included which allows players to randomly change neurotrainers... for a price (also note that all crafted neurotrainers are randomized).

Current Mod Support:
SF [1.0] Orbital Trader Transponder

v1.0 Downloads

Unon- co-author



The goal of this mod is to make pawns feel damage. I found inspiration in VE-CO to overhaul the Vanilla combat in a mod-friendly way. The way in which this mod handles that are through these features:
- Increase pain and bleeding rates to Human pawns from most damage types
- Pawns are less spongy and bleed out faster
- Pawns are less likely to lose small limbs
- Pawns are more likely to be shot in the torso
- Organs are critical wounds and more likely to be hit
- Medical aid will be more necessary in the field
- Animals are slightly more robust
- Bionics and Armor become far more important
- Completely save-friendly to add or remove as you wish

Suggested Mods To Use With
Yayo's Combat
Smart Medicine
Field Medic

If you do choose to use these mods, in conjunction with DPO, it will greatly change your Vanilla combat experience.
This mod only effects Vanilla races.

v1.0 Downloads



DocWalledVitals has been updated:

Mod almost entirely rewritten. Thanks to user 'notfood', as I currently know about .01% C#. Mod menu option added in 'settings' to toggle walled vitals monitor support for all beds, or default of Vanilla behavior.


DocWorld has been updated:

Change notes under "code" for the fifth release.


Thank you so much for your mods mate. Not only do I like the changes you've made, I also appreciate the fact that you put DocsWorld on Github as I use it to learn about xml modding in Rimworld and already made some changes that fit my mod setting.


Quote from: ruyan on December 07, 2018, 08:05:52 PM
Thank you so much for your mods mate. Not only do I like the changes you've made, I also appreciate the fact that you put DocsWorld on Github as I use it to learn about xml modding in Rimworld and already made some changes that fit my mod setting.

No problem mate. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying, and I saw the fork you made. That's pretty much how I learned. Thinking of something I wanted and then looking at what other people had done. Rolling table was my first mod haha. Still learning though, so you might see changes in my xpathing style as I get better!


Yeah I already modified some of your xpathing, testing the loading speeds by using a multi select version. The difference is miniscule since there are not enough passes to make a huge difference I guess.

I do have a couple fixes like architect icons for different mods (icons made by me), a fix for architect icons when extended storage EXTENDED is installed (it changes the storage tab name so the icon is lost) and putting Industrial Rollers behind electricity research. Do you want a pull request on those and look over them?