[1.0] RedistHeat (Oct 29, v50) Ported to 1.0

Started by Morgloz, July 19, 2016, 02:19:23 PM

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Quote from: Firebirdss on January 01, 2019, 09:31:22 PM
Hi I am having a problem with cooling/heating rooms. I have the Industrial Heater on a network of its own and connected to intakes and outputs but even with 3 of them cranked up to 196°F they barely manage to keep any one of my rooms warm except for the freezer.


its just an assumption but:

You use the cold air from outside for your intakes, it should not be a problem with 3 industrial heaters though. same but vice versa for your top right cooling circuit.


my currenct colony is much larger and i have just 3 of those coolers for every room except freezer.



Duct intake works like it's room heater rather than anything in my setup.
Room goes from -10C (suspended by in-wall freezer) to 25C+. Is it intended?

PS: can not find spoiler for image

UPD: Ah wait nutrient paste dispenser doesn't prevent .... uh it does. wtf


Is it pointless putting heaters and duct coolers directly in the duct network to adjust heat? I have 8 intakes taking outside air, 4 each for upper(heat) and 4 lower (cooling ducts connected). I have intakes duct connected to 4 industrial heaters, that then go to the upper duct works to all the rooms. Same with the lower but I have 9 duct coolers. between outside air and my base.  All connected up via smart outlets for the rooms. Temp target set to 70 on everything.

All that ends up happening is base turn to outside temp, the heaters and cooler seem to do nothing to the air in the network.  Do you just have to make an indoor room to take air from? 1 for hot air and 1 for cool air?


maybe im not doing it correctly, but i cant just figure out why on some rooms on my base it is too cold or on some rooms it is too hot..

in the photo of my shower rooms and toilet rooms:
- the left shower room is around same temp as nearly rest of my base
- the right shower room seems always cold or lower temperature than normal
- left toilet room is same as left shower room
- right toilet room is always hot or above normal temps.
- baby room, which is on right of women's dorm is slightly warm than average(around 2-3 degrees higher). but i noticed sometimes temp jump from 20-26 in an instant.. other rooms are normal, but this room has high temp fluctiations.

on right shower room, i added a radiator to warm it up, but still no change. and right toilet room has an aircon, and still no change on temp too. i even added all the vents and whatever temperature controller from your mod and dub's hygiene, and still no temperature changes...
lol maybe you can help me out solve this problem

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Is there an up to date guide on this mod? I'm trying to make the industrial coolers, well, cool things, but so far the effect seems incredibly underwhelming (3 industrial coolers with 6 exhaust ports fail to cool down twelve 3x4 bedrooms, only dropping them from 38c to 30c). I think I must be doing something wrong.


I suggest not to use this mod.
The mod author update it to 1.0 and it is basicly working. But the balance is missing.
And you shouldn't await any update or responce from the author, he didn't visit the forum since over a year.
Dub's hygiene mod or
Centralized Climate Control
should work much better.