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Ideas / Re: add carbon monoxide during a fire
August 04, 2019, 07:00:07 PM
Adding in carbon monoxide means more than just that, you'd need an entire gas system. Plus you'd need better ventilation, like the redistheat pipes.
Ideas / Re: Ability to Remove Prisoners Eyes
September 25, 2018, 12:05:10 PM
Quote from: NachoToast on September 23, 2018, 04:41:44 AM
We can remove their lungs, heart and kidneys, why can't we take their eyeballs?

I'm no doctor but I'm assuming just replacing their eyeball with another humans living eyeball doesn't exactly work like organs.
Ideas / Re: Sequels
August 28, 2018, 03:44:23 AM
It sounds like you're suggesting literally having 3 other types of games, and this is Rimworld suggestions, not game suggestions. The entire game is built around it just being itself, having ones played completely differently with completely different mechanics isn't going to go that well. If you want a business manager, PA is kinda what you want. What you suggested is in no way similar to assassin's creed, AC is always about the core assassin gameplay just in different areas with different side mechanics. A sim-city style rimworld city builder isn't even close to the current game. All in all, I don't think this is the place to suggest a new game and I honestly don't think your ideas are well thought out. A single paragraph isn't sufficient for describing an entire new game.
Probably possible but unlikely for someone to do so. A better solution might be making the insect area a disallowed area using the zoning tools, or disallowing for them to pick them up off the ground. If there's a readily available meal supply at the base, they shouldn't be heading for insect jelly that far away.
Quote from: erdrik on August 24, 2018, 09:02:22 AM
instead just knock the pawn unconscious, add some kind of "take slow lung damage while downed in water", and a custom "colonist needs rescue" message when one is downed in water.

Yeah this is pretty much what I meant. If they just randomly drowned and disappeared or something that would suck, I just think a potential risk for this makes sense since they may have never swam in their life. What you said is all that's really necessary for em to "drown".
Quote from: deshara218 on August 24, 2018, 02:57:38 PM
a system whereby non-bladed melee weapons (including fists) when used against otherwise friendly pawns exclusively strike the head to inflict damage to their consciousness? It can be completely automated and just assumed that in any instance where a player wants to murder an otherwise friendly pawn with fists will just knock them out and then execute them while they're sleeping, and then the challenge of an unarmed berzerker is that your pawns are trying to knock him out and any attack that would accidentally hit a part that doesn't immediately contribute to conciousness automatically becomes a miss, but the berzerker will hit their friends anywhere it hurts

Eh, I don't think that fits. They may be trying to be careful, but they may dislike the berserker or just not be as capable of stopping them. If you're knocking someone out, you could also kill them accidentally. I doubt your colonists wanna be holding back when the beserk guy is running at them ready to tear out their eyes.
Are you sure the meals were selected to be able to be picked up? Colonists should prioritize meals by default.
Ideas / Re: [Mod suggestion] Dual wielding weapon
August 24, 2018, 01:55:47 AM
Even -30% to hit chance seems low. You're hip firing two weapons, you're not going to be nearly as accurate with two revolvers compared to a single revolver, you can't aim down the sights or control the recoil as well. If it was a colonist with low skill, they'd probably be more effective just using one gun than two.

As for melee weapons, I think if they have a decent melee skill for the knife/shiv and high for gladius/mace, but a low skilled person also isn't gonna as effective wielding two swords. Sure, they can just walk forward and stab a guy with both knives, but if the person is actually fighting back with another weapon, you're probably also better off just using one weapon.
Quote from: Skryabin on August 13, 2018, 06:48:22 PM
I think most of the people will not like the idea, because Rimworld is more like a micromanagement game. And if you move to a much bigger scale you will loose this unique feel. That would be some other game already  :-\

Yeah I'd have to agree with Skyrabin. You're usually supposed to be invested in the colony, you're checking their needs and dislikes, managing peoples body parts, operations, moods, fine tuning the colony. Running multiple colonies across the map just doesn't seem feasible, the game focuses too much on personal interaction with your colonists and they'd go crazy if you weren't watching them. Plus try managing multiple red alert events from across the map, you're gonna have a bad time when pushing time forward in 1 pirate fight does the same time forward in a different colonies tribal fight.
Even a simple method might be just adding a 'filtered shower' joy device, planted on top of shallow water areas. Gives buff & debuff for being strong to heat and weak to cold respectively, plus a longer mood bonus for it. Problem with a shower is it might get people going into the whole hygiene thing though, so swimming would be a solid method by itself. Maybe make a zone toggle for 'swimming' so you can mark where they can and can't swim and turn it off when needed?

Only support if there's also a chance that they can drown, possibly based off movespeed (so someone with arthritis would be more likely).
Have you tried using the allowed zones? I believe you can designate specific colonists to only be allowed to enter specific zones or not allowed to enter specific zones. You could create zones for each separate family on where they can go, and just make it the entire map with the exception of the other families houses. Would this work for you?
Hm, would be interesting, and makes sense to have a rare event of a full on ship crash just like what happened to you originally. The plasteel and ai might be too much for a single event, but if it generates on a separate tile and contains a large amount of mechanoids to fight in exchange for that loot, I'd say it seems solid.
Ah, that's what sleep syringes are for!

At least they were, but that's just an outdated mod. A way to calm down berserkers would be nice, but kind of defeats the purpose of a berserkers. They're supposed to be going mad, raging, starting a rampage, they wouldn't be easy to calm down. If you could use a colonist with high social skills to attempt to pacify them, that might be useful, but it would probably come with the risk of being targeted, and you would likely have to keep them unarmed or be ineffective. With those two conditions, it might make sense to have an option to attempt to calm down one, but a cc-weapon could also serve the purpose, ultimately depends on what the intent of implementation was. Full wild cards that either calm down or get punched to calm, or just an additional challenge of leaving colonists unhappy which could leave it open to such changes. 
Quote from: Penguinmanereikel on July 19, 2017, 02:21:40 PM
Quote from: A Friend on July 16, 2017, 11:42:24 PM
That's already been discussed numerous times in the previous pages.
And was there a verdict on whether or not it was a good idea?

Holy shitting necro people.

It's a no. Unless you add some bull about growing them to adult age in a bloody vat, which you may as well just buy them from a trader then, you can't gain colonists through babies, it just takes too long. Think about how much just 3 years is in rimworld time. By 3 years in you've either completed the game, or you don't plan to 'complete' it, and you could have a massive colony of actual workers vs pregnancy with a 3 year old useless toddler. I'd feed the toddler to the meat tree, and that'd be it.