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Notice for the adulthood backstory 'Test Subject', it disables doctoring while also giving +3 medicine, which didn't help for me picking that colonist.
General Discussion / The alpha 12 new textures.
August 23, 2015, 06:11:33 PM
I need the milk and boomalope textures. Wondering if anyone had the new a12 textures they could upload.
After the forum post asking people how they found the website, I thought I'd create a poll and ask how you found it. Original one is here .
Outdated / [A12] Z0MBIE2's Various Mods
August 21, 2015, 03:45:38 AM
[Outdated, closed]

Hey there, this is my various mods thread. I mostly deal in XML for modding, and it's unlikely for me to have any .dll's in my mod unless someone helped with them, so I do a lot of small projects from ideas I find interesting. Textures are usually done by me, I try to make them as good as I can, sometimes I use base textures, and sometimes people help make them. The Rimworld slack has helped a lot in it all too.

Two notes: You need to log into the forums to download the attachment at the bottom of each post that hold the mods, and please ask for my permission to use anything from my mods in your own if you plan to publish your own.

Magic and Staffs v2.0
Sleep v1.2
BOOM v1.0
Eat Your Greens v2.0
Various Other Small Mods.
General Discussion / Faaaaaarms.
July 16, 2015, 12:35:34 AM
I just wanted to point out all in all with the recent new updates, it seems it was more focused on animal farming then animal taming. You can tame animals, milk them, there's chickens that lay eggs, there's pigs, they can reproduce. Also, it seems meals are now based of "Nutrition" instead of ingredients basically, since you can make a meal out of 2 eggs instead of 10 potatoes.
I just felt like making a general thread, if it's even in my power as a Wandering Merchant and ludeon colonist. If you want to post about information for the new animal taming updates but don't want to have a whole new thread for it, put it here. For those that missed out, animal taming is a feature recently shown in the Tynan work logs as of July 6th. Post your opinions and ideas on the changelog updates, and I hope the post is useful.

July 6th

  • Added animal handler WorkType.
  • Animal handlers can slaughter tame animals.
  • Tame animals respect their allowed areas if they have them.
  • Added nuzzle: Animal approaches colonist and nuzzles him, giving him a happy memory. Different animals do this with different frequencies, and have different "nuzzle powers" which change their mood impact.
  • Traders carry tame animals and you can purchase them. Exotic traders carry few exotic animals, while bulk goods traders carry many prosaic animals.
July 7th

  • You can sell your tame animals.
  • Appropriate tame female animals are milkable and your colonists will periodically milk them to yield milk, a raw food resource.
  • Female animals can be pregnant and give birth.
  • Male animals sometimes approach nearby female animals and mate with them. This can make them pregnant.
July 10th

  • Wild animals can be tamed by designating it so. As with prisoners, handler 'speaks' with the animal and has a chance of taming it every attempt. This is related to the handler's social skill, stats, and the animal's natural wildness. You can only try to tame an animal every so often.
July 11th

  • Added a new overview tab to assign animal areas.
  • Separated animal allowed areas and humanlike allowed areas.
July 14th

  • Colonists use food to tame animals..
  • Some kinds of animals get names upon being tamed

The list skips out some features that aren't important, as they can still be seen in the logs. It's just more for the animal updates that effect you. I'll update if the thread is used with new features.

So essentially, what we have is you can tame animals using food which makes them animal colonists. You can in-prison(Unknown how they would exactly be imprisoned) them and try to tame them (Recruit them), you can slaughter them for resources, you can milk them for raw milk as a resource. There's also a new skill for taming animals, and animals also give different amounts of resources at different ages, along with acting different. Humans are unlikely to have babies and Tynan has addressed us specifically saying no, we cannot milk our colonists. We also control the animals by using the "Allowed Areas", which they will respect and stay in.
Ideas / Sprinkler systems, a way to fight fires.
June 21, 2015, 05:45:06 PM
Hey there Rimworld Forumers, here's an idea for you. This idea is originally here:, in a forum about methods of fighting fire, and I just added ideas to it. Basically, we don't have a really good way of dealing with fires. Sometimes indoors, the heat gets too intense and colonists can't even put out the fire due to heatstroke. Why not sprinklers, as /u/Sitk042 (Reddit User) suggested. You have hose pieces like the wiring system, that would pump water out into a sprinkler or a system of them. Possible item would have to be a pump, that you would place on the edge of water and place the hose next to in order to pump water to the sprinklers. So the sprinklers would kind of be like the trading beacon I'd imagine, they would have a distance like it where they sprinkle water, be the same size, so same metal. You could have automated sprinklers or normal sprinkers, normal ones would only work when turned on, the automatic would require power and detect fire to automatically sprinkle water. The only problem I see so far is having hoses on the same space as electric wiring.
So recently, someone hosted a poll asking for what people wanted added to the game for alpha 12. One of those was about domesticating animals as pets "Dogs / wargs as pets (or other animals)" was the vote option. That started a bit of a discussion, which pretty much then had me write an hour long comment I'm going to post here in suggestions, because it's pretty much a really messy suggestion. Here's a quote for something I referenced, then it's below, un-edited.

Quote from: Negocromn on June 11, 2015, 05:54:38 PM
Quote from: Play2Jens on June 11, 2015, 04:01:46 PM
Quote from: Negocromn on June 11, 2015, 11:00:41 AM
I'd really like to see animal taming, I usually spend a lot of time with it in any game that has it.
And Tynan please, if you ever do add this, stay away from cage traps, can't think of anything more antifun than cage traps.
How would you get them tamed then? Right click and feed them food? And later on when they get used to your colonists, pet them, learn them new tricks and so on?
idk, anything that is simple and functional
that also doesn't involve littering the map with 500 cage traps like in Dwarf Fortress
edit: my answer was inside the quote x.x

Ah, being able to take in pets, an idea I've really liked for a while. With wargs being flesh eaters, even better, as they make great guards. Let's go over this ludeon forumers! So, I agree with nego, I'd prefer not having cage traps. How it would likely happen is we'd need some new equipment. You'd need a dog bed, which would take up 2 spaces, and work like a normal colonists bed. The dogs(Wargs, but since domesticated lets call them dogs, it's easier) would have a lot of in common with colonists, enough to be able to control them, yet be different, as we don't want them taking up colonist spaces and doing little.

Lots to go over. Lets start with getting a dog. You'd need a dog bed first, and unlike colonist beds, dog beds serve for medical and sleeping, as they're dogs, they don't really care and it makes it less complicated. I'm pretty sure wargs can be incapacitated like other animals(Have yet to play alpha 11), makes sense, so if one is, you're able to rescue it to a dog bed, which automatically becomes theirs. Thing is, to make it make more sense, you have to tame it with a colonist, and it becomes theirs! So the wargs all have somewhere in their stats requiring say 5-15 of the social skill (Skills are only stuff that is always relevant, we don't want to require a new one, and hunting wont make sense). If a colonist has enough of that, say the warg that's down requires a level 10 social, you can go have your colonist assigned to 'tame' that warg. That means it becomes theirs, they deal with it. One you have the dog (Warg) assigned to a colonist, you can have it rescued and healed by a doctor on a dog bed. Heal it up, you got yourself a new dog!

Now, lets go over what it does and stuff that's going to get in the way. Firstly, animal doors. You can place them in the wall, it requires maybe 2-5 extra steel. It's small enough to let wargs, bunnies, squirrels, boomrats, deer in. It does not allow muffalo, the mechanoid enemies, or humans at all. This is all because wargs cant operate doors, and if automated doors don't trigger for normal animals, even muffalo, wargs probably can't trigger it. So we need a door for wargs, but anything smaller then wargs could probably get in too. Lets pretend for the sake of the game though the humans can't crawl in it while wolves can. So when you decide your bed location for the dog/warg/wolf, you want it by your entrance, in a room separated from it but also from everything else, just for the dog beds. This is so you can heal it, and have a room for the wargs, but don't need to have them outside, and other animals may come in but the wargs will probably kill them.

So, how wargs work is next. Wargs require a bed, the door to go outside, and food bowls, which is also assigned to a warg. This is because the person taming the warg feeds the warg, brings it food. So wargs...This pretty much ALL depends on whether they feed on normal animals and food, but just don't prefer it. You can feed it to them, but they get a negative bonus for eating it, just either normal meat or veggies so it's less complicated, micro management and stuff. Let's see. Wargs, when you select them, have an option at the bottom of the screen like the furniture tab and such tabs, and like humans. It allows you to put down a flag, and a cube distance to a certain max and minimum. That flag is where the warg will spend it's day when not eating/sleeping, and while still tamed.

So the flag is basically where the warg guards. The warg will have options to attack enemies, humans (Not yours), and animals within the distance. By default, it attacks animals around it and raiders. So you'd place the flag in front of your base, in your killbox if you had one likely, and when raiders come in or animals, it'll attack em. Hunted animals will be attacked right away, animals that aren't only when it's hungry. When the warg becomes hungry enough, it wanders away from the flag area and kills animals, which it eats. It'll bring back the animals it kills near it's bed, and eat them (I'm assuming, as I saw in the alpha 11 video, they don't actually eat the humans off the ground but just kill them.). So they'd 'eat' the animals and it would probably eat away about half the durability of the animal or such depending on it.

This is just full of holes, but it's how stuff is made. Gotta make a base idea and build. So let's talk a bit about how the warg acts for joy and mood. They could get a mood negative for eating anything but human flesh, but since that would be a lot, it would be better to just add a mood boost if it's human flesh. They need space, and lots of it, while awake, more then humans. Instead of cabin fever, they'd get upset at not being able to go outside, I don't know the exact name but basically too much energy. They could have an energy bar too, which refills after sleep, and they get upset if it fills, the longer it's full like cabin fever the more it effects the mood for a negative. They wouldn't care much for beauty, so the negative would be much less for them. In order to not have pointless managing, they'd just have a much higher tolerance. There's the part about small rooms remember, so yeah.

I make too much of this up off the top of my head and building off previous stuff. So I think I covered mostly everything... Let's discuss food again though, as it's the biggest problem. They'd need to be able to eat off human corpses and animal, and I'm not sure about if they can or probably can't at the moment. If they got hungry enough, unlike a human, they'd go off from the area, kill an animal, haul it back and eat it.
Here's an idea though: If they 'break' like a human from low mood, they'd run off from the area. They'd be made to roam the map for a bit, maybe a week eating animals and humans, but not being hostile to the colony, until the time is up, and then they'd leave the map. In that time, because of them breaking from the effects, their social requirements would raise. Instead of being say 10, they'd grow to around 15, due to the humans. So someone with a higher level (Which may even be the same colonist, they might of even slowly leveled high enough from the animal, which they could play with) could try to tame it again. They'd have a chance like a prisoner, maybe just 20% at the lowest, goes up 10% for every level higher then the required, maxium 90%. (So a level 5, breaks, requires a level 10, the level 17 would have a perfect 90% chance to tame it and be it's new master).

Okay, so I just spent I think about an hour writing this. Let's talk the last bit about some other stuff for it. They'd enjoy sharing a bedroom with other dogs, being around them, more then being alone, which might even give a negative, to combat that could even make it so if they're with a human they're okay. There could be a "Playing around with dog" boost, like socializing with humans, and the dog could get the boost 'Playing around", which would work for humans and other dogs. You could have playing fetch and such, as there's the horse shoes, but I'm not sure how well that would be for putting in and might be too much trouble for what it's worth for Tynan, as most of this post is. Dogs, domesticated, tamed wargs would be pretty much mostly useful for guarding. You could make it so they could also hunt though, by having an option for "Hunting" on the bottom too, where they'd drag back the animal close to their room as possible. The wargs could be poisoned by food like humans, pretty sure none of the food currently would actually kill them as normal wolves even or dogs, they'd vomit. They might also shed in warm weather, because why not. Wargs would not haul, they would not do other things, because it just seems unlikely. Dragging a sled, maybe, but I don't feel like having a moving sled hauling an object attached to a dog is very rimworld-like at the moment, just imaging how it would move and such around things.

So yeah, I know I've spent at least an hour on this so far, maybe a bit over by 10 minutes or something. Thank you for reading this stuff that come off the top of my head as I wrote it all pretty much, which is why it's not in any order and I probably say stuff that contradicts myself. Have a nice day Ludeon Forumers! Or night... since the suns pretty much coming down for me right now and it was shining an hour ago. Looking at this in preview, this is a lot of text! Damn you'll enjoy reading this.

I wish I could tl;dr read this, I really wish I could, but if you're hoping for one, sorry mate.
Anyone else notice how when your hunters go out and hunt with guns, they usually end up missing a lot of course. And those missed shots usually hit the other animals. Then, the other animals go unconscious, and die, usually without permission for anyone to haul the body. So I'll try to hunt a herd of muffalo, one person will inaccurate try to shoot one down, and well I'm distracted I end up getting only one muffalo body with the 6 others dead from the inaccurate shots, rotting away without the option to be hauled. This also ends up happening a lot with the small animals littering the map, mainly squirrels. There are tens of squirrel corpses covering my map.