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General Discussion / Re: Many mods game speed (tips)
September 14, 2020, 04:09:35 AM
Not a specific faction to my tests, just the shear amount of them possibly. But I've yet to fully test it in re-adding factions a few at a time. No errors tho, or major ones.
General Discussion / Many mods game speed (tips)
September 11, 2020, 04:28:50 PM
Hundreds of mods made my game super slow, I found that my slowdown were the faction mods. No idea why faction mods would be the issue, but after disabling all my faction mods the game runs perfectly fast, near vanilla speed even tho I'm still using many hundreds of mods.

Thought I'd share my tip in case it'll be useful to someone. Feel free to share other tips in the thread! Cheers
Quote from: RawCode on May 30, 2020, 12:46:27 AM
actually this is nice plan, probably i will make something like proof of concept, it's really simple to implement actually.
Hey RawCode, did this ever make it on your list? Would love to see this idea in action if you're still up for it.
Mods / Re: 2-sided walls (mod idea)
June 14, 2020, 12:33:48 PM
Not that I can find right now, or noticed before? And I patrol the recent list practically daily. haha
Three issues in my session:

1. Running into body type issues with all human children.. Headless children..
Made a thread not knowing it was caused by this mod. Provided logs in thread:

I don't believe the issue was there in the prev version.. but not sure, maybe just never encountered. It's happening on all human children now tho for sure.

2. I'm also having the issue of Childcare job taking machine/android races to the crib. lol Any chance to add a line of code to exclude machine races? I believe the following races have the issue: Android Tiers including The Old World and TX series, Geth, Kenshi Skeleton Race. Not sure about: Automatons, Syntho, or Borg?

3. And any chance to add that a kid above say.. 2, shouldn't be in a crib any more? I have my settings to adult age being 18 and have a 17 year old sleeping in a crib..
You hit it on the head! Thank you! It IS a body type issue.

I realized that I wasn't getting errors because the errors for this are only shown at the load of the game. Closing Rimworld, turning on dev mode, and loading the save, produces the errors for the textures.

Problem in this case is with the mod called Children and Pregnancy.

If I select the colonist (or visitor/raider) with the issue, in RPG inventory tab I can see everything except the head. The head is invisible. Same in the colonists portraits at the top of the game - no head. But in the game only the head is visible with a pink block under it.

This doesn't happen at the start of the game but after a bit into play through.. At first 1 colonist got it, then another, now my visitors/raiders are getting it. Humans only tho, all alien species are fine..

It is not any of the clothing/headgear. I tried removing all of it on multiple colonists.

How do I find out which mod could be causing this or troubleshoot it? No errors on the dev log as I'm playing.

*edit: I just got a transport pod crash event and the human is entirely a pink blob, invisible in RPG inventory tab. I can't see the body even lol just the entire thing is invisible and shows up as a pink block. But blood still overlaps the injured pink blob. lol
Hey were you ever able to progress this idea? Stumbled on it and think it's pretty sweet. I'm not a coder to help tho..

Would be awesome to be able to have a colonist craft five morphing crystals, have the colonist activate the colored crystal and now have the morphing power when drafted and clothing color scheme on clothing when not drafted. You could then add more to it especially if there's someone who can do good textures for Power Rangers classic monsters like Zed, Goldar, even Rita, Putty Patrol, could even do full factions of evil faction and power ranger faction per each of the series tho that'd be a lottt of textures! Raids could be a bunch of Putty Patrol (or whichever power rangers series foot soldiers), boss battles could be special events nearby you have to caravan of maybe transform to using a retextured launcher. Could potentially even look into megazoids and all that, depending on time and ability. There's so many possibilities, like adding support for Saver Our Ship 2 and retexturing the launch pod item into the morphing slide/tubes from Power Rangers In Space. haha the ideas are endless!.. I'd honestly be happy with just a texture mod tho, of course with Alpha 6, Zed, Astronema, other memorable unique characters.

Just throwing ideas out there.. Maybe someone can help.
Thanks everyone, this is really insightful!
The reason I'm asking about GPU is to get an idea if a lot of HD re-texture mods would slow down the CPU or if that would be a load for the GPU. With big colonies, every bit of performance counts!
Thanks for confirming! Any idea if the graphics part goes to the GPU or is everything entirely on the CPU?

I read on Steam some guy is seeing a big performance difference going from his i7-4790K to Ryzen 7 3700X, which is technically a slowed clock speed. Really wish one of the RimWorld developers would be able to suggest CPUs that are more likely more effective for the game. :P
I'm buying a new CPU and wondering if one will be better for Rimworld than another. Most CPUs now have like 6-12 cores which is crazy. I remember some years back people said RImworld only runs on 1 core and doesnt utilize all the cores anyway - Is this still the case after 1.1???

I'm pretty much buying a CPU for Rimworld as everything else I do can run on much less than my giant Rimworld colony with tons of mods...
Would you? That would be sweeeet!
Is it possible to hide settlements and factions until interacted with? (They passby on your map, their caravan visits, or if they come into view in a fog of war-type way but on the world map.

If not, I see what you're saying. I just don't know enough if it's possible to create, I just know it would drastically improve gameplay and use of the world map and factions:

The idea is for the world map to be blacked-out, you'd have to pick a landing spot blindly. Once game starts, the world map would now show a radius of x amount of tiles around your settlement. You would made a caravan, and as you travel, the caravan would also have an x amount of tiles that it would be unveiling as it travels. The comms and factions menu tab would have no factions listed. When a caravan encounters an event with a faction such as another caravan, or if a faction appears on your settlement map, or if your caravan unveils a faction settlement - the faction would now be visible in the comms and faction tab.

That's about it, could make the visible-border neat and transparent not to clash with the black hidden world.

Quote from: RawCode on May 29, 2020, 11:19:01 AM
in C&C Tiberian sun you always knows where other players are, because maps are not proceduraly generated and spawn points are fixed, this is absolutely not applicable to rimworld with procedural world.
Are you referring to symmetric multiplayer maps? All C&C games in campaign mode are unique designed maps that start you out on a black map with various paths and no knowledge of the map other than what's seen within the radius of the unit. "Fog of war" is different in that it hides activity unless it's in the *current* range of sight. In Tiberian Sun, once you uncover the area, you see what's there forever.
Fog of war but on the world rather than the map. Factions are silent until they discover you or you them. Some events disabled until faction is discovered. Royalty disabled until the kingdom is discovered, etc, etc.

I've always loved to play C&C Tiberian Sun because while you set up your base, you send scouts to explore the map for other bases. In Rimworld tho, I'm a base builder and rarely caravan.. This mod would definitely get me to start caravaning!