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Mods / [Art Request]RA1 Flame Tower
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:06:10 PM »
As another experimental foray into tinkering with Rimworld, would someone be able to make a flame tower sprite in the style of Rimworld? You can readily find 3d renditions of what people think the flame tower should look like and I'll make an edit soon with a picture from in-game of what it looked like originally.

Flame Tower

*fixed reddit formatting style to forum formatting style*

Mods / Selective God Mode
« on: September 08, 2015, 05:51:36 PM »
I've put out the question a couple times but I thought I'd leave a thread here too.

Can anyone think of a method of applying god mode, similar to turning off colonist damage, to specific colonists?


Taking the advice from Latta in the slack chat, I've copied all the clothes, unstuffed the ones that are stuffed and did initial tweaks then generated a world and tried to load it. Which cropped up this error message. What does it mean in English?

Never mind. Clearing out AppData for a clean install fixed that. Probably a leftover from UO

Never mind this thread now, I've made the little mod for my friend.

Support / Rimworld slow to load
« on: September 06, 2015, 03:17:01 PM »
Rimworld takes about 15 minutes to load to the main menu when mods are present in the mod folder, active or not. It takes another 15 minutes or so to look at the mod menu, another 15 minutes to leave the mod menu. All other parts of the game work fine, a save loads after a few seconds delay. With an empty mods folder, Rimworld takes 20-30s to load.

I exited the mod menu after making this post. This edit signifies Rimworld having finished loading the main menu.

As posted in title, I've noticed a couple Night Owl colonists in my group getting unhappy because they're up and about during the day while I have no work schedule on anyone in the colony. The easiest fix would be to just schedule sleeping through the day for them, but I also don't know when the Night Owl debuff kicks in or wears off. I've watched my colonists up until about 10-11 in the morning and they've no issue, but by like 5 in the afternoon, they're unhappy.

Help / Homemade upgradeable mechanoids
« on: November 21, 2014, 12:08:46 PM »
'Allo, guys. So, I'd like a little help on how to make an idea into a mod. And that involves recycling Scythers and Centipedes into friendly "colonists" that can't do much beside act as guard dogs and can be drafted for combat, handling much like their regular hive counterparts. I already looked into making a crafting table for them, though I may tie the recipes into the Machining Table seeing as that already involves the use of mechanoids. What I need some help with is making a completed craft spawn a friendly mechanoid pawn instead of an item and for said friendly mechanoids to have various operations that can be performed on them by crafters instead of doctors (it's technical as opposed to medicinal). And then for these operations to provide bonuses that I haven't seen used in vanilla bionics. To be able to slather extra armour on a mechanoid at the cost of slowing it down, providing resistances like equippable armour. An operation that would provide a perk that reduces aimtime and improves accuracy. If wounded, I'd like them to instead head for an operating table instead of a medical bed so that crafters might repair them with some metal and plasteel instead of medicine.

So I need some tips on making these a thing

  • Crafting recipe spawning a pawn instead of an item
  • "Medical" operations using crafting skills instead of doctoring skills
  • Healing using crafting skills instead of doctoring skills
  • Augments similar to bionics providing bonuses to unusual things instead of allowing them to simply equip armour/weapons
  • Giving them a innate ranged attack to avoid equipping a gun so that augments might also upgrade this gun, or change it in the case of Centipedes
  • An augment giving them innate healing so that they'll never need to visit a bed unless a body part is crippled

And where the hell do the mechanoid textures hide out in the core files? Or any of the creatures? I can only see the muffalo textures.

Wow, I should try looking at the stickies for art resources. Holy crap.

General Discussion / Raider/Pirate Technology
« on: September 08, 2014, 11:37:28 AM »
Seriously, what do they have back at their home colonies of thousands of people (how else do they sustain the losses they do?)

I imagine they have one of these things tucked away inside their base, that's why raiders always come in drop pods instead of wander in.

To those unfamiliar to what the link is, it's an artillery piece that loads up units and fires them across the map. Instant deepstrikes whenever you want.

Mods / Editing what can be grown in growing zones
« on: August 31, 2014, 07:10:28 AM »
How might on go about accomplishing that.
TechTreeMinami allows the creation of medicine through several steps but one of the first steps requires Agave and you'll never see a single Agave in a forest map. Adding it to things that can be grown from hydroponics or a growing zone would alleviate that almost immediately, though and then I could sell excess medicine.

General Discussion / Do Mechanoids ever die?
« on: August 30, 2014, 11:39:00 AM »
I've just entered the second year for my colony, raids are absurdly big, but my colonists are holding them back with the support of multiple redundant shield generators layered over each other inside bunkers.

A few months into the colony, a ship part crashed and started projecting bad juju. Assaulted it, got a few wounded and crippled two mechanoids, one inferno and one blaster. Many months later, they're still out there, wounded and squirming. Testament to their durability if they still function, but then again, their creator forgot to slot nanite repair systems in there too.

General Discussion / So I haven't played in a while. What's new?
« on: June 06, 2014, 05:19:28 PM »
Last I played was Rimworld 0.254 which I had a few problems with that made me stop playing after reaching "endgame" a couple times. Pretty much all of my issues were to do with the way Rimworld plays out. You can have a failcascade ending a several hour long game in a heartbeat and by the time it's noticed, it's out of your control, everyone becomes super depressed, cracks, stops eating and dies while a firestorm started by the 50-man raider party burns your everything. Yay. Some people like losing. I don't. "You're not supposed to win." Yeah, no me gusta.

There would come a point where raids were no longer raids. They were mercenary armies of questionable size vs your 10-15 colonists. Simply moving out to face them was not possible and your people have such high metabolisms that fighting for a couple minutes and they're in desperate need of food and at risk of cracking. Meanwhile, the raids can repeatedly suffer massive losses, you can only suffer a couple before achieving critical mass and losing. The early raids can end a game before it gets started because a raid dropped in with a couple grenadiers which will, to put it simply, fuck your shit so badly, why bother? At such an early stage in the game, you only have a couple pistols, maybe the midgame sniper rifle and several very poor shots. You can't interdict grenadiers fast enough before they blow apart the base, ruin any semblance of cover and instantly cripple any colonist caught in the blast. Late game raids, you can't hold against them. They have seriously massed firepower in their favour and even a full colony of crack shots that have mastered gunnery and are all armed with M-24s while stood in cover cannot stand against them, I've edited saves to try. I ended up giving in and building one of those waffles because it was the only thing I could do to whittle down their numbers to something manageable. Should a raiding party really necessitate building killzones or otherwise just go out there and senselessly die?

Haha, fires. I don't even need to go on about fires for very long. I just need to point out the lack of fire safety your colonists exercise when fighting an initially small fire, setting themselves on fire and then setting each other on fire while the tiny fire builds into an uncontrollable inferno because everyone is bloody well running around like headless chickens trying to pat themselves out until they drop to the floor from burns.

Trying to avoid critical mission failure
Something that I personally found to become a chore after a while. Once raids were of a sufficiently silly size that you couldn't simply get everyone in cover with whatever weapons you had and instead needed everyone to drop what they're doing, skip dinner and cower in fear of the approaching army, the game just turned into a loop of "raid, slaughter raid, have someone crack from seeing all the dead bodies, move dead bodies to a field of the dead outside base, set fire to bodies, clear away weapons left behind, squeeze in dinner and a couple hours kip, the next raid has landed". If at some point you actually lost a colonist or more, the next raid was basically going to walk over you because you don't have enough firepower to stop the flood of meat.

Taking a skimming look at the patch notes, I really don't like the look of those centipedes that are supposedly the babby stuff of what's to come. Grenadiers with absurd levels of HP that blow away massive chunks of the landscape and set fire to whatever remains from sniper rifle ranges. That's just what I needed. Yay.
Tell me I'm imagining things before I start mumbling about the inevitability of death.

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