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Help / Linking buildings to walls?
December 25, 2016, 05:44:12 PM

I've never liked how coolers stand out so much as single items apart from the walls, yet supposedly being part of them. So I want walls to link, side-by-side, with the cooler like they do with other walls.
By adding <li>Wall</li> to the cooler's linkflags, new coolers will be built linked with the walls. But if you save and reload the game, they will no longer be linked. Coolers placed with devmode won't be linked, either.

It's like the cooler can link to the wall but the wall won't link to the cooler. No use of custom flags or anything else seems to work.
Note how the top cooler, in the pic, is linked to the wall but the coolers in the fridge are not. The fridge ones loaded like that. If I disassemble them, build a wall in their place and then build a cooler over the top of the wall then everything is nicely linked and it looks pretty.

I suppose it would be best if they could be layered on top of the wall, to act as part of it. Like it were integrated, as a real vent should be.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
How close to the kitchen/freezer do tables need to be for colonists to eat at them?

The attached picture shows the layout. I didn't think the dining room was far away. But no-one ever eats in there. They grab their meal and just eat it in the freezer. Then they all complain about eating without a table. The damn table is right over there.
Is there a distance limit or something? Is there any way to increase how far they'll go to eat?

I would hate to pull the base apart and ruin my aesthetic.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
Help / More overhead mountains!
January 10, 2016, 02:51:13 PM
You can edit the hell out of biomes and some stuff that appears on map gen: scattered items and geysers. But can you edit how the map itself would look when generated?

I want more overhead mountain. I want a landing site where more than half the map is inside a mountain. So I can build a huge bunker, naturally.
Is there something that can be edited to ensure all mountainous regions will have more than half the map under an overhead mountain?
Ideas / Waste Management
January 10, 2016, 04:22:04 AM
(Apologies if this has been suggested lots of times before. Didn't see it in frequent suggestions.)

How about WASTE MANAGEMENT? Might be easy to add to the game. I imagine the longest job would be finding a graphic for it. But it doesn't exactly need to look pretty. I suppose it's just an expansion to the cleaning job that already exists. Just this makes it a bit more involved than simply telling everyone to do cleaning for one day every few months.
Anyway, managing waste is a challenge every human settlement has struggled to deal with throughout history.

When rotting food loses all it's durability, it turns into food waste. So after it hits 0/whatever, it'll turn into a messy looking item called 'food waste', or something. Massive beauty hit. Never degrades. Has to be disposed off.
Same for anything else that hits it last point of durability. All turn into a waste item.

Colonists could leave behind a waste item every day or so. After they eat meals, it could leave behind minor waste items that have to be disposed of. Hardcore workbenches could leave behind industrial waste, that might even be slightly toxic in addition to being ugly.

It would require the player to construct some sort of landfill away from living areas. Maybe, further down the research line, recycling could become possible. Most waste could be recycled to get something useful out of it and destroy the waste. 'Food waste' could be recycled into fertiliser, although that would probably require extensive changes to agriculture, so bugger that for now.
Could perhaps have a power plant that burns waste as fuel? Give it an area around it to mark pollution that kills plants and gives a debuff to any colonist going to close to it.
General Discussion / Cave World-style Landing Site?
January 08, 2016, 03:19:49 PM
Anyone happen to have a map seed with a landing site that's 90% overhead mountain?

I'd love to play a landing where I had to do everything underground. Mine out every room, use only indoor power like geothermal vents. Have to deal with all my colonists going cabin feverish. Farm exclusively on hydroponics. Dig out open caverns to make ranch space for animals.
Have one single tunnel entrance through which all outside hazards must approach.

Would probably need new events for something like that, though. Earthquakes with random cave-ins or something, I guess.

For story purposes, think all the escape pods smashed through a thin portion of the mountain and wound up deep in some cavern with no way out.