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 computer win7 32 bit rimworld a13 NO mods, also with mod installed
start game using the shortcut with the '-savedatafolder=SaveData' added to the end of the exe line in the shortcut(as per readme.txt in a13)(also the folder is actually created but the game does not seem to access both the save game folder and mods folder can not be opened when clicking on the buttons on the respective parts of the menu
when using the shortcut with -savedatafolder saves(folder name for saves configs etc inside the rimworld game folder) (the save games and other parts all work to the location), BUT rimworld fails to save screenshots(took several just to test),
I then closed rw (that had been started with the shortcut),
copied all the folders and files from the saves folder to the users/username/appdata/locallow/ludeon studios/rimworld,
then started the rimworld exe directly, and took several screenshots (all were correctly saved to the locallow rimworld folder).
suggestion is for tynan or best suited programmer to look at the screenshot save code to see why it works in loclallow but not in subfolder of program whe run with admin privliges
attached is copies of the output log from loading the save game(heavily modded) and screenprinting in both subfolder saves (saveoutput_log.txt) and LocalLow (locallowoutput_log.txt)

[attachment deleted due to age]
Support / problems attaching rar's to replies
November 22, 2014, 05:40:50 AM
I have just tried TWICE to upload copies of the mod(enhanced surgery) that I had downloaded, but KEEP getting an error 'can not access the attachments file path', both files I tried to attach ARE in my local HDDS and should have been able to upload. it looks like the forum server/attachments server is having issues that ONLY tynan can fix
I am running on a i3 3.4ghz system w7-32bit w nvidia gf430 w latest whql drivers and when I try to 1 switch to window mode, or 2 change resolution all I get is a completely BLACK screen and nothing other than a reboot will get anything visible on the display, and yes I also tried to alt-tab to another task, ctrl-alt-del to task manager, waiting for 20 minutes, but the same comp does play other stratagy games like fallen enchantress supcom & similar without ANY issues