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Mods / Looking for a mod that adds more room types to the game
« on: March 22, 2020, 03:41:43 PM »
I made a really nice chapel/wedding spot but the game designates it just as "Room," and there is no real benefit to it's existence like other rooms give. I can't find any mods that even slightly tackle the idea of adding room types to the game that effect pawn mood. I could see a chapel being used for pawns that pray and for weddings, giving the usual mood boost for having a beautiful room. I'm sure there are other room types that could have various benefits as well (art gallery comes to mind for colonists that want to view art recreationally).

If you know of anything like this let me know! Thanks!

Mods / Idea for a more realistic way of acquiring steel and components
« on: February 29, 2020, 03:05:12 PM »
I've always found it odd that you can mine steel, plasteel, and compact machinery since those aren't exactly natural elements. I guess since there was a past civilization it kinda makes sense that those are remnants but it's still a little odd having it as the primary planetary resources. Personally, I'd change resources that would be man-made to smaller, rarer deposits, which would be happy bonuses you may find while mining. Instead, raw resources that are used to make those alloys and machinery should be the primary resources you find while mining.

Allow me to give some details to flesh this out a bit. First, I'd make iron the most commonly found ore. I'd then require a blast furnace be made from stone. A combination of iron and wood burned in the blast furnace would make steel (iron + carbon = steel). I'd make plasteel an alloy that could also be made in the furnace by combing steel with another ore, (uranium, maybe?).

I'd change components from two tiers to three tiers; basic, advanced, and an unnamed third tier (something like micro-processing). Tech in the game could then be modified slightly to support the three tiers, basic being very early machines, advanced for mid game, and third tier for bionics and late game stuff. This separation of components in to three tiers will be necessary

Now that basic components are only used for the very early game stuff they could be made at any crafting station using just steel (after being researched). Advanced components would require a workbench to be made and the recipe would be steel and electrum. Electrum is an alloy of silver and gold and would be made in the blast furnace. Micro components could use electrum, steel, and plasteel to make and would need the advanced workstation. The component specific workstation (Fabrication bench) would be changed to accommodate bulk crafting of components rather than being specifically needed to make components.

That's the overview of my idea, if you feel like it has holes or something is lacking I assure you I've likely considered it, I just don't want to write a novel on here with every detail. This makes the world feel slightly more real and tech progression a little more natural than just digging up alloys and machinery without any of their raw materials also existing naturally. There are mods I've come across that do add more ores and even alloys but nothing I've found does quite what I'm looking for. Anyway, let me know if you have any mod suggestions for me, also let me know what you think of my idea, thanks!

Ideas / Sailing the seas and pirates
« on: November 23, 2019, 09:57:50 AM »
Being able to have your caravans build a boat and set sail would be a neat addition as well as adding what I think would be some fun new map encounters and events. All that it'd require is for you to send a caravan out with proper resources (wood, steel, cloth) and when next to a water tile you'd get an icon that'd say, "Build a boat." At which point the caravan would get a progress meter and assuming you gave them enough food they'll put together a boat in a few days time.

Events that could show up that would prompt you to head out on to the water could be ship wrecks with potential survivors/loot, sunken treasures, and distress calls on the radio. While sailing you could potentially encounter pirates on your way or at the event, and unique diseases and statuses like scurvy and sea sickness could occur. The map that generates for combat encounters would be two ships with planks connecting them, each with cannons(mortars) that can be manned.

If nothing else I think it would make maps with multiple continents more reasonable and interesting to play on and added variety of events is always welcome

Mods / Thrumo Lure
« on: December 03, 2018, 04:49:07 PM »
One use item that immediately causes a Thrumbo event. Can't be made, only received via quests.

Seems like an easy enough thing to make so uh... Get on that

Ideas / Caravans can get medical help from friendly factions
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:57:32 PM »
I just had a person in my caravan come down with the plague when I realized I had no competent doctors in the group. I was, however, right next to a allied colony. I think it'd make sense if you could stop at an allied colony and request medical aid and receive treatment to any sick or wounded. A fee could be associated with it, the menu could pop up with each colonist and a calculated amount of silver to treat them based on their ailments.

Mods / [Idea] Animal armor
« on: November 30, 2018, 09:48:06 PM »
I really like the "A dog says..." mod and think it'd be cool if animals could be outfitted with armor as well. I guess this might be slightly more complicated to implement since animals don't have any sort of "outfit" options. But something as simple as small, medium, and large animal armor (for different animal types) in tiers (metal/fabric type) would be cool.

Mods / [Request] Mood sliders for meal assignment
« on: November 22, 2018, 09:12:28 PM »
I'd really like to be able to set my colonists to only eat lavish meals if they are below a certain mood instead of all the time. Feels like with the addition of meal assignments there is definitely some opportunity here to expand on it.

Mods / [Mod Idea] Join the dark side (become friendly with pirate bands)
« on: November 13, 2018, 08:12:20 PM »
This mod would add an even, "Join the Dark Side," and upon attending will always result in setting the pirate band to a neutral 0, and all other factions to -100 hostile and unchangeable unless you complete the opposite quest of "Join the Light Side"

Here are a few ways I could see this changing gameplay:
New Quests such as;
  - Assist us with this raid (We're planning a raid, you want in?)
  - Prisoner Exchange (We've got this prisoner and are in need of X, care to trade? Meet us here)
  - Caravan Ambush (We've got word a caravan will be passing through x spot on x day, meet us there)
  - Fencing (We just stole X, Y, and Z and need a place to offload it, interested in it for X Silver?)
  - Slave Trade (We are in desperate need of X labor, got anyone you can spare for X silver per level?)
Aside from some unique quests there should also be some benefits to doing this. A few thoughts I had were allied pirates are more likely to show up to assist you. Allied pirates cost silver, but not goodwill, to request aid. Pirate traders are cheaper than regular traders because it's mostly stolen goods anyway. Pirate traders don't do different kinds of caravans, instead doing extra large caravans that cater to everything.

The down side of this should be clear, more negative factions equals more raids against you, less trading opportunities, more ambushes to caravans, and maybe even less trade ships (can't decide if that's going too far). Got to make sure there are consequences, though, right?

Anyway, if no one out there could actually make this mod, I hope some of you at least enjoy the idea of it, I think it sounds fun anyways. And if you do think it sounds fun please let me know what you would add or change to my original idea. Even if it doesn't get made it's always fun to hear all your creative ideas.

I just really like neat and organized and designing my base with those just irks me. I'd be willing to decrease the diameter by 1 and decrease overall coverage as a result just to have them be square. Anyone know of a mod that changes this?

Ideas / A way to set food off limits but hauling not for animals.
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:08:46 AM »
I can train my dog in real life that the cat food isn't for him so I'd like to be able to train my animals in the game that they aren't supposed to eat the food in that grows in the garden. However, I wouldn't mind if they hauled it, that'd be swell.

Ideas / Sliders for Joy and Mood added to food assignment
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:07:09 AM »
Title gives the jist of it. I'd like to be able to set chocolate for only if joy gets too low (i.e. pawns are bored of literally everything else). I'd also like to set Lavish meals to be only if mood is too low. Dats all.

Ideas / Trait: Meticulous
« on: October 31, 2018, 12:22:19 AM »
First off, I feel like there is a master list of all trait ideas out there somewhere because it feels like these are probably common suggestions. If someone could point me in that direction I'll gladly take my business there. Til then I just had a trait that I felt like wasn't too outlandish to fit in vanilla; Meticulous.

Colonist takes their time making sure everything they make is just right. Sure they may not always produce a perfect masterpiece, but it's that little extra attention to detail that makes everything they touch just a bit better.
Global work speed -25%
Static increase in build quality by one tier for everything colonist makes

Basically a trade off of speed for quality. And yes, even though not everything has a quality to it, I do think the penalty should be global.

Make it so there is a very small chance that the pursuing party will abandon the pursuit if you choose to accept sheltering the fleeing party. After a few moments when they would normally appear and the raid begins it would prompt "X decided it wasn't worth it and let prisoner go." Even if it was a 1% chance it'd make for a nice little bit of variety to the event.

While the above is my main suggestion, I've also thought of a few ways to make the events more interesting and add variety beyond that. Adding some depth to the fleeing party would be interesting. Colonists often have relations to other people in the world that are not a part of the colony, the fleeing party could, instead of help me, say, "John, my love, I've fled to be with you!" or "Papa! I found you, please help me!" Often late game with a full colony I find it easy to ignore people but if relations were more common in the event i'd have that pesky conscience weighing on me.

Another thought is to allow the fleeing party to be from a neutral or even allied faction, and you could choose to lose relationship points to take the person in, or gain relationship points by denying them. This dynamic would alter how you choose to respond to these messages. As it stands now early game I always offer safety as it's easy to deal with those raids and it bolsters my colony, while late game i always ignore. However, building relations and not gaining more enemies early game is important which could cause a change between how easy it is too offer safety early on. Furthermore, if offering safety just gave negative points to relation, the pursuing party could opt to say "Fine, we'll let it go this time..." -30 points, which would make it more worthwhile to accept late game. This could easily change up how players respond to this event.

Sorry about a wall of text, I don't like to make posts like this cause I know it's hard to read through but I hope those of you that do like it and/or have good feedback.

Bugs / Colonists not engaging in recreation.
« on: October 02, 2018, 02:04:02 AM »
Hi, sorry, my old post was locked by my own fault due to forgetting about it and moving on. Tynan asked if they were getting bored as designed, but it was a fresh game, so I'm not sure why they'd be bored of recreation they've never had before. Furthermore it was asked where other people have mentioned it so here is what I meant:

I am back to re-bring this up because I started a new game and it's happening again. It's modded so I don't doubt that mods are possibly the culprit, and if the community at large isn't familiar with this happening then I won't push the issue further. Figured I'd just bring the topic up again and try to pay closer attention to it and answer any questions asked this time.

Bugs / Colonists not engaging in recreation.
« on: September 25, 2018, 07:50:24 PM »
Started a new game, same mods as previous game, and for some reason two of my three starting colonists won't engage in any recreation activities causing a pretty problematic mood debuff. Any idea what why this would happen? I've seen a lot of unresolved posts regarding this issue. I'm going to start a new game and see if I encounter the same issue.

K yeah in a new game the issue is gone, all my colonists are engaging in recreation this time. Still would love to know what causes that to happen.

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