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I decided to try the new Alpha in-testing version. for fun I cicked on the de-bug mode. I had no idea what it does (I really don't know what I am doing most the time, just playing and clicking random buttons it seems)

anyway, everyone is dead except for a rescued refugee. She is a model and refuses to do any work, so won't pick fruit or coo meals (but she will hunt with a skill of 0)

Jennifer decided to walk 1.6 days to the next town, with a boomalope corpse to munch on, some weapons to sell, and 283 silver.

who thinks she'll make it?

General Discussion / we come here to die
« on: March 28, 2018, 02:40:41 PM »
Day 51 on this God Forsaken planet. AI-forsaken, as well, I think.

Day 51 and 6 people have died.

I started with 3.

2 die, we get an escape pod. The new guy  refuses to do almost everything, but he does cook. eating is a good thing to do.

eventually we get our 3rd. Then the plague hits. The only person not affected refuses to do any doctoring. Or hauling (away dead bodies)

so, 2 more die.

another escape pod.

we now have 2 people and both refuse to social so we can't buy medicine from trading caravans. no one is skilled enough to make any.

more raids and random acts of death.
I forget who has come and gone.

I am down to 1 colonist (the one who refuses to do any doctor) and 2 corpses in her living area (because she also refuses to haul)

I thought about quitting and starting over a few deaths back, but I want to see how long the AI will send us escape pods just to kill them off again.

I am playing Casandra, Some Challenge, no mods

My almost-useless surviving colonist does have an elephant, untrained. The Trainer died right after she tamed it.

General Discussion / humorous mental breaks
« on: March 28, 2018, 11:30:02 AM »
My prisoner is having a mental break--
and hiding in his room.

"I'll just hide here in this prison cell where I'm locked up and can't leave anyway"

General Discussion / A17 OR B18
« on: March 12, 2018, 10:01:01 AM »
how do I know which I have? My screen says "version 0.18.1722". I assume that might mean I have B18 (My husband bought/downloaded Rimworld Dec 2017)

Stories / My 1st Random Randy game
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:59:16 PM »
after 3 months of slow and careful, safe game play. I decided to up the ante and went for Random Randy!
On Base Builder...HA!

Randy - might be hard
But I chose Base Builder, so really how bad can he make it?

I have 3 colonists with awesome abilities! Smart, they all shooyt, a great animal tamer and good, a pretty grear miner and builder.

I get a room, beds, buther table, plant healroot (arid shrublands- so I start with a good healroot gardener!).
Working on that Researsch Table- I like to get Passice Coolers as quickly as possible in Arid Shrublands.

DAY 10- halfway through building the research table.. EXTREME HEAT WAVE! all 3 colonists down for the count.

I said yes to an esacped refugee all the same.

My people DIE as soon as he gets on board, New Guy has to grab a gun of a dead body to fight the raiders himself! (he beat them)

Randy takes pity. Sends an escape pod the next day.
So I have 2 colonists.
They will work almost anything, too!

But all their skill levels are mostly 0 and 1.

Thanksfully Mia planted both rice and healroot before she died, or else they would not have food or meds!

couple days later. BLIGHT.
was it the rice field that Herrara can replant with her skill level 1?

no. it's the Healroot.


this might be a short game....

I am beginning to see how this Random Randy thing works....

General Discussion / building a ship vs finding the hidden ship
« on: March 10, 2018, 01:59:42 PM »
do these both end the same way? I built/launched a ship and was not happy with my 'going away story'..LOL.
does finding the ship take you back to the Glitterworld?

General Discussion / why - animals are no longer 'tamed'?
« on: March 08, 2018, 02:27:20 PM »
 so, it appears that When an animal is tamed, it gets a name- sometimes just a number "Alpaca 5' sometimes an actual name "Hilda (the Rhino)". If they are wild, they are just "alpaca" or "elephant". plus tamed animals only have the "slaughter option" and wild animals will have options :hunt: or :tame:
Right? (3 months into the game, though I knew what was going on by now...)

Why is Hilda the rhino now wild? and Elephant 2?
They run with the wild animals and are no longer listed in my animal queue and have the "hunt/tame" options.

General Discussion / colonists unable to reach exit location??
« on: February 24, 2018, 06:35:21 PM »
what exactly does this mean? I was forming a caravan, got a warning that said
some of your colonists can not reach the exit location

I checked my map. it looked fine. no colonists seemed trapped in their rooms or anything either

General Discussion / When is it Party Time?
« on: February 24, 2018, 06:07:12 PM »
Are Parties random or do they occur when a colonist has X amount of good mood for X amount of days? (and what would those Xes be?)

General Discussion / oh the drama.
« on: February 15, 2018, 10:19:20 PM »
I didn't expect my games to be full of


and for the first time ever for my games-- an affair.
he kicked his wife out of the bedroom so his lover can sleep in his bed.
what a jerk!

Stories / Old Man Wilson
« on: February 07, 2018, 04:12:44 PM »
I'm 88 years of age. (108)

I have a bad back, a bum leg, and dementia.

I'm not sure why they take me on these ridiculous raids. Maybe they think it will help me feel like I'm still useful.

I don't want to be useful. I want to be napping!

 I don't walk nearly as quickly as those whipper snappers and they went and left me at the trading post! -- if they're gonna take me on these trips, they could at least keep an eye on me and not leave me stranded!!

Thankfully, Noikora found me collapsed from malnutrion and rescued me.

Hopefully I can remember my way back to my village!

[Some traders from a friendly, neighboring faction came through. I made a few tades and they went on their way...... I found Wilson collapsed just beyond my main settlement area.
From starvaion.
He had a meal with him.
But, maybe when you're 88 and have dementia you forget you have food and to eat it.

So I fed him and he walked off towards his faction when he was feeling better.

But with NO FOOD and his movement is "very poor: 17%"

Now I'm a bit worried he is too out of it to find his way home and not fast enough to get there before he starves to death anyway.

Poor Old Man Wilson]


I posted this right before he waddled off the edge of my map. He collapsed again. So I captured him. I figure I can recruit him and he can be the old man that sits and makes sculptures- if he becomes a recruit.
I think he would have died before he could have walked off the map on his own.

Stories / The Saga of Peg Leg Pete
« on: February 03, 2018, 08:16:02 PM »
My colony was raided by raiders.
We fought back. We won.
We captured 3 people.

Woodpecker is a slowpoke, but an optimist, hardworker, and really good at quite a few things.
Trip is a fast walker and will do all of the things on the list.
I click chat & recruit.

Then there was Pete.

Pete refuses to do amost everything. He only shoots & mele -  and will do craft- at a 0 level.
Plus Pete is a Pessimist.

Pessimist Pete. I don't want him.

So I do what I do with unwanted prisoners.
Give him a pegleg for his right leg.
He heals nicely.

I give him a pegleg for his left leg.
Again he heals up and just as I am about to give him dentures and harvest a kidney, I see I have a NEW RECRUIT.
Yep. Peg Leg Pete.  I mistakenely click "chat & recruit" for him as well.

He collapses almost every other day. Food Poisoning every other day! and he collapses and gets taken to the hospital.

I recheck his stats. It says he has a "Frail Torso"
I am guessing that's why he collapses of food poisoning so very often. (Im still new and don't know what frail torse means)

Then I read about him.
Before he came to me and I did all my evil medical procdures, Pete was a volunteer medical test subject. as a child he was abandoned on the streets and taken in by a gang that used is as a drug mule.

Not only that I read his attributes again and there was one good quality on his list. Pete was a fast walker.

WAS. Guess he's not a fast walker now. I evil laughed out loud.

I decide to get rid of PegLeg Pete. He just eats my food, uses all my medicine and wont work.
I will send him on a journey.

First, I harvest his Kidney.

I formed a caravan. I gave him 3 dys worth of food, a few extra clothing articles he could sell, and a tamed cat. The cat's name is Anti-Love. It seemed  like a fitting name for PegLeg Pete the Pesimist.

He starts to gather items to form his caravan. He steps outside the building with his cat, clothes, and steel shiv....
and is attacked by a Warg.

Great. Now I have to nurse him back to health so I send him away to die.

I get him healed and he steps out of the hospital and is attacked by a Red Fox.

He once again gets healed healed and I am about to reform his caravan when he has a mental Break and goes berserk.
The Last Straw: "My organs were harvested"

I am now waiting for him to get over it so I can finally send him on his final trip, with Anti-Love & a steel shiv. Maybe I will send his Kidney with him and he can sell it to buy food for another day at the next town.

Off-Topic / inserting image from file
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:12:02 PM »
do I have to have my photo on an online photo storage site to insert it here (to have a URL to use)
if I want to post a photo straight from my saved files- is 'attachment' the way to go?

General Discussion / escape pod/refugee question?
« on: January 31, 2018, 01:36:41 PM »
Do you always allow them/save them?
I do. It's silly, but I think my people would feel bad just letting a refugee or escape pod survivor die.

but, some times they just make things worse, using up medicine and foods I barely have enough of.

does anyone say no to them sometimes?
 letting them bleed out and die all alone- or be slaughtered by those chasing them. (OH THE PRESSURE!)

I know, I'm a gaming wimp.

I  bet lots of people start out in a hard mode/level, but I like to warm up to things and am not an avid PC gamer. So I spent  a month enjoying base builder level.
decided to play Some Challenge. This AI (Pheobe) hates me. people get killedoff, she sends me Escape pods or refugees.... they are almost always non-violent. I have gone up and down in numbers. I am at 5 colonists right now. almost all are non-originals. only 2 will fight and they are shooting levels 1 and 3.

no real questions. just a rant, I guess. (am I allowed to post a just a solilioquy?)
and-  It might be awhile before I try the next harder level. (I love this game though)

(but sometimes I do wonder why non-violent colonist won't even defend themselves against a maddened rat. sigh)

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