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Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Mechanical Defence 2 (Initial Release)
« on: November 10, 2014, 03:01:23 PM »
Looks interesting! Can't wait to try.

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.91b)
« on: November 09, 2014, 12:55:30 AM »
I would imagine a spear with a wooden shaft may not last too long against a sword when parrying or deflecting as it could be cleft in half.

Just because I like to share my knowledge with people I'd like to correct you on this.

A proper hardwood spear shaft that is heat treated properly is almost as hard as iron. In fact, the most commonly used wood for spear shafts in medieval times was called ironwood precisely because of the fact that it was so strong.

Sure there would inevitably be nicks and gouges in the wood after each battle, which could easily be removed with a quick sanding against a grind stone much like a sword, but the idea of completely cleaving a spear in twain is purely hollywood.

Using the typical one handed sword of the day and the strongest man in the world (winner of Mr. Universe or Mr. Olympia competition, I can't remember which) against properly crafted ironwood, it was proved in an experiment a couple decades ago that you cannot chop it in half like you see in movies.

And just think, if they were really that easy to chop in half, armies would have stopped using wood when stronger materials were discovered. It was used so commonly because of the fact that it was cheap and highly effective, the same reason any army uses any weapon in large numbers.

Pro Tip: Don't use soft wood like pine for your spears.

I don't think ItchyFlea is going to be able to mod that much in-depth though. :P That was kinda what I was getting at; balance between gameplay/realism.

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.92)
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:59:31 PM »
Camp fire:
Can you add the cooking skill with skill need of 0 to the recipes !
At moment the campfire don't got any priority and you allwas need to assign a colonist to work there.

I had no issues with colonists working automatically at the campfire. Are you sure cooking was set to a high enough priority? Game I just finished had colonist cooking meals at campfire without having to be assigned.

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.92)
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:56:10 PM »
Didn't notice the secret change but the handful of rocks is helpful now instead of having colonists injured every time they hunt.

Just finished a game: psychic wave of squirrels, and luckily survived due to a friendly group of outlanders near colony helped as bodyshields (their pistols were helpful too). Then I got raided by a ton of pirates with M-16s, Uzis, Pistols, grenades; didn't even stand a chance. However, one of my colonists somehow escaped a pirate that had kidnapped him and got away safely. Only problem was he had bleeding issues and contracted malaria so he wasn't going to live very long.

Well, shortly after a spaceship crashed and started the psychic droning. So I figured to see some mechanoids, sent my heroic colonist to attack the ship and he promptly was shredded by a scyther.

Next game I am just going to do builder mode instead of Cassandra/Randy 100%. :P

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.91b)
« on: November 08, 2014, 03:44:14 PM »
Would ranged javelins be possible for early hunting since throwing rocks and bow & arrows are not implemented yet? See Paleolithic spears, here, here and here.

Although could expand productions by having butchered animal corpses produce sinew which could be used as string for bows. Sinew could also be used as raw material for a number of other products too, eventually. Early tailoring, food, crafting tools (used as "rope" to tie products together; flint and wood handle for instance).

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.91b)
« on: November 08, 2014, 01:22:34 PM »
Spear vs Sword.
Basicly you are right.
But from the gameplay sight, you need to refect that a sword is much difficult to craft then a spear, and this point should be reflect at the sword stats.  Or there wouldn't be a reason to produce and use sword.

"Plants take about 20 days to mature. "
But do any plant can survive these 20 days with the random blight events ?

Just as there are copper/bronze hand axes/pickaxes, why not have spears with metallic shafts or such that would be indicative of this sword vs spear debate (I would imagine a spear with a wooden shaft may not last too long against a sword when parrying or deflecting as it could be cleft in half).

Not to get into the whole macuahuitl debate since I don't think obsidian is available in this mod or vanilla RimWorld. :P

And I believe plants survive the blight as they are not grown in a growing zone; so they should be immune like the wild plants are. (I haven't seen a blight event yet)

edit: Suggestions below:
I believe Armour making table should have build requirements changed to Bronze/Deerhide like Iron tool making table to fit the production of goods from the building (Armour making table makes chainmail/platemail).

Perhaps bifurcating the Neolithic weapon making table into two: Mousterian weapon table & Blacksmith/Metallurgist forge as the first two weapons make basic armaments that require easy supplies (Spear/club) and the others require a form of ingots (Copper, bronze, iron, steel).

Also, can modding allow growing zones to be granted when researched? A research topic like horticulture would be great to simulate early farming practices.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

If youve got something that links insects and plants as well as my example let me know. I like reading up on stuff like this.

There's plenty of biological vectors that infect plants with viral agents; it's just a matter of finding one that sounds cool. :P

Also, like the link Styrkedottir, bacteria can undergo sporulation as well, called endospores. For viruses, if they form envelopes, then they are pretty hardy as well; almost similar to endospores and fungal spores. Interesting fact: cold does not cause denaturation of viruses or bacteria; they can essentially live forever (they are perfect examples for cryogenic means). They will "come back to life" if brought into their natural ecological niche (mainly hydration and 20°C to 45°C).

Also, rabies has similar abilities, in that infected hosts develop hydrophobia. Although for the game following the Milwaukee protocol would be neat if any colonists contract the deadly purple ivy or Toxicodendron purpuramortis. :P

Meningitis is a good example of a bacterial agent similar to the other examples (one viral, the other fungal by Styrkedottir). Especially since people can develop photophobia and/or phonophobia.

Lastly, for a protozoal agent would be Trypanosoma cruzi which causes Trypanosomiasis. Chronic form is hard to treat due to nonspecific signs and symptoms but the correlation is how it alters personality and such.

Xeno in the space/sci fi world means alien and thats not what these are.

Ive been thinking on something like:
Bacillus thuringiensis

Which is found in caterpillars and is used in gm crops to strengthen their resistance to insects. Something i was thinking of introducing later in the mod. (Gm crops that is) still forming this all in my head as to where i take this bar just being another attack from the sky.

I wouldn't go towards bacterial; viral would be more appropriate as current medicine is re-investigating phage therapy and genetic recombination using viral capsids. Although R factor bacteria are pretty hardy; they do not measure up to viruses, mostly because of the fact viruses outnumber bacteria about 1 to 100, or 1 to 1000, something really crazy to think about like nearly half of human body weight is from bacterial cells colonized on human tissue (normal microbiota anyway).

If you want to know more about that stuff, lemme know. It is a part of required study and treatment for Glitterworld Surgeons. :D

Well, if the plant comes from meteors, it would imply the lifeforms upon the meteorites are foreign, that is they are not from that planet.

I'm not sure what you mean by that statement as you state indirectly they are alien since they are not from the original planet (hence meteors).

Just some examples: Xenophyophore and Xenoturbella.

Don't get too hung up on Tynan's anti-alien thingamijib. Life even on earth isn't fully understood; who's to say what would look alien on another planet, maybe a whole lot similar than we think. Especially with stuff like satellite viruses and prions.

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.9)
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:20:12 AM »
I'm not real keen on micromanaging weapons/tools; so maybe that's why I ended up losing again.

Had a psychic wave that turned all the boomrats hostile (there was a ton on the map); they tore through the doors, having already incapacitated two colonists that were mining and harvesting berries. The last four of my colonists were overrun and somehow a few of the boomrats died (maybe from attacking each other? I couldn't tell) and that lit my wooden fort on fire. So everyone essentially died from fire burning them alive or starvation/infections.

Looks like this mod is just too much for me. :P

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Neolithic Mod (v.0.9)
« on: November 07, 2014, 10:59:29 PM »
Well, I just got roflstomped into oblivion very early; I assume I probably shouldn't play with Cassandra on 100% challenge.

Weapons seem very weak; I had a prisoner riot and my colonists with stone axes lost to fists. Also, a ranged weapon is desperately needed for hunting; trying to attack with melee weapons is difficult. I didn't see any options for bows but I saw the tribals carrying them when they raided.

Also, once you reach Iron Age, do you basically do what you normally do in vanilla RimWorld? (E.g., the end-game of this mod is to reach the vanilla RimWorld technology?) I was somewhat hoping the research would be tweaked; making sense to research tin/bronze etc, but making research slower and the vanilla technologies twice/three times as much to prevent players from skipping ahead (although you still need the materials which you can only get step by step as you designed).

Lastly, can you change the raw food thoughts so colonists don't mentally break so easily given the setbacks from the mod? Or maybe a firepit that can at least makes meals that don't give negative thoughts?

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Outdated / Re: [Mod](A7) Xtra Trees v 1.0
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:22:16 PM »
Nice job, Igabod! Would love to see this expanded to fit more biomes and such.

Name suggestions: Xenophage maybe? Otherwise looking around viral taxonomy for ideas might be suggested.

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Extended Surgery and Bionics V1.4
« on: November 07, 2014, 02:18:43 PM »
Can we get some kind of brain implant to "heal" colonists with brain damage? Or at least a implant that gives a bonus so they can walk around again even after taking a bullet to the brain? Imagine it as a bit of electronic which gets impalnted into the brain to take over the job of the damaged parts, same could go for the spine.

I was sure the AI Core resolved this issue. I'll have to keep an eye out to test this out.

Also; adding my support for a type of Torso replacement and Nose replacement (Although Ellie's SilverNose mod isn't bad)

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 7) Atomic Power
« on: November 07, 2014, 02:15:42 PM »
Seems interesting; any more details before downloading and trying it out? Maybe update OP?

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