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  • September 24, 2020, 04:07:33 PM
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Releases / Re: [1.2] HugsLib (8.0.1) Lightweight modding library
« on: August 23, 2020, 08:25:37 PM »
Ah ok. By major update do you mean the major version changing or minor version changing? I don't know if there is a 2.0 update planned. I haven't played the game since b18... I assume even when the minor version changes, old saved games won't be compatible, so I could do the switch when 1.3 comes out?

Updated for 1.2

Releases / Re: [1.2] Better Workbench Management (QoL mod)
« on: August 22, 2020, 07:23:59 PM »
Updated for 1.2

Updated for 1.2

Releases / Re: [1.2] HugsLib (8.0.1) Lightweight modding library
« on: August 22, 2020, 07:00:53 PM »
I see that HugsLib UtilityWorldObject is deprecated and I should move to the built in WorldComponent. If i do this (and update the component loading appropriately), will a WorldComponent automatically read data from the savefile previously saved as HugsLib UtilityWorldObjects? Or do I need to implement migration code?

Updated to v1.2

Releases / Re: [1.1] HugsLib (7.2.1) Lightweight modding library
« on: May 22, 2020, 06:49:01 AM »
Thanks, yes it works now. Thanks for spotting the HugsLibChecker, I think I forgot to remove the NuGet package from this mod.

Releases / Re: [1.1] HugsLib (7.2.0) Lightweight modding library
« on: May 20, 2020, 09:11:05 PM »
After the 7.2.0 update I have an issue in my Heat Map mod. The mod is designed to display widget on screen (free floating, not inside a dialog) that displays the outdoor temperature. Clicking this widget should toggle a temperature overlay.

After the 7.2.0 update, clicking these free floating widgets does nothing. Manually reverting back to 7.1.4 makes everything work again. You can reproduce this issue by adding this snippet of code into the OnGUI() method of a ModBase derived class:

Code: [Select]
public override void OnGUI()
    if (Widgets.ButtonText(new Rect(100f, 100f, 100f, 100f), "foo"))

Clicking this button will not display the log message in 7.2.0 (but will work in 7.1.4).

Any idea what's changed here?

Updated to 1.1

Updated to 1.1

Updated to 1.1

Releases / Re: [1.1] HugsLib (7.0.2) Lightweight modding library
« on: February 29, 2020, 11:35:02 PM »
I'm not sure if this is related to HugsLib, but after updating from 6.x, in the Mod Settings dialog, some of my mods randomly show up as "Unnamed Mod". I can force the correct name by adding a
Code: [Select]
Settings.EntryName = "My Mod Name" line into
Code: [Select]
DefsLoaded() but I didn't need to do that before, it always read the Mod name correctly. Could this be related to changes to the Settings handling in the update notes?

Releases / Re: [1.1] HugsLib (7.0.1) Lightweight modding library
« on: February 28, 2020, 06:17:06 PM »
The recommendation is to use Harmony for the duration of Rimworld 1.1.
As before, shipping the Harmony assembly with your mod is only necessary if you don't have a dependency on HugsLib.

Thanks, I'll update the Harmony version I build against. Should I also build against the latest 7.x version of HugsLib? I noticed the versions have gone back and forth a bit.

And yes, I don't ship and bundled version of Harmony or HugsLib. I guess this issue is caused by mods that did and now some people have multiple versions?

Releases / Re: [1.1] HugsLib (7.0.1) Lightweight modding library
« on: February 28, 2020, 04:08:26 PM »
After I updated my BetterWorkbenchManagement mod to 1.1 and HugsLib 6.2.1, a number of players are getting this error. Only some people get it, others are reporting it's working fine. My first instinct was conflicting versions of Harmony. Do you think this is related to issues you've had with the recent update?

I'm fetching HugsLib v6.2.1 via NuGet, which brings in Lib.Harmony Can you advise what versions of the two I should build against? Should I update to the latest of each or are those still problematic?

For reference this is the patch class here the issue arises.

Releases / Re: [1.1] Better Workbench Management (QoL mod)
« on: February 27, 2020, 05:11:02 AM »
Update to v1.1

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