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Quote from: Dima_ on January 15, 2018, 06:47:31 AM
still getting a whole lot of errors. not sure what this is all about but it refers to bionics so i figure its from this mod :/

i have looked through my code and it isn't from my mod, all implants work fine.

Quote from: colonistsmustdie on January 16, 2018, 04:53:58 AM
hey there, me again^^
i really love the brain implants for every special or common situation, but u really have to look over them again. some of them are just mixed up, like the PatientImplant, which increases the miningspeed and -yield (by the way, i am really asking myself, how a brainimplant could improve the "job" being a patient in the first place. did u want to increase the immunity-gain-speed-factor? would be nice!).
At least one of them (the CraftingImplant) seems to just do nothing, while saying, it improves crafting skills but not telling in which way. also implanted it and noticed no effect at all...

as last time: great work, keep it coming ;=)
Quote from: colonistsmustdie on January 17, 2018, 12:26:39 PM
also the workamount to make these implants is a bit low with only "1".
they get the ingredients to the workbench and are done in the same moment^^
some of the other materials seem to take a bit long to make, like synthread, ultrathread and ultrasteel. but in the end, this is only my personal feeling. balance it again or leave it there, its your mod. and i will play it one or the other way ;D

keep it up :)
that is an issue, i will look into the work amount for the implants, i may have not set it correct.
i use a formula for the amount of resources to a time period to work out the ticks. I may have forgotten.
As for the patient one, it shouldn't have been put in yet lol. i was looking into adding additional recovery speed from wounds. but haven't investigated it yet. I have for now commented it back out (which i forgot to do (: ).
The crafting one is difficult, it effects stone cutting at the moment but that is ti because it was supposed to effect crafting but they took the crafting stats out of the game and i haven't found a good solution to it yet.
Quote from: colonistsmustdie on January 12, 2018, 04:27:02 PM
i dont know if this is still an actual issue, or if its already fixed, but in my (and i think the latest) version of your mod the "create a batch of plasteel" got a little typo: it creates only 1 x plasteel but uses 10 x the ingredients. maybe u would like to fix that ;)

otherwise: still loving your mod. keep up the good work!

Thanks for the spot, will be fixed in next update :D
Quote from: Dima_ on January 08, 2018, 05:28:38 PM
not sure if its this or epoe or the patch, but im getting this error when loading all three in the correct order

you dont need the patch anymore, please remove it. Also a fresh save will need to be had for the beta 18 build.

Quote from: fly_vn on January 10, 2018, 01:15:06 PM
Great mod!
I just realized that I can mend the amours from your mod but not weapon. Those weapons do not show up in the mending list for both complex and simple weapon. I can still break them down using my smithing table though.
Is there a way to fix this?

it may be my issue with the way the weapons are coded. i will look into it and see what i find.
Quote from: Harry_Dicks on January 07, 2018, 01:10:16 PM
I think when I had your mod installed earlier with EPOE I had 2 sets of prosthesis and implants. I might try reinstalling it and messing around with the load order. Anyone else ever had any issues like this, or any solutions, would be of great help. Thanks!

I'm not quite sure what you mean as by having both installed you would have more of them. Or do you mean that you had two of my fulll list and two of OPOE list.
I have added in patch production for all resources. they require increments in resource but also an increase in crafting skill e.g:

  • 1x synthread needs skill of 3
  • batch of synthread need skill of 5
Will update soon
Quote from: kaorimoch on December 13, 2017, 04:31:18 AM
I've been enjoying the mod in my current game, but there is one area if I could make a suggestion?

An option to batch process some of the raw materials.  As an example, I have 230 silkavines which are taking forever to convert to ultrathread.

This has come up before, i will look into lowering the production times, as apposed to patch processing.

Quote from: colonistsmustdie on December 29, 2017, 08:04:12 AM
hey there, ive got a question. im kinda stuck in my game with this mod. because i cant produce any synthread. i searched everywhere, but cant find any possibility, besides recycling the synthread clothes of raiders and the starting gear of my colonists. thats a bit awkward, because synthread is even needed for a workbench, that i couldnt build yet, not to mention the bionic parts... is that, how its intended? or am i actually waiting for the update, that gives me the possibility to craft synthread?

keep up the good work! much appreciation!!

I have added the ability to craft synthread from thread. it was in the mod prior and has returned.

My main aim is co completely integrate it into the vanilla game with as little disturbance as possible. I want to completely remove any unnecessary workbenches by adding all by items to already build in systems. For instance i have today updated to mod to include the Armour make able at the Machining table. soon all my weapons will be too etc etc.

OPOE has been re-patched, you can use the two together.
Yeah i am aware of that, in fact i am toying with the ideas of changing things around.
My mod is very old and it was left for some time in between a lot of alphas so people may have crossed over.
I will be adding in all the images once they are complete. i am building the mod back up improving and cutting out code etc.
I need to focus on bringing it back to its once glorious self :D Then i will worry about the cosmetics on here.
Help / Re: <equippedStatOffsets> list
November 19, 2017, 09:35:32 AM
Two Thumbs Up Cheers!
Help / Re: <equippedStatOffsets> list
November 18, 2017, 02:44:53 PM
Quote from: mrofa on January 09, 2017, 08:35:53 AM
using System;
namespace RimWorld
public static class StatDefOf
public static StatDef MaxHitPoints;
public static StatDef MarketValue;
public static StatDef SellPriceFactor;
public static StatDef Beauty;
public static StatDef Cleanliness;
public static StatDef Flammability;
public static StatDef DeteriorationRate;
public static StatDef WorkToMake;
public static StatDef WorkToBuild;
public static StatDef Mass;
public static StatDef MoveSpeed;
public static StatDef GlobalLearningFactor;
public static StatDef PsychicSensitivity;
public static StatDef ToxicSensitivity;
public static StatDef MentalBreakThreshold;
public static StatDef EatingSpeed;
public static StatDef ComfyTemperatureMin;
public static StatDef ComfyTemperatureMax;
public static StatDef Comfort;
public static StatDef MeatAmount;
public static StatDef LeatherAmount;
public static StatDef MinimumHandlingSkill;
public static StatDef WorkSpeedGlobal;
public static StatDef MeleeHitChance;
public static StatDef MiningSpeed;
public static StatDef ResearchSpeed;
public static StatDef ConstructionSpeed;
public static StatDef HealingQuality;
public static StatDef HealingSpeed;
public static StatDef GiftImpact;
public static StatDef TradePriceImprovement;
public static StatDef PlantWorkSpeed;
public static StatDef SmoothingSpeed;
public static StatDef FoodPoisonChance;
public static StatDef HarvestFailChance;
public static StatDef CarryingCapacity;
public static StatDef ConstructFailChance;
public static StatDef FixBrokenDownBuildingFailChance;
public static StatDef SocialImpact;
public static StatDef RecruitPrisonerChance;
public static StatDef TameAnimalChance;
public static StatDef TrainAnimalChance;
public static StatDef ShootingAccuracy;
public static StatDef AimingDelayFactor;
public static StatDef MeleeWeapon_DamageAmount;
public static StatDef MeleeWeapon_Cooldown;
public static StatDef SharpDamageMultiplier;
public static StatDef BluntDamageMultiplier;
public static StatDef RangedWeapon_Cooldown;
public static StatDef AccuracyTouch;
public static StatDef AccuracyShort;
public static StatDef AccuracyMedium;
public static StatDef AccuracyLong;
public static StatDef ArmorRating_Blunt;
public static StatDef ArmorRating_Sharp;
public static StatDef ArmorRating_Heat;
public static StatDef ArmorRating_Electric;
public static StatDef Insulation_Cold;
public static StatDef Insulation_Heat;
public static StatDef PersonalShieldRechargeRate;
public static StatDef PersonalShieldEnergyMax;
public static StatDef MedicalPotency;
public static StatDef ImmunityGainSpeed;
public static StatDef SurgerySuccessChance;
public static StatDef DoorOpenSpeed;
public static StatDef BedRestEffectiveness;
public static StatDef TrapMeleeDamage;
public static StatDef TrapSpringChance;
public static StatDef ResearchSpeedFactor;
public static StatDef MedicalTendQualityOffset;
public static StatDef WorkTableWorkSpeedFactor;
public static StatDef EntertainmentStrengthFactor;

This are all usable statdefs

Can you get an updated list of the mrofa please?
Update on progress within the mod.

Hi guys i am just giving you an update as to where i am with the mod.

So as it stands i am rebuilding the entire concept from the ground up. What started out as a prosthetic improvement mod is moving into a better balanced mod that is based around future tech. So i took the idea of the cybernetic faction and have built the mod around this idea playing more into the faction and tech.
This means that i have changed nearly every idea and process in the mod. I have re written the code form the ground up which is why it is taking a while. I am in the process of improving all the images too from the weapons to the tables etc.
Bellow are the main feature changes that you will notice within the next major update.

  • More Weapons
  • More Armour
  • More Implants with positive and negative effects
  • Improved Faction
  • All new graphics for every item
  • New research tree which has been adapted to flow from vanilla
  • Added sections within research production factions etc
  • Balancing on all stats for everything from mass and cost to weapon power and types
  • Lowered the complexity of the limb system and organ system with removal of parts that seemed to be skipped
After this update i hope to add these features

  • 2 New factions
  • Additional Building
  • Additional Defense System (including some form an older mod of my of DefendThatColony)
  • Full trader system for the mod
  • Add the ability to cyber enhance all animals ingame
  • Build-a-dog (long long way of in concept idea)
I will be bringing the mod name and id number inline with the current alpha, so once released it will be 17.1.0 to donate alpha 17 release 1

I hope this sheads some light on what i am doing and i hope once it is Complete it will bring a far better gamign experience from the mods prospective. Any things or ideas please share them bellow im always open to ideas.
Quote from: Dragoon on July 04, 2017, 05:50:50 PM
Welcome Back!!! Missed this.

Thank you :D

Quote from: Canute on July 03, 2017, 05:41:54 PM
- ALL weapon don't got a quality name on the map view.

- Cyber baton got the wrong name, it is still a Nano baton.

- All batons are too expensive for simple mellee weapons. Why should i build them with tons of nanomites, when i just could take the nanosteel and craft regular gladius/longsword with got better DPS.
Not sure, but don't got the old batons a stun effect, that would made it worth the cost. (HCSK baton/shocker got this effect).

Have fixed this issue.

Other issues fixed include naming, Nano medicine categories, cybernetics unabled to be installed.
Quote from: Canute on July 02, 2017, 04:09:55 PM
Ok, i played a bit with it.
And the best results i got, when you remove the
complete. Then it allways get added at the end.
This position is much better, because it don't interfere with the normal menu-sequence like player encounter during vanila gameplay.
And the sequence of the extra menu's depend on the mod load order.

ok cool, if thats the case ill leave it blank and it can slot in last :D
Updated Again :D

yeah i do need to do some tweaking :D and you are correct on all accounts, i am slowely working though the issues and adding stuff where i need to.
as for where to put your menu, if you go into the mods folder and open up my mod, go to defs and catagories the catagorie file in there will have a small amount of code, change the number to 590 to put it after production, and 610 to just after depending on what suits your take :D

I will be adding as well at some point updated graphics to the whole mod ;)