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Does any of these mods have something as simple as a food display? How many days worth of food my colony has, in optimistic case. I know the "Low food" warning kicks in at 5 days.
I mean a mod that would aim to make Rimworld into a challenge game, not a drama generator.
I noticed it too.

I had 3 fights with mechanoids in this game. In first and third colonists got shot in the heart. From now on I'm not fighting mechs before advanced plasteel helmets and armor vests.
A minor problem with sleeping boxes and animal beds is that you can't "deconstruct" them under the bleeding animal to take them somewhere safer, cleaner etc. You must treat them there until they heal or they die. Another minor problem is I can't figure out a way to make small animals prefer boxes. If you have 2 camels and 4 hens, you can't make the hens always take the boxes instead of hogging camels' animal beds. Hmm I haven't tried putting the animal boxes closer to barn entrance.
I bet your colonists volunteer to frontline just to get a chance to lie in it. 160%rest effectiveness, 1.36 comfort!
General Discussion / Re: Material cost of bionic arm?
October 30, 2018, 04:33:51 PM
You can make a throwaway game, turn on dev mode in settings, spawn all necessary production tables and unblock research, and see what's the listed cost.
This is a cynical way, but it should work:
Just beat the animal senseless with whatever means you can muster. Preferably something that has low chance of leaving scars or outright killing. Then, no don't really rescue it, but treat its wounds and then proceed to tame. Even if it doesn't self-tame "out of gratitude", a barely walking animal should be much safer to tame than a healthy one. And it will eventually fully heal anyway.

Another - it's inspired by your initial post. Put walls around it, put heaters in, make it pass out from heatstroke. Last time I checked heatstroke is like hypothermia, but with no chance of frostbite. Then proceed to tame the weakened animal.

Safer and more humane? Purchase one from a trader.
Ideas / Re: Reworking sexuality.
October 30, 2018, 02:19:14 PM
Quote from: AileTheAlien on October 28, 2018, 09:02:39 AM
Easier change: allow for more than 3 traits, if one of them is the Gay trait.

... and people start asking for their favorite trait to have the same special case.
Ideas / Re: Pawns should carry by weight, not count.
October 30, 2018, 02:17:20 PM
First, I agree that consistency would be nice. However there are a few caveats.

1. With 75, it's very easy to see how many colonist trips the items will take. If it was weights, you'd have to instead display total weights all over the place. Not impossible, but something that would need to be done diligently. In practice you would need to display two numbers over each pile - count and total weight.

2. Missing fingers reduce the Manipulation stat, which in turn reduces carrying capacity. I don't think it represents a reduction in strength. Rather, it's about volume. Pawn has less body to grasp items with.

3. If pawns should carry by weight, pigs suddenly become super haulers even though they have no hands or even especially strong jaw strength. No two ways about it. Pigs are pretty strong. The same point more generally about animals. Mufallos are STRONG, so they should be good haulers, right? I mean on their own. Elephants at least have trunks.
Instead of cranking the map size way up like most player seem to do... crank it all the way down. Yes, play on smallest possible map. And I mean colony location, not world map.

Now that finally Food Restrictions have made it into the game, you can play the following without frustration:
- No Growing scenario. You start with a few cows and chickens in a biome with winter. You are only ever allowed to plant haygrass (You are, because otherwise you'd be unable to store animal food for winter). a.k.a. Masaai Mode.

I've launched ships in a No Mining playthrough and a Melee Only playthrough. Melee Only is interesting, rules are:
- you are only allowed to use EMP grenades out of all ranged weapons.
I think it's just human memory that prioritizes events with high emotional intensity.
Most game designers (other than the maker of Dwarf Fortress) don't try to implement whole economic systems and civilizations. This way is just simpler to balance the game. If player was able to sell for as much as he buys for, he'd be swimming in money before the end of year 1.
QuoteIsn't there another way to make trading balanced without having buying prices significantly over the market value and selling prices below?
In a game? There are 2 common ways:
a) drastically reduced selling price,
b) monsters/enemies only have a small chance of dropping an item,

It's similar with "tainted apparel". It's not realistic that people are THAT fussy about buying used clothes. It's that by necessity every enemy humanoid will wear something, and no one really managed to produce a game AI that can challenge human player at a complex game without getting some sort of numerical advantage. In most game genres developers have given up trying to produce an opponent that can fight on equal terms.
I wonder if wool and eggs only grow in Rimworld while the animal is awake...