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Wow! Coal heater is included!

And the snow blocks and walls sound like fun. But will they melt on heat?

As you adding a wide use of coal and charcoal can you please also add a simple cheap coal heater? To be able to heat on ice biomes before you get electricity.
Something like that:

Code: [Select]
57. Установлен патч совместимости AutoSell с Miscellanious. Теперь багов с торговлей быть не должно.
58. Ускорение производства на сборочных столах. Для обычного станка в 2 раза. Для электрического в 4. Ускорение переработки песка и щебня в том числе.
59. Исправлен крафт оружия ближнего боя, теперь его нельзя делать из камня и дерева. (например заточка из железобетона)
60. Добавлен красивый головной убор из перьев для аборигенов от The13thRonin.
61. Убрано дублирование рецепта тофу на консервном столе.

57. Installed compatibility patch for AutoSell and Miscellanious. There should be no bugs with trade now. (yeah-yeah)
58. Production speed increase on assembly tables (perhaps all crafting tables) . Usual table: 2 times faster. Electrical one: 4 times. Also for sand and crushed stone (not sure for what action).
59. Fixed craft for melee weapons. It's not possible to make it out of stone and wood now. (for example shiv out of reinforced concrete). (strange example. concrete is counted as stone?)
60. Added beautiful headgear for tribals made of feathers by The13thRonin.
61. Removed duplication of tofu recipie on canned food table. (not sure about exact names)

I don't speek russian tho... still I hoped I've helped save you some time...

Code: [Select]
1. Seedplease: Another pack which fixes seeds.
2. Added mod SK_Agriculture. Now all plants that can be grown require appropriate research. Added about 7 researches on the study of plants.
3. Added mod SK_Tech. Alters power. Adds gas centrifuges , which enrich natural uranium-237 to uranium-235.
4. Removes the plasma reactor. Changes things in the plasma geothermal reactor.
5. Changed the geothermal heating. It can now be built right next to one of geothermal power plants.
6. Clutter is now updated to the latest version. Colonists now can read books .
7. Added 4 new animals: hedgehogs , buffalos , mamufallos N1 and rhinos.
8. Added new mechnoids N2: mechanical crab, stalker , mammoth and terminator ( M and M ).
9. Added tekstura N3 pine... Now the northern forests will be the most beautiful forests in rimworld .
10. Added new hairstyles, helmets and armors mod JaffaKree!
11. Added tekstura Cloth and Cloth from dyavolotnika. N4
12. Now you can treat scars using biomater.
13. Now I have added a new type of door 'blind', which allows heat to vent between rooms.
14. Fixed ToolForJobs.
15. Now, the mine can produce copper and aluminum.
16. Silver and gold are now a separate category of precious metals. You can only build some furniture using these precious metals. One of the isotopes of uranium (DU) has been removed completely, and will now be used for the production of ammunition. N5
17. Gause Turbine is now researched in the same research that the Tesla Power Plant is researched in.
18. The Geothermal Generator, Plasma Reactor and Geothermal Mine can no longer be constructed closer than 15-20 cells from each other.
19. Locate and removed a bug which caused 2 glass recipes to apear.
20. You now need ashes to make multch.
21. Added new recipes for cooking meat on the fire.
22. Wires (wiring) can now be made only out of copper.
23. Increased the spawn of copper and coal on the map.
24. Changed the craft began. Now it is obtained in the processing of iron ore and coal. N6
25. Added a new resource: Titanium. Rare expensive metal. Stronger than plasteel, but weaker than composites and vanadium.
26. Removed parts of the isotopes uranium. N7
27. Changed the color palette for iron ore (steel) and plasteel... also the composite are now brighter... Now buildings will not be too dark.
28. Added a new resource: nitrate. One of the principal components of the black powder, and is widely used for fertilizers.
29. Sulfates renamed to sulfur. Also changed the texture. Now, one of the components of gunpowder. Can be obtained by the refining or processing of iron ore.
30. In accordance with the innovations changed the recipe for gunpowder.
31. Added new feature: napalm. Used for the production of certain ammo.
32. Completely rewritten recipes for ammunitions. Fixed magnetic crafting and Volcanic ammunition. N8
33. Changed the texture of the mine and the rig.
34. Fixed collection of sand.
35. Added a new resource: Peat, which now can be collected in swamps.
36. Added new fuel power generator which runs only on fuel.
37. A coal power plant can now operate on non-coal material, like turf. N9
38. Changed biogenerator, it now works on biomater, or the biodiesel derived from the beans. Removed resouce bioelements and related requirements. N10
39. Added  the collection of rubble on the ground.
40. Changed mulch again. Removed the requirements of wood, but it now want nitrate. N11
41. Autosell updated to the latest version.
42. Added new colors and two technologies of ornamental flowers. Increased bonuses from the beauty of flowers.
43. Overhualed energy generators. N12
44. Increased the amount flour and sugar you get from a harvest. The appeal of outdoor illumination has also increased increased.
45. Added the abilty to use Carboniferous, vanadium and plasteel to make the initial (slow) workbenchs.
46. ​​Added a new resource: Charcoal (charcoal) which is available from burning through the wood. The recipe is also available for the fire. For steel can now be used to choose carbon or charcoal.
47. The console connection again received a separate technology for learning. As in one of the patches is required to open the technology to explore the lighthouse + Building 2.
48. Increased yield or production rate in the refining station (ex chem. Lab) and mixer all recipes 2-4 times.
49. Overhauled snowman and Soylent Green.
50. Fashion Apothecarius, OmniStorage, MedicalDrinks are now part Core_SK. CombatRealism Defence, Industrialisation and partly Superior Craft with Mechanical Defence2 (MD2) are now part of a new project based on the Tech_SK dll library. Since that time, Hardcore SK begins to position itself as a global project. Modpaki in the past.
51. Remade Soylent Green.
52. Optimized size of stacks for most of the resources on the basis of their market value.
53. Removed nearly 3 dozen extra things from Aparello and Norbals. All the socks and gloves are now the same type and are placed on both hands.
54. Changed the scheme of the production of biodiesel. Added a recipe for seed processing into biodiesel in fuel processors (bio refinery).
55. bows, crossbows, pilum significantly slashed on the firing range, the maximum range of some of them only 18 (less than the pistols). But significantly increase their accuracy and speed of application. In a small distance is now deadly and well adapted for hunting.
56. Completely redesigned melee weapons including weapons norbals use, making it more effective in close combat. Cut the wild damage norbal weapons do. All weapons norbals use has a slightly better performance.

N1: What... Google translate being funky... forgot to mention... I don't speak Russian :]
N2: Google ain't so bright... it said and I quote "Added manually new AIM "
N3: Some sort of tree?
N4: Got no idea what that means...
N5: Don't exactly understand the uranium part...
N6: What?
N7: N5 all over again...
N8: Not sure what it means exactly
N9: Not sure what the proper resource name is...
N10: N9 again...
N11: N10/9 again...
N12: 'Cut the power plants rubella, chicken 2 times. And the cost of increased solar...' Um no...
Thanks. Some fixes:
8. ... terminator (male and female) - probably this was ment
9 (and later). "tekstura" means "texture" but I guess it's obvious. Pine is pine-tree (to avoid confusion).
11. "dyavolotnika" i think means "devilstrand" but not sure (never played on russian language)
12. Not "now" but "Norbals"
13. added new door "curtain" that allows heat to pass
16. DU means "depleted uranium"
24. Steel is now made of iron ore and coal.
26. Now you can't make parts out of uranium isotopes.
28, 40. Not sure about ingame name, but IMHO most common name is "saltpeter"
29. Can be obtained by oil refining or processing of iron ore.
32. ... magnetic and volcano ammunitions (don't play long enough to be sure abot exact names)
35,37 Turf and Peat is the same thing. Don't know what word will be used.
42. added new flowers and 2 techs to grow them. more beauty bonus
43. Wind turbines nerfed to produce 2 times less power. Solar power plant cost increased.
44. original has no word "harvest" so maybe it's "crafting" (never used them so unsure but seems more logical)
45. added recipies to make carbon, vanadium and plasteel to initial (slow) crafting table (not sure which one)
46. New resource charcoal. Can be gained by burning (perhaps special action on special workbench)  wood. Recipie is also available for campfire. To make steel you can use either coal or charcoal.
47. Comm-console again has own tech to research. Prerequisites are: to research beacon and construction II as before.
49. Retexturized snowman and Soylent Green.
51. Reworked "work of soylent". I don't understand it even in russian. Perhaps something like crafting Soylent Green. Or making food of Soylent Green. Or else. 
53. :) socks are not placed on both hands. Socks are removed completly. Gloves are of one type and placed on both hands.

My position about auto-turrets: they should be and should be expensive and tech consuming. So early game you fight only using colonists and in late game auto-turrets help (but not replace) colonists to fight hordes of mechanoids.

I can post changelog for 1.12, but in Russian (what is already done). Can you help me to translate into english? Because the translation is time-consuming that i would have to spend for work. There are about 60 lines.
I can if I have free time. But I can't promise about it. Also my english is far from ideal.

Trials and errors have shown that carpets are the best floor. They are the most beautiful and offer 144% as well. Also they are the cheapest, as you can buy cloth at textile/bulk resources trader for around 1$ a piece. Both concrete and steel bars are needed for numerous recipes, especially early game, so using them for floors would be such a waste.
I agree about concrete, but I had to wait long before textile trader came (is it bad RND or luck having 2 combat suppliers at a time?). And I need cloth to make best beds - it's more important than floor. At the same time I had lots of stones and chunks (which need to be transported away or turned into blocks which also need space) so I'd prefer to build with them.

Any tips on floors? I want to build best (fastest) floor, but don't know what floor is best and what I need to reserach.
Where can I find floors movement speed modifier? I browsed their definitions but found nothing.

Also problem with research. I found ancient struture with stone slabs 144% - the best I'm aware of. But I have no recipe for that. Found FloorStoneSlabsLimestone def. I see there <ResearchPrerequisite>Stonecutting</ResearchPrerequisite>. "Stonecutting" is "Construction I" as I see in defs. But I already researched "Construction I" and still no recipe for that.

Installer is nice, but it reseted my settings (like music volume). Not that critical but annoying.

5) Through the embrasures, barbed wire can now get through, but with very very low rate. (3-4 times slower than in sandbags, about 8 sec. it takes to overcome one square. Thus, fixed bug with "no enemy for AI". Enemies now see and try to hit the target. Barbed wire is now serves as a good for slowing the enemy.

I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you rephrase?
I think it's something like fixing exploit when you could create barbed wire "balcony" and stand there killing wargs. Wargs could not move through barbed wire so was doing nothing waiting for death. Now they can and will move through barbed wire (very slowly) to eat all of your colonists so you need to kill them quickly or make lots of wires.

Need test, with disabling some mods. Perhaps it with a specific faction? I have encountered similar freeze bug, when enemies comes, Rimworld generate randomly apperel and weapon with specified cost for a each unit. In some situations with "wrong" cost values, Rimworld begins freeze. Please, check with whom start freezes. Its exactly due with "PawnKindDefs" some faction..
In my experiense all spawns cause lags. Enemies and visitors and crashed colonists.

I have installed the mod pack but for some reason it wont let me create a new world. Press generate button and it does nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
Try to reinstall everything from 0?

Foooood! moar fooood!
lol usualy i hate these things but now im looking forward to their invasions!
That's one of the best things that can happen on ice map - non-human meat with delivery to the door. And very easy to "harvest" - just small barbed wire "balcony" around one of the doors and hunter with any machine gun (or non-machine but it will take too long).

I've been playing ice sheat too... Avg -20 in summer & -70 in winter... Disabled points in Pepare carfully. Got 2k Wood, got 5 people all bionics & 200 meals & 4k meat. Also gave them all parkas & torques.

If my maths correct I have 600 meals... A.k.a 120 days... their bout to die from starvation... I NEED the synthetic Material but since I've put down the communications console (its been ~4 months) I've not seen ANY trader.
Hmm... Is it a bug in 1.10b? In 1.9 I had nice ice colony (with Cassandra basebuilder without using prepare carefully) and traders flew pretty often. As for visiting traders I'm not sure if it was once or not at all.

Soon  update to... 1.10: Phenomenal
Wohoo! Can't wait!

But one thing make me nervous: the need for "dishes" to craft most of the food. Will the dishes come back after eating? Or else I hope they are produced in bulk numbers...

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