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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Add placenta to birth and let it be cooked with as if it were a meat. It's pretty nutritive.


Graves containing corpses should offset most of the -150 beauty from a corpse. Graveyards are somber places, but they aren't usually gruesome.


Eating raw human flesh should not give both 'ate raw food' and 'raw cannibalism' thoughts, as the 'raw cannibalism' already has 'raw' in it.

Right now, colonists are basically saying.
'I ate raw human flesh, it was horrible. It was raw and horrible'
'I ate raw human flesh, and it was awesome! It was raw and horrible'

They basically either complain about the same thing twice, or contradict themselves. It's rather annoying.


The easier fix would be to remove the raw descriptor from human flesh.


Add buttons to shift colonist schedule restrictions back and forth by one hour.

Alternatively, add a button that enables a mode where you can drag the schedules back and forth with the mouse as opposed to painting the schedule.

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If all the supports for a roof are set to be deconstructed, the roof should be removed first.  That is, planned deconstruction should not cause roof collapses.

To clarify, this should only be for constructed roofs, not roofs from being underground.


Don't know if this has already been suggested and/or if it may already be implemented, but my suggestion is that you could add a new event, called a cave-in, since roofs without supports will already fall down, you already have the system in place to implement it. The idea in a nutshell is, something I have seen a lot of is that people like to make there bases in the side of mountains or hills, so why not make random cave-ins a possibility so their is a lot more risk in making a much more secure base. And I'm thinking that you could have it where if there is empty space, and a home region within mountains and such, that every 3 min. maybe, it has like a 0.3 percent chance of the caving in event to trigger or however it is done. Just a quick idea I thought I would throw out there. Thx for reading.


Another idea I just got, is you can add another way for colonists to get social, and that's by them just sitting around the campfire that is already in the game, and to expand on this you could add marsh mellows into the game so that if the colony has marsh mellows stored in the stockpile then the colonists will be inclined to use them by roasting them by the fire, also you could add gram crackers so that they could get more creative with it and have smores with the chocolate item already in place. Maybe have it to where they could put just straight logs down as a kind of cheap stool and or chair, which could be used to make a more legitimate camp sight and well, camping is a feature probably to big for this thread. Either way, just thought I'd throw some more ideas out there. :)


I like the random cave in chance. You could also research a tech to reduce the risk partially.


With the above questions about the roof, how about a toggle so you can see where the roof is? Also some "jump to location" for 'Roof has collapsed' message would be nice, bit of a guessing game if you have multiple miners.
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Rimworld. The game where getting a cannibal psychopath with bloodlust is a good thing.


Have a check-box somewhere that auto selects chunks to be hauled if it appears while mining. So when your mining something and getting chunks, a check-box or something somewhere that insta-selects if for hauling.


There used to be a great auto-haul mod for this, hope to see that functionality back!


I get a bit de-immersed when I see a hungry, carnivorous, wild animal (warg) waiting to eat one of my colonist and a squirrel walks right up to it, gets ignored by the hungry warg and wanders off into the sunset wiggling it's tail in the wargs face and farts derisively at the warg, because it knows the warg is not going to eat it, the warg is just going to wait for a colonist to walk outside before it eats. Maybe if something containing meat comes within two or three squares of a warg it becomes a target, or we could feed the wargs by creating a pile of meat just outside the colony, this should make the wargs want to stay longer though. "Free meat! let's stay for a while." Like wild animals do.


Fewer privates

I have to copy all private methods from Verse.PawnRenderer to create a custom Verse.PawnRenderer.DrawEquipmentAiming() which tracks pawn targets less strictly.
I don't want to have to copy the entire class or invoke all your private methods with reflection if I can just use inheritance.

Fewer statics
(or More default values)

Verse.DebugViewSettings is entirely static including its values, and the methods calling for it like Verse.PawnRenderer.DrawDebug() are private. This means that along with the impossibility of inheriting methods which call for Verse.DebugViewSettings it's not possible to get the values these settings have because they don't have a value by default.
Since copying the existing classes in their entirety is the main way of inheriting their methods in the Pawn code, all the methods in them have to stay to keep their functionality, which is the functionality that requires content from static classes you can't get the contents of.

Fewer internals

Verse.AI.PawnDuty.DrawDebug is an internal method, so the only way to use it is to copy it into your own assembly. Since the above information guarantees you have to call this function at some point there's really no use in making it internal - modders are gonna have to use it at some point or the other.
The methods it calls are public statics, so I have no idea why this specific method is internal at all.

List of internals that really shouldn't be internals:

  • Verse.AI.Pawn_MindState.Notify_EngagedTarget()
  • Verse.AI.Pawn_MindState.Notify_DamageTaken
  • Verse.AI.Pawn_MindState.Notify_WickStarted()
  • Verse.AI.PawnDuty.DrawDebug()

Notify_EngagedTarget is used in Verse.Verb_LaunchProjectile.TryCastNextBurstShot(), and it requires a this.TryCastShot() check to fire. This means that anything using custom TryCastShot has to add a copy of Verse.AI.Pawn_MindState.Notify_EngagedTarget() without an internal just to keep the existing functionality of notifying the attacked target that they're being attacked.



What if there would be an option to buy with silver some kind of trading upgrade via com console to create train tracks between settlements. The cost of the upgrade would depend on the distance between each of the settlements. .... Just imagine it! that you could build a trainstation and tracks, but I think that's beyond everything.