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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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 An AA gun that stops Raiders from landing in my base, but does not stop land invasions so I can't put them covering the map.
The best Bait for visitors is a place to eat.


On the screen with tasks for our pawns it would be great if we could sort by skill. So if for example if I click warden it will arrange colonists from the highest social to the lowest. That way it will be much easier to manage large colony. If you have a team of 20 guys and recruit new guy you have to go and manually compare him with each of your people before you assign him jobs.

Also since we have male weapons coming in new update I have suggestion can we have two weapon slots one for male and one for range so our guys can switch between them.


If a colonist is incapable of shooting it should be impossible to get them to equip and hold a gun. The same when mêlée weapons are in, if colonists are unable to use the mêlée skill then they shouldn't be able to equip them.


visitors shouldn't shoot at rampaging animals if they aren't attacked themself. had some incidents when a squirrel attacked some of my colonists and a visitor which was standing nearby shot at the squirrel but instead of hitting the little bugger he shot and gravely injured my colonist (head shot, she was a  vegetable after that).

edit: a general suggestion would be that colonists which aren't drafted should try to escape to their own quarters for safety instead of mindlessly carrying on with their jobs (someone hauling during a firefight ain't funny).


Colonists who accidentally shoot and/or kill allies should get a negative thought for doing so.
-5 For wounding an ally.
-15 For killing an ally.

Psychopaths wouldn't get the thoughts.


In order of priority.  Not sure they're all "cheap" but I think they should be relatively so. 
1)  Make job distinctions between plant cutting, wood chopping, and most importantly crop harvesting.  Also between crafting and corps clearing. 
2) Doors that exceed the strength of walls or some way to defend minor rear entrances other than emergency wall offs while still allowing passage. 
3) Allow more than 4 levels of priorities for colonists, 10 perhaps.
4) Make enemy wave sizes determined only by time or provide some option for this.  Else provide some way to adequately defend later waves. AOE turrets of some kind?
5) Make manning mortars a job option like any other (mining, cooking ...).
6) Automatically undraft colonists after performing an arrest, capture, or rescue.   
7) Give colonists mental boost for performing tasks they enjoy.  Particularly important for miners that are always in unpleasant environments. 
8 ) Make pastures for automatically producing meat. 


Drop down manes for traders would be great. Especially for combat supplier.

I quite often want to sell all my pistols and M-16 for instance and I am tiried of having to scroll down.
If I have drop down menu for each weapon I can just select sell all pistols with one click and be done with it.

Also ability to sell/buy clothing would be great.

Additional drop down menu for stockpiles "All" it will make it easier to just switch everything off or on while creating new stockpiles.


A blast door 3x1,2x1, or 1x1, requires power hook up like any of the items that use electric. won't open without power, really high hp, can close without power(potential for a colonist/raider to be crushed by the door if they're too slow)

Not sure if this was suggested already, but it would be sweet if you could select the type of meals you served prisoners. Also if prisoners are isolated from each other and say you sold some of them, the rest of their group shouldn't get a negative effect, because they have no contact with them. How would they know you sold their pals?

A wood burning oven would be nice to cook without power and be a step up from cooking over a fire pit like some have suggested.

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I've been playing as a tribal group recently, which is a fun challenge even on the easiest difficulty. The one obvious limit I have given myself is to either limit use of technology or eliminate it entirely, so no powered items, modern weapons & armour, or otherwise advanced things. However, there are some things that are vital to long term sustainability that also fall under the category of "Technology" and so I cannot use them. Here are some ideas that would benefit both the early game and tribal colonies:

Fire Pits - A cooking implement made out of basic materials. Something like this would only be able to make simple meals and would take a little longer doing so, with very good cooks being able to make fine meals at best, and if it's not too hard to program, it could be unusable if outside during rain.

Standing Torches - Like a standing light, only made out of wood and powerless. Since it is cheaper, it would not have as high a lighting level, and like the fire pit would go out during rain if left outside.

Tribal Furniture - Cheap, small, and weak in comparison to basic furniture. Things such as sitting rocks for stools, eating basins, and ground-based tribal beds, which give no positive or negative moods. Great for people on a budget, or colonies who are not yet ready to dedicate their resources but still want to keep their people from rampaging.

Totems - Decorative items. They could give buffs to friendly people and debuffs to hostiles, facilitating their use as a psychological weapon.

Smoke Signals - Two items, The Smoke Beacon and Smoke Signaller, that work in tandem like the Orbital Trade Beacon and Comms Console. The Smoke Beacon would have a much smaller radius than the Trade Beacon, and neither would work inside or in the presence of weather (It's hard to see smoke in fog) but neither would require power. Due to their drawbacks they would not be good long-term substitutes for their counterparts.

Muffalo Traps - As basic as it gets. Whoever steps on the trap will have some nasty foot injuries and bleeding to deal with, so even if they don't do much in the way of damage, the slowing effect will surely be very handy! The only drawback would be that AI would typically be too stupid to avoid them, so they might have to be useless against friendlies to offset this.

In my opinion, these cheap objects would make great short-term substitutes for the early game as well as being useful for tribals. Of all the objects in this list, Fire Pits and Standing Torches are possibly the most important ones, since early on most people will want to dedicate electricity to more urgent matters such as security.
Thanks for reading :)


Option to release or exchange prisoners with raiders to improve relationships.

For example I was raided by locals and took 5 of them captive I can instead set them free for a boost of relationship with that factions or sell them for money. If I keep them relationship with a faction decrease even more.


Quote from: Feniks on September 09, 2014, 12:03:41 PM
Option to release or exchange prisoners with raiders to improve relationships.

For example I was raided by locals and took 5 of them captive I can instead set them free for a boost of relationship with that factions or sell them for money. If I keep them relationship with a faction decrease even more.

You CAN sell prisoners to slavers :)
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I know but here I'm not talking about selling but more ransom or exchange. They pay you gold get their guys back probably pay you less than slaver but for that they hate you less because you actually released some of their friends.


Couple ideas I've had floating around.

1) Trade ship icons on top right corner of screen. Just a small spaceship icon for each trader in orbit, perhaps colored to depict industrial, food, weapons, or slave trader. Easy to tell at a glance if you can trade.

2) Differentiate the alert/mail icons. Perhaps something different than a mail icon, or perhaps add a graphic to the various different message icons for immediate recognition.

3) Add a 'forbidden' zone, and a way to toggle it on and off. This would really help with colony management when you end up with hundreds of corpses, and also serve as a way to get your colonists back into base during raids.

4)Squads. I know this has been asked for, but being able to group my colonists based on their abilities would be very useful. When alpha 7 hits, I'd love to have my elite R4 troopers and Chainsaw Ninjas available with a simple button press.
"Oh boy, I can finally have my colonists paint the outer wall with Raider blood and hang a sign by the main door that says: "Looking for Donations"
I'm sure that'll make the Raiders feel welcome. :3" ~TheXIIILightning


can we put lights on tables please?


A wall section that you can raise and lower like a gate, with 3 types wood, stone and metal.

Wood gates would look medieval. stone gates would rise outa the ground and Metal would be futuristic.

I want to be able to let those raiders in (once some sorta raider fear mechanic has been implemented) To kill and capture them all so they don't come back for a very long time.