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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Moving on the map  ;D i just see how exciting expeditions i will make into the wild jungle or arctic maps  ! :D


Quote from: Stan-K on October 31, 2014, 10:30:28 AM
Some procedure/operation to help with mental breakdowns.

I was thinking e.g.:

  • Lobotomy. Surprisingly common in the 40's and 50's, it helped dealing with mental breakdowns. Albeit at the loss of personality, intellectual capabilities, and with a significant chance of unintended brain damage and even death.
Oooh! Lobotomize all those colonists with bad traits! Bang! and the dirt is goooone


Allow selecting all mortars and designating a fixed target. Now fixed targetting only works when you do it for each mortar seperately.


Fire Supression: A research that allows colonists to put out fires 15% faster (or whatever percent) and allows the building of the Fire Suppression System.

Fire Suppression System: A building similar to the fertilizer pump, but instead of improving soil, it puts out fires in it's range automatically, like a sprinkler system.

These are my ideas to counter massive firestorms that happen from inferno cannons, lightning storms, inferno cannons, and the other reasons (inferno cannon). The FSS building would be useful for inside buildings where valuable resources or blocks are stored. Also with the research done it would make colonists put out fires x% faster. Nice simple ideas, could be done in just a little bit of work. What do you think?


Repair treshold, % of hp allowed to go without need to use materials for repair.
Below that level item cost would be chop up in %  and needed  for a fix to that treshold.
And thats generaly my english X_X
All i do is clutter all around.


The cheapest thing to fix that really bugs me is the world map after you create a world. Could we use the standard weather radar type colors for rainfall amounts in biomes? Temperatures colors are great! I love the easy to read way it is laid out, could we get rainfall to look like this? A Fahrenheit measurement option would make this feature really useful to me. Also, shouldn't the poles both be cold? Out of the three planets I've made, the top is always frozen, the bottom is always hot and wet rain forest. A scale grade on the side or bottom of the map interface, off of the actual map, to show us the scaling grades would be VERY useful as well for a quick glance of the colors meanings.

Just a newbies thoughts :)

Edit: Also I forgot to mention, add some non-forest biome types. Just plain grassland, or get scifi with it and add lavender grass areas or alien plant areas. More variety is better!


A (small) chance that a world spawns without some of the factions (e.g. no pirates), so that you might even be alone in a world.
Having tribals, outlanders and pirates on every world doesn't make much sense, especially not with the backstory.

(I hope the finished game will even be a challenge without the violent threats, but that is not a very cheap idea  :P )


My biggest ask would be a tool which elevates the priority of all jobs of a type to the at, so that you can tell your colonists to do that over everything else (like the prioritise option, but for every colonist, and able to drag a box to select multiple. Things at once). Another suggestion is to increase the strength of raiders as the game goes on instead of increasing their numbers. Maybe have their strength based on the relative firepower of the colony?


Make a "thing" that allows us to DESTROY ANY MATERIALS ESPECIALLY DEER HIDES I HATE THEM *cough* *cough* cremator for resources please :D


Quote from: powman898 on November 07, 2014, 11:56:31 AM
Make a "thing" that allows us to DESTROY ANY MATERIALS ESPECIALLY DEER HIDES I HATE THEM *cough* *cough* cremator for resources please :D

Molotov cocktails? But really, make hats out of them, then sell (or cremate, or whatever) the hats. If you have everything set up, it should all be automatic and you won't have more than 40 leather laying around.
Some sort of psychic wave has swept over the landscape. Your colonists are okay, but...
It seems many of the scythers in the area have been driven insane.


Agreed with the above, it's much more cost-effective to just set them all to be made in to hats and then sold.


Mortars cheap ideas:
  * Dirt shrapnel from mortars, and rocks, and such, causing damage outside the explosion area.
  * Airburst shrapnel mortars, causing shrapnel damage in a large area.
  * Plasma grenades that melt metal.

Weapons system cheap ideas:
  * Dual wielding

Drafting system cheap ideas:
  * Field medic (an extra drafting icon)
Features everywhere!
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Research cheap idea:
* Guidance system for mortars

Prosthetics cheap idea:
* Bionic eye (of different quality)
* Glass eye (affects esthetics/social)
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Crafting ideas:
  Cooking stove that uses burnable objects like wood. Can only make simple meal.
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Quote from: murlocdummy on November 11, 2013, 04:50:07 AM"What I'd really like is a Dwarf Fortress level of equipment complexity..."
Then there's the wrestling a badger's tail with your right upper leg. Which is fine considering that it is not game breaking. What is game breaking right now in dwarf fortress adventure mode is that toadyOne doesn't focus on gameplay. It's more a question of simulating a world for you to explore. It's, in a sense, "not even a game" as someone said. But it's definetly very advanced.
Features everywhere!
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