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Started by JimmyAgnt007, February 11, 2016, 12:48:23 PM

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Good to see this is still going though. Great series.


really good series can wait for the another one.


In the temporary mayor's office.

"Sari damnit!  16 people are being treated for injuries!"  The Mayor shouted.

"I didn't help her escape, she jumped the guard."  Sari responded.

"You could have stopped her!"

"I did stop her!"

"You could have stopped her before all those injuries!"

"Untrue, I didn't have what I needed until after then."

"You stopped her with booze!  Something I think you can agree is unlikely for you to NOT have at all times."

"Fair enough, but you can't tempt someone with a hip flask the way an arm full of bottles does.  Either way, she agreed to join the colony.  Nobody died, nobody is so injured that they can't escape the doctor, so we came out ahead."

"There will be a lot of bad blood, the only person willing to go near her will be you."

"That's fine, I like her, she's hilarious!"

"All she did was attack 16 people!"

"And that's hillarious!  Seriously, did you not watch the footage?"


Kinda small but I didnt feel like there was more to add to this bit without making it tedious.

Anyy suggestions for the new girls name?


Injured 16 people? Bull, or maybe Muffalo.
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I plan to add more as the mood strikes me, but wanted to mention I have launched https://jimmyagent007.wordpress.com/ for my writing.


A distance from the colony...

"I refuse to believe that moving such a short distance from the colony is all we needed to do to avoid the fallout!" Sari shouted.

"What's weird is that we moved towards the blast site." Chet responded.

One of the pack Muffalo grunted, almost sounding like he agreed.

"With any luck, it will be gone when we get back."  Feisty added.

"I think we need more luck on our trip if you are the one doing the trading."  Sari countered.

"Fair enough," Feisty agreed.  "But nobody wanted either of us stuck underground with them anymore and you are NOT the social type."

"Also fair."  Sari admitted.

"I'm here because people enjoy the sight of you two far away from them!"  Chet announced, followed by the Muffalo carrying the broadcast equipment.  "Also, let's face it, my filming is about the only thing keeping us all from being banished.  And by us, I mean you two."

Sari flashed an evil glare at Chet.

Chet put the camera away for now, turning on the hidden one in his hat.