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Started by Tynan, January 31, 2014, 10:49:24 PM

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I have the same problem i think i have seen with other people...i try downloading gets to a certin point and then it comes up with a network error and stops working...im down to 1 out of my 5 downloads for the windows version.What should i do?

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This guy right here is the best developer ever, i was having problems with finding my link for alpha 5. So i decided to send him a message and what happens? Just a few minutes later i get a response and he starts helping me figure out my problem and in the end, i got an alpha 5 download link thank you Tynan cant wait to get mortard down then fly off this treacherous planet haha XD!


Got the game to unzip. I had to use winRAR to unzip rimworld. I tried windows 7 and Zip7 and those did not work. WinRaR 4tw!!


What email address does it yous? does it yous the pail pal email or some other email, and if so can you change what email the updates come to or is it just stuck on that email address forever?


email tynan( his gmail account) and you might be able to change the email address that is associated with you



I purchased a game there and accidently provided the wrong email

Now I cant activate/update the game as its sent to the wrong email

What do I do? help


XLGAMER - Please email me.

Tell me the wrong email you put in if you know it.

If not, tell me the last 4 numbers on your credit card.

I'm at [email protected]
Tynan Sylvester - @TynanSylvester - Tynan's Blog

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Will the game it self update automaticly? or am i gonna need to redownload it
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the past alpha releases were all re-download, but as all the past versions were less than 50mb each it should not be a large imposition


The normal update process per alpha is, that you get a new notification from SendOwl, that a new version of RimWorld is available. This comes with the download link. Or you can reuse your old download link, as they are the same.
Also the used downloads at SendOwl will be reset to 5. That means that you have 5 new tries to download the new version. :)


I never even got the sendowl email, check all my folders, spam etc. What happened? when i first downloaded the game I did not get an email because I downloaded it directly after buying it. If it helps, i did not buy the game with Paypal, I used stripe.


you could also email tynan at his gmail address giving all the details from the purchase, and he will probably email you a link and add you to the sendowl emaing list


I think it went to spam, but must of been deleted, so I can't download the new updates, what can I do?
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I switched email accounts and now I haven't gotten any download link for the new update. I didn't get one for the last either but I haven't checked in a while. And it isn't in the spam folder.


How long is the typical wait between buying the game and getting an email with the download link? I eagerly bought the game thru Paypal, got a receipt in my email, but don't have an email with a link. It's been close to 40 minutes now. Is this something that I have to wait to be manually sent? (I've been watching the inbox and spam box on the correct email address.)

Edit: Sent an email, was told the email with download link was indeed sent. Nevertheless, I do not have it anywhere. I got a link though, so all is well.