[A14] Component Factory v1.0 as requested by Crusader2010

Started by Wildcard82, May 31, 2016, 07:00:42 AM

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Hi all, are you tired of watching your pawns toil away all day to produce one lousy component? Want to free them up for important hunting duties without out halting production?
I give to you the Component-a-tron 3000!!!
Okay, maybe it's not all that dramatic but here is my first proper mod release, it is a component making factory based on the CCL framework, It takes 100 steel and eventually you get 10 components. Not uber fast but faster than your pawns making them individually. You need to attach 2 hoppers and there must be at least one clear adjacent space for the machine to output onto. You need to have completed the same research as for the manual component bench, additional research requirements may be added if enough people want it. Currently the graphic is the same as the vanilla bench, I may give it shiny new graphics if I develop any artistic talent in the near future ;)
Feel free to adjust outputs/work rate as suits and use in any way you like. Any bugs or suggestions please post and I'll do what I can :)

Crusader2010 has also included this in his modpack, if you want to check it out you can find it here!

Updated for A14 (finally!!)
I have changed the build cost slightly, the factory now costs 200 steel, 10 plasteel and 15 components, this was mainly because my components seem to evaporate like water and by the time I had researched the bench I couldn't find enough components to build it. If you prefer the old values I will create a few different releases. Or if you are happy tweaking the values yourself please feel free to tailor to your preference.
I have also reduced the steel required per batch to 75 so you only need one hopper, again if you want this adjusting please comment and I'll do them or just adjust to your needs  :)

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Congrats on the release of a very useful mod! :) i'm going to update the pack (soon) with links to this thread and such.
My mod pack: {A13} Mod Mega Pack

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Impressive Mod and very Useful
Great Idea Factory components

Rate = 100/100

Keep a Great Work :D
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My suggestions for balance:

  • It should cost more components to build, a machine that makes something autonomously is necessarily more complex
  • It should produce components at a slower rate than it does.  If I keep it supplied with iron I rapidly get more components than I know what to do with.  It felt cheaty


Hi Thorbane, thanks for the suggestions. It currently costs the same as the original manual bench because that was the template I used, I agree that as an automachine it should cost more, I am looking to only slightly increase the component cost, I always find them hard to come by by the time I have researched the bench, but maybe add a plasteel cost. What do you think?
The work speed was reduced as in beta crusader2010 found it produced components too slowly so I sped it up but i will make both speed variations for the next release so you can pick which suits your game best.


You can just go into the game configs, and change the cost, amount produced, and the time taken to make, i have my component assembly bench taking 50 steel and producing 5 components, but at a cost of more power and it still requires a person and 3000 time to make ;) good mod though.

Nonmomentus Brain

Seems like an interesting idea. Would you be interested in me trying to modify the current texture a bit so it's distinguishable from the vanilla assembly bench at a glance?


Nonmomentus Brain please feel free, I was hoping to change the texture myself but all the things I've come up with so far have been shockingly bad, artistic talent is not in my skill set..

Nonmomentus Brain

I've finished it in one orientation (should be attached to this post). As you can see, I modified the assembly bench by doing three things: Covering tools that look like they would be used by a human operator (the alternative would have been finding a way to animate little robotic arms), connecting the "boxes" (because there's no human to move the item from one to another) and adding a hot furnace (to make it look more industrial; a "lore explanation" might be that while a human can work with irregularities in the supplied steel, the machine can't adapt like that and has to melt it down to create a homogeneous material with which to work).

If you find this acceptable, I'll get to work on the other required orientation. Else, please tell me what you'd like changed (though, as you can probably tell, I'm not very good at this myself). If you want me to, I can provide the .psd file with the different layers and such, including some "cut content" that turned out not to look as good as I had imagined. Is .png an acceptable file type?

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So, i cant get this to work, it always says hopper needed, even if there are 2 hoppers full of steel next to it. Do i need some sort of special hopper for it to work ? (currently i have one from another mod since its not possible to put steel in the vanilla hoppers)


And I just added this mod to an already existing savegame.
I loaded the savegame, saved it under a new name, and loaded it. Everything works fine, except that I don't see this new component bench  :(

Is a new game really a requirement?


Hi Nonnmomentus Brain, oh I love it, that looks great! Yes please, if you can do the other views I'll update the mod and repost it :)

@JarJar, do you have CCL installed? It requires those hoppers.

@Ghizmo, do you have CCL already? If not you will probably need to start a new colony as it changes some core values. If you're already using CCL you also need to have researched 'component assembly' to unlock the machine.

Nonmomentus Brain

I'm happy that you like it so much!
I've finished the side view. I only found the side view and back view for the vanilla assembly bench in the game's files, so I presume those two are all that are needed. I hope you like this much as one as the other!

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Yes, I am positive I have finished the research. Cos it is taking my max level guy ages to craft a single component.
And having CCL is a must, because of all the other mods that I have enabled.


Hi Ghizmo,
I'm pretty sure you don't have to start a new game to get the benches, can you post you're mod list to I can check compatibility?