[B18]As Simple As Rack - Simple storage solution for your everyday needs :p

Started by kaptain_kavern, August 08, 2016, 11:32:16 PM

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If you scroll down from the Github Release page you'll find the older version, for Rimworld A17 please use ASAR 0.17.1.
And of course, you'll need Rimfridge for A17 as well.

Hope it'll work well


Saw only b18 on github.. Forgot to click on releases tab first.

Thank you


Hey no problems ;-D

It should work the same for most other mods hosted on Github, BTW


So I have a request if it is not too much out of line. Is it possible to somehow link the visual and item displaying of this your really awesome rack mod with this type of mods functionality ( https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=37698.0 ) or even maybe the two can point to each other somehow? So that we are using your racks and the items we want to pull out of them are displayed on the shelves. I really like your shelving method, however with many mods filtering items becomes something of a nightmare especially late game and I feel the two combined would be awesome sauce.

Barring that is there perhaps a way that the filters can be set up so that once you some things on it, you could click a button to, only allow these items in the storage perhaps? The problem isn't so much that as the rest of the storage spaces that you have to then track down and uncheck. I know I know lazy persons problem and it can be done but, it can get tedious.


So, they don't stack more than one item, the refrigerated ones use around 150W to cool down 4 tiles while my cooler can safely using 200w cool 81 tiles on my fridge.
Why should i even bother to build them? so far the only useful blocdk in this is the ceiling lamp i can put things under.