[1.0] Children and Pregnancy - v0.5b (2019/Feb/25)

Started by Thirite, December 27, 2016, 09:06:22 PM

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What is it and Why is it?
I've been working on a mod which fills in the missing features concerning human pregnancy/children for a couple months while now, in my limited free time. I've been keeping it under wraps to keep me focused on hammering out the base idea before worrying about specifics. I think a lot of the time when people argue and argue about a topic without ever actually seeing it in practice, they tend to make biased arguments that don't take everything into account. So I just went ahead and started making it, so we could at least see how it could be, not just "how I imagine it would be". The mod is meant to be as vanilla friendly as possible in this respect.

How does it work?
> Two colonists sharing a bed do the Lovin' action
> If either is not using a contraceptive (new drug) or has been sterilized (new surgery), the woman (assuming it's a heterosexual couple) has a chance to get pregnant relevant to her age. 16-25 is the ideal age and 45~ is the dropoff.
> The woman may either take a pill to cancel the pregnancy (if early enough- one season), have an abortion at any time by a doctor, or carry the baby/babies to term (three seasons).
> Once the baby is born, they can do nothing except lie in bed and be fed for 3 2~ seasons. This is the newborn stage. Mothers will have a certain chance to get post partum depression, especially if they have the neurotic or depressive traits.
> After that is the toddler stage. They can crawl around and eat by themselves. They basically act like a tamed (untrained) creature at this stage. Halfway through the toddler stage, they'll stand up and be able to do simple things like flicking switches and carrying items.
> Child stage at 3.5~ years. They can do nearly everything an adult can do, but with less speed/skill. Children will be able to study skills up to level 5 via new "textbook" items which can either be purchased from traders or crafted by sufficiently skilled colonists at a new "writing desk" workbench

At 13 they'll grow into a teenager at which point vanilla mechanics take over.

Some screenshots:

C&P is in a very mature state and plays very stably. I will be moving this topic to the Release subsection of the Mods forum soon.

Requires HugsLib to function
v0.5b Download here - updated 2018/Feb/25

Using Children & Pregnancy with certain mods that affect pawn rendering may produce bizarre results. For now, the mod has only been configured to function properly with Alien Races Framework.

Known Bugs
- Child prisoners seem to never be delivered food by wardens; looking into this now
- Incompatibility with Show Hair With Hat mod: Children's hair doesn't get scaled properly

- Birthdays
- Add textbooks and writing desk
- Make growth vats
- implement gene sampling, in vitro, and cloning

C&P started as a solo project, but as I'm a total flake other users have collaborated on the mod to update it and fix its bugs. These users are credited:
- Cheran: Ported the mod to the v1.0 Release of RimWorld and fixed many bugs
- Jarry1250: Reworked the tolerance level of social joy for babies and toddlers
- lellel: Fixed a notorious and old rendering bug.
- Kori: Patched out pirates from spawning with children

Consider it licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.



Cheating as in relationships? I haven't modified the relationship code at all.


yea why not? you can get rebuffed , I don't see why you cant get cheated on . Thou is just a suggestion.
Also quick question , could you also right click prioritize making baby or something? or its like an RNG event that happens
maybe we can make abortion or even giving birth with a failure rate? and maybe it will cost the mothers life if the surgery performed failed?


I have tested stuff along the same line, except mine were "pet" Neanderthals. I had a weird society where the children were the only ones who could breed. And people only turn into "adults" if I had them move to a new colony. One thing I noticed in my tests that might apply to yours.

1. Protect those babies! Predators will eat your babies if you are not careful!

2. Make sure you balance the reproduction. In jut a year I had a ton of babies due to the high reproduction rate of the neanderthals.

Also how are you going to deal with inbreeding. My Neanderthals had weird things were they became basically "their own grandpa" Are you going to use the Sims rules on inbreeding? I think its like 4th generation can breed together. So like the great great grand children.

Also will "baby back ribs" make people sad like if you eat adults (unless you have cannibal trait)? Note that was one issue I had to deal with for the neanderthals. They counted as human so you would get sad if you ate one. However since they were pets they did not get any penalties for eating dead humans.

Anywho best of luck!


Quote from: Botmee on December 28, 2016, 02:16:14 AM
Cheating already happens in the base game as far as I am aware, though I haven't seen someone actually get cucked by another colonist. Lovin' is an event that happens randomly and is weighted by the age of the colonists involved. I plan to keep that out of player control as it's a 'joy action', though you can use contraceptives to stop women from getting pregnant. Abortions are already implemented in both pill form and surgery depending on how far along it is (as stated in the OP), and there is indeed a balanced risk like any other surgery in the game.

Quote from: Hydromancerx on December 28, 2016, 03:16:41 AM
Yeah, babies/children are absolutely vulnerable. Due to their small body size they count as prey for a lot of animals that would otherwise never hunt colonists. Reproduction seems balanced so far as it takes 3 seasons to give birth, so the entire colony isn't going to be literally crawling with babies in two years- typically I only have one or two successful couples per game that's 5 years~ long.

Human incest is very rare in game, but I'm going to make any direct relationship (ie: sibling,parent,grandparent) have a decent chance to cause a deformity. As for child cannibalism the meat produced isn't going to carry any special "harvested from child" flag, and the debuff from slaughtering a child for meat is going to be absurdly bad already.


Keep up the good work, dear friend.

I have notified the good people of Reddit to support you if need be.

Please finish this revolutionary mod as fast as you can


Looking for testers? I'd happily contribute my QA eye to proceedings :)


Quote from: SergeshD123 on December 28, 2016, 10:09:38 AM
Heh, thanks. But I've found it's hardly revolutionary; gameplay remains largely unchanged. It just adds some diversity to pawns.

Quote from: demeggy on December 28, 2016, 11:33:33 AM
Looking for testers? I'd happily contribute my QA eye to proceedings :)
I'll release a public testing version once I update it to A16. Like I said in the OP, I don't have much time to actually work on it so it could be a while. I use the forum plenty on my phone at work so I'm free for discussion though.


This is great, Thirite. I think you're right that a mod is the best way to have a useful conversation about this. I'd also love to test, when you're at that stage.

As a parent of currently-small kids, I have some feedback on the timescales - I think you can add more capabilities to toddlerhood, and thus maybe get away with letting toddlerhood last longer.

It's not uncommon to start crawling at 6 months; you could safely move crawling and stuffing things in their mouths up to 2 seasons instead of 3. Walking typically starts around 1 year, give or take. Both crawling and walking, they'll start doing these "chores" on their own initiative:

  • Patient Emergency/Bedrest - well, they'll fall asleep right where they are.
  • Flick - they start flicking switches as soon as they can reach them, whether or not you want them to. Sometimes they'll do it when you ask.
  • Handling - they'll follow animals and try to pet them. They won't do any real training, but they would be capable of a new task like "pet doggy" or something.
  • Growing - they are totally happy to dig up holes and drop seeds in. This is a delightful game.
  • Plant cutting - they are even happier to pull up small plants, especially ones they just planted. They couldn't cut trees or bushes, but rice, potatoes, berries, grass, dandelion - pulling things up is also delightful.
  • Construction/crafting/Art - they wouldn't be capable of normal adult tasks yet, but like half of kid toys are designed to train construction skills, like building blocks, or art, like crayons.
  • Hauling/Cleaning - on their own, they carry their toys with them when they move - or whatever else they've decided is a toy. They might carry what you want, if you ask nicely and if they're not mad at you. But they'll drop things all over the floor and make a lot of messes, too.

They get more reliable about doing all these things in a helpful/reliable manner as they age - I'd let 'em behave adultlike for growing, plant cutting, and hauling/cleaning even at 2 years, but with a much higher need to drop everything and go Joy/Sleep for a while.

So I'd say you could try Toddler from 2 seasons to 4 years, with Flick/Grow/PlantCut/Art/Construction/Hauling/Cleaning open from the start, (but maybe not capable of all adult work tasks yet), and reliability/capability/stamina increasing as they grow. They might be useful enough in the garden and housecleaning to allow for toddlerhood to stick till 4.

I'd put adultlike animal Handling, Cooking, Art, and Tailoring at 4; my kids started demanding they be allowed adultlike on those at 4.

My kids are 5-7 now - I wouldn't give them Smithing or Mining yet, but they're starting to agitate for real adultlike Construction/Crafting/Hunting/Research-like tasks. So I'd say the latter could open up at 5-6.

It's probably hard to separate smithing from tailoring/crafting, sooooo... my recommendation would be that Child stage adds adult Handling, Cooking, and Crafting/Tailoring/Smithing, and lasts from 4-6. Though if it's possible to stick Smithing in the next older bracket, I would.

Then at 6, maybe a Big Kid stage that opens up adult Construction/Research, maybe Hunting? Though one hopes they'll start with squirrels or tin cans...

My experience with kid capability ends at that age, with Mining and possibly Hunting still in undefined adult territory.
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Oh my God, I'll also have suggestions for pregnancy/post-pregnancy hediffs, when you're looking for suggestions on that.

It turns out there's a lot of shit your momma doesn't tell you, in part because her body literally produced chemicals to induce her forgetting about them, so that when you ask what you should prepare for, she'll gloss over a few commonly known aches and pains and then smile gently, "But it's all worth it," and mournfully wish she could do it all over again.

Gimme some time to think of what they were. Nobody's immune to those chemicals.
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I used to be against the addition of rimkids just because of the length required for them to actually be useful in a playthrough, but seeing the current implementation you have set so far and with A16's caravan mechanic, I'm starting to see how they might work pretty decently.

For backstories/traits, couldn't you just look at the backlog of all events that occurred to the pawn during x ages and then assign the associated story/traits when they hit an older age? i.e child kills a raider, event logs in save and then there's a chance they get assigned a bloodlust/incapable of violence trait. Would be an interesting dynamic that changes how the colonist grows up in the end.

Have you looked in compatibility with other visual-changing mods for colonists, i.e Facial Stuff? I can't imagine they work together great but the visual of a dreadlock-beard toddler is pretty funny.



Agreed. Fantastic idea for a mod.


Quote from: Tammabanana on December 28, 2016, 01:10:20 PM
Yeah, traits and backstory is going to be interesting to work on.

Sounds great for you helping out. I'm planning for something not too over the top but I'd definitely like something based on reality in terms of post-birth mother behaviour.

Thanks guys.