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Started by Darkfire231, December 03, 2017, 04:15:55 AM

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Hello World!

I was just Starting out on modding Rim-World and though my research Alot of the Files for the Textures and stuff where Hidden around :(. Soooo i had gone though and retrieved and grouped together Textures, Sounds, and Text-Assets so newer and more upcoming Modder have the Materials to produce some awesome Works with out Struggling as much as i did.

if any material need to be taking down or the post need to be taken down
please notify me and let me know.

* link to The Material* https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0uve7qckj52wk4y/AAAmLRS_NLPSd7lfMS1xsUZza?dl=0

                                                                                 - DarkFire231
Yo :)


Hey thanks for sharing.

We already have something similar but with textures only, yours is more complete.

Thanks for making it.


This is going to be very useful.  Thanks for putting it all together!


The dropbox link is down. is there a reason for that aside from the link just being old? Is this ressource still available?



Well seeing the original poster Darkfire231 posted this in December 03, 2017...

Well sadly... The chances are for getting a new link is very low. :(

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