[1.0] What the Hack?! v1.2 - last update: May 30, 2019

Started by Roolo, September 07, 2018, 03:25:51 PM

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- Fixed pawns not being able to wear multiple apparel items in the belt slot. This was mainly an issue for CE users.
- Added a save game sanitizer, which automatically removes redundant records from What the hack on startup. Before, WTH had the tendency to gradually bloat save games with unnecessary data. This was especially the noticeable for late-game saves. This fix can greatly shorten the save-load times, and should reduce the save file disk usage


I never noticed the apparel bug but apparently I been getting hit by it this whole time XD
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Quote from: Roolo on May 30, 2019, 08:08:39 AM

- Fixed pawns not being able to wear multiple apparel items in the belt slot. This was mainly an issue for CE users.
Never think of that was a WTH's compatibility issue with CE :O , just wonder why they always throw away the back pack when they equip another belt item.


I've been having fun with you mod, but noticed a couple issues to add to your list. 

The pics below are two lancers with identical modular setups.  The bot indicate running on backup battery power.  The second pic indicates targeting hacked and running on backup battery in the whole body section while the first just show those indications in the artificial brain and reactor areas.  Should backup battery power be displayed with vanometric modules installed?


Hello again,

Would I be able to harvest mechanoid parts and guns again with the "Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle" benches if I install "What the Hack!"?



Hi there Rooloo,

I keep getting the following error on StartUp.

[HugsLib][ERR] WhatTheHack caused an exception during OnDefsLoaded: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at CustomThingFilters.CustomThingFilters/Patch_StorageAndIngredients/ThingFilter_CopyAllowancesFrom_Patch.CopyCustomFilter (Verse.ThingFilter,Verse.ThingFilter) <0x00036>
at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.ThingFilter.CopyAllowancesFrom_Patch1 (object,Verse.ThingFilter) <0x003ff>
at Verse.RecipeDef.ResolveReferences () <0x00239>
at WhatTheHack.Base/<ImpliedRecipeDefs>d__46.MoveNext () <0x008c6>
at WhatTheHack.Base.GenerateImpliedRecipeDefs () <0x000a8>
at WhatTheHack.Base.DefsLoaded () <0x02898>
at HugsLib.HugsLibController.OnDefsLoaded () <0x00086>

Any Idea what the reason could be ?

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This is such a cool mod!

For me, though, the hacked Mechanoids look far too similar to enemy Mechanoids. I'd love to have an option to change their color to make it easy to distinguish them.


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Yep, such feature would be nice, but i don't know a mod to change the colour of colony animals/mechanoids.


is it possible too have maintenance decay be decreased when on a mechanoid platform, or possibly halted altogether when you get the rogue AI thingy too support your mechanoid platforms, aslong as the mechs are on the mechanoid platform? i like the idea of it but not even having some late game research too halt the consumption of this non renewable resource which is constantly being consumed by my mechs even when they sit around and do nothing, is a bit... offputting too me, is all.


This resource is entirely renewable. You have crapton of ways to get mech parts. Raids sometimes bring hacked mechanoids, mechanoids raid you themselves, you can actually self-initiate a mechanoid raid against your colony by hacking a mech emergency system and long range mineral scanner can spawn mechanoid hideouts on the world map. If you re getting low on mech parts, you re doing something wrong. Its intended, that you have to constantly get more, if you want to keep mechs on your side and you can't buy them from traders in reliable quantities.

In fact late game raids are so huge and bring so many mechs, that i have to sell off extra mech parts, despite having 10-14 mechs in the barracks.


Anyone knows if this mod works with 1.1 or if it will be updated?


Why you didn't even check the downloads before you ask?
released this May 2, 2020


Because i´m new in the forum and learning how things work.


Is there any CE patch for WTH? I mean the CE mechanoids are almost unkillable without heavy ordnance, but the hacked ones drop like animals when shot.