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Started by RemingtonRyder, December 12, 2014, 12:10:53 PM

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Marvin's Hot and Cold Pack

Alpha 15 FAQ

When will Alpha 15 versions of these mods be released?

When they're ready.

  • Less Incident Trolling is already released on its own thread.
  • Solar Apoclaypse and Rogue Planet should be next up.
  • Oilification is on the back burner for the moment. Having trouble coming up with some new content for it.
  • Harsher Map Conditions needs a bit more work.
  • Apparel Insulation Nerf and Combat Readiness Check depend on CCL, so I'm waiting for an Alpha 15 CCL release.

Alpha 15

Marvin's Hot and Cold Pack IV -Dropbox

  • Oilification
  • Less Incident Trolling
  • Apparel Insulation Nerf
  • Solar Apocalypse
  • Harsher Map Conditions
  • Combat Readiness Check

Alpha 14

Combat Readiness Check (v1.0.1) -Dropbox -Workshop

Alpha 13

Raid Sanity -Dropbox

Hot and Cold Biomes -Dropbox
Requires CCL, get it here.

Alpha 12d

Marvin's Hot and Cold Pack IIId -Dropbox

  • Hot and Cold Minification - Production tables are portable. Turrets and a needlegun can be built at the smithing table. Improvised turret is removed and replaced with a manned pila throwing turret.
  • Hot and Cold Biomes - More challenging tundra, desert and arid shrubland.
  • Less Incident Trolling - Solar flares no longer happen during eclipses. Also, slightly less incident spam.
  • Manti - An miniature anti-matter reactor.
  • Modded Charge Lance - Scythers have a shorter-range charge lance, less damage but can fire quicker. Centipedes may now sport the Charge Cannon, which is a two-shot charge lance with similar stats to the original charge lance but still less damage. The charge cannon can be wielded by humans but of course like the minigun there is a move speed penalty.
  • Harsher Map Conditions - Cold Snap, Heat Wave, and Volcanic Winter all last longer and have greater effects. Solar Apocalypse added.
  • Raid Sanity - Raiders and friendlies consider a narrower range of temperatures before stopping by to say 'hi' or 'ur going to burn.' ;)

Modded Inferno Cannon -Dropbox - An inferno cannon designed to set lots of smaller fires.

Raid Sanity -Dropbox - Raiders and friendlies consider a narrower range of temperatures before stopping by to say 'hi' or 'ur going to burn.' ;)

Modded Charge Lance - Scythers now sport a short-range, quicker-firing version of the charge lance. Centipedes can equip the Charge Cannon, which is a heavy two-shot weapon with a long range. The Charge Cannon will drop when Centipedes carrying it are downed or killed.

Hot and Cold Minification -Dropbox - Minified turrets and upgraded smithing table are no longer deconstructible. Minified turrets use custom explosion which causes electrical damage rather than bomb damage. The vanilla improvised turret is replaced by a pila thrower.

Harsher Map Conditions -Dropbox - Cold Snap, Heat Wave, and Volcanic Winter all can last longer and have greater effects. Solar Apocalypse will slowly burn the planet to a crisp. Flash Storms can now occur frequently when the temperature exceeds 45C.

Hot and Cold Biomes -Dropbox - More challenging tundra, desert and arid shrubland. Rebalanced leather and wool.

Marvin's Hot and Cold Pack IIIc

Recommended mods

Caveworld Flora - Makes caves more interesting by adding plants which only grow there.

Other mods which may appeal

Check back later, I may add something here. :)


ItchyFlea - discovering the defNames of the vanilla smithing and tailoring recipes.
Bbream - code for minified turrets.
Ykara - code for unlocking recipes with research.
Kaballah - feedback and playtesting

Combat Readiness Check
Twelve word description: Pacifist and braindead colonists are less of a burden on the rest.

Mod description

If you played with the Less Incident Trolling mod in Alpha 13, you might recall that it changed the raid calculation a bit to be less focused on wealth and more on the actual number of colonists who could defend. While that was nice, it didn't really go very deep.

Combat Readiness Check checks all of your colonists to assess their combat capability. Bear in mind, it doesn't examine their skills, just their raw potential. It takes a measure of their sight, consciousness and manipulation. If the result is poor, the points for that colonist are reduced... or if it is really poor, that colonist gives no points to the raid calculation.

Pacifist colonists (incapable of violence) similarly give no points.

Colonists who have been augmented with bionics don't give any more points than a normal healthy colonist.

As for the rest of the functionality, it's pretty much the same as in Less Incident Trolling. The item wealth is not counted, and (per vanilla Alpha 14) only about 5% of the actual building wealth is used to add extra raid points. As usual, scaling factors like difficulty are used.

Hope you enjoy this one. :)

Hot and Cold Minification

Twelve word description: Prefab kits for almost everything. Faster growing devilstrand. And more.

Mod description
In Alpha 9 this was named Winter Is Here.

Minified production buildings can be installed or uninstalled like sculptures, and work much like their non-minified counterparts. When you're not using them, you could uninstall them to save power, and store them away in a stockpile.

Minified turrets can also be made at the smithing table.

The basic turret has much less range than the improvised turret and does less damage, but needs less resources to make and is more durable in combat. Uninstallation allows the basic turret to be used in an upgrade recipe, turning into into an improved turret.

The improved turret has slightly more range than the basic turret. You can uninstall this turret and use it in a recipe to upgrade to either the macerator turret or the crusher turret.

The macerator turret is extremely short-ranged and does not do as much damage with each shot, but takes less time to fire another burst. It is armoured to resist damage, but it is not completely invincible.

The crusher turret has the range and damage of the improved turret, but it is much more resilient. It requires plasteel to make, so it is not quite as cheap as the macerator turret.

This mod also features prison meals, single meals, simple meal variants, and space meals.

Prison meals have a different texture to their simply and fine meal counterparts. They provide the same nutritional value, but you can target meal delivery to individual cells or cell blocks if your stockpiles are set to receive them.

Single meals do not stack. This can be useful when you want to deliver only one meal to a particular stockpile.

Simple meal variants allow you to make meals with either meat or vegetables. Again, you can target them to specific stockpiles.

Space meals replace packaged survival meals but taste absolutely awful so your colonists will eat them only when there are no simple or fine meals around.

Devilstrand has been given a faster growing time. It doesn't quite fit in Minification, but this was the best place to put it.

In keeping with the hot and cold theme, apparel can have cold weather variants: insulated pants, padded shirts, and a fleece (for the tribals).

Finally, there are two extra light sources, one found under furniture, the other under misc. These illuminate a smaller radius, but use less power.

New in 12d!
  • Portable workbenches are no longer made at the smithing table. They can be designated from the new Portable category in the Architect and are built like any other building, with the exception that you can now uninstall them to re-install them elsewhere.
  • There's a basic and upgraded version of the smithing bench. The basic version requires no power, and uses less resources, but only allows you to craft the short bow, the great bow, and the pila. The upgraded version is like the vanilla smithing bench but portable. You need to uninstall the basic smithing bench to make the upgraded version.
  • The small lamp and small sunlamp are now portable (like the vanilla lamps).
  • Needlegun - weak automatic ranged weapon with good refire rate but limited range. Craft at (upgraded) smithing table.

New in Hot and Cold Minification v1.5.3

  • Minified turrets are no longer deconstructible (you would get no resources back). The upgraded smithing table is also no longer deconstructible (would cause a bug).

  • Also in v1.5.3, turrets no longer explode using a frag grenade style explosion, but instead use a custom damage (Zap) which causes electrical damage, burning nearby pawns but not setting them on fire.

Hot and Cold Biomes

Twelve word description: Less animals and no trees. Survive a harsh environment.

Mod description
In Alpha 9 this was named Ice Sheet + Harsher Tundra.

In Alpha 11, the Ice Sheet biome is now playable. But the other biomes still need some harshness added!

Harsher Tundra has patches of ice. Soil which will grow crops is more difficult to find - it may appear in patches or even not at all, and even when it is present it is of the marginal variety, which reduces the fertility of plants growing in it.

Harsher Desert is mostly sand and may have oases of marginal soil near water.

Harsher Arid Shrubland has sand and dusty soil in abundance, neither of which are usable for growing crops, with small patches of marginal soil and maybe some water.

Muffalo now spawn only in the tundra and ice sheet biomes (they spawn in the ice sheet per vanilla A11) and elk now spawn only in the tundra. They each have smaller herds.

Animal and plant density in the harsher biomes is reduced.

Additionally, this mod has No Gravel Fertility, which means you cannot use gravel to grow things.

Less Incident Trolling

Twelve word description: Less often crop blight and solar flares. Sanity prevails.

Mod description

This mod reduces the chance for some incidents to fire and/or increases the time before they can fire again.

In particular:

  • There is now a 1% chance for single animal attacks. (vanilla: 5%)
  • An eclipse will occur at most ever 48 days. (vanilla: 30 days)
  • Solar flares will occur at most every 108 days. (vanilla: 30 days)
There is an optional file to turn off conduit explosions (Zzzt) which is by default disabled. I recommend you check out RT's Fusebox Mod instead.

More Planning

Twelve word description: An extra planning tool.

Mod description

This mod gives you an extra planning tool with a different plan colour, and has its own removal tool. For planning walls around rooms, perhaps?

Modded Charge Lance

Twelve word description: Scythers have a shorter-ranged weapon and fire more. Urban warfare friendly.

Mod description

Modded Charge Lance - Scythers have a shorter-range charge lance, less damage and less accurate but can fire quicker. Suitable for urban warfare.

Charge Cannon - a two-shot charge lance with similar stats to the original charge lance but still less damage. It is now equipped by Centipedes. The charge cannon can be wielded by humans but of course like the minigun there is a move speed penalty.

Harsher Map Conditions

Twelve word description: Some map conditions last longer and are worse for colonists.

Mod description

  • Cold Snap and Heat Wave incidents now come in two varieties, regular and extreme. The difference between the two is only min and max durations, with the extreme incidents being less likely. However...
  • Cold Snap and Volcanic Winter will start with a plunge in temperature. This can lead to fatal hypothermia if your colonists are not prepared. Then things will ease off over the duration.
  • Heat Waves will initially increase temperature quite slowly but then the temperature will rise over time until reaching a peak and then easing off again.
  • Like vanilla Rimworld, you cannot have a Heat Wave and a Volcanic Winter together. But you can also (mod) not have a Cold Snap and Volcanic Winter together.
  • Heat Waves will not start if the seasonal temperature is over 32C.
  • Cold Snaps will not start if the seasonal temperature is below -75C.
  • Regular Cold Snaps and Heat Waves will not re-fire until 8 months have passed.
  • Extreme Cold Snaps and Heat Waves will not re-fire until 16 months have passed.
  • Volcanic Winter has a maximum 'coldness' of -30C (reduced from -60C). It can still last 25 days to 20 months (longer than vanilla).
  • Some math added in MarvsMapConditionUtility to calculate rates of increase/decrease.
  • Added Solar Apocalypse. This incident is set to a chance of 0 and should never occur during regular gameplay. If it is fired - from the debug menu or by modding the chance and/or day before allowed - it will increase the surface temperature of the planet gradually over many years. As noted in the letter text, in about ten years the temperature will rise to uninhabitable levels (+120C) so you essentially have to build a ship and leave before that happens.
  • Solar Apocalypse uses a different function to calculate its effects - MarvsApocalypseCurve.
  • The apocalypse curve is used to affect animal density.
  • Cold Snaps and Heat Waves no longer occur during Solar Apocalypse.
  • Flash Storms can now occur more frequently when the temperature exceeds 45C.

  • You may include individual mods from this pack in your own modpack.  This license must be included in the About folder. The responsibility of maintaining, adapting and supporting that particular combination of mods falls to you, however.

  • You may use the mods in this pack to create your own derivative mods or derivative modpacks, as long as they are distinguished as such e.g. ItchyFlea's Reloaded Biomes, eatKenny's Ultra Minification, skullywag's Reduced Incident Spam. ;) Credit must be given.

  • Exception to the above. You may not include any of these mods into a monetised modpack or use them to create monetised derivative mods. This includes donation links.

  • You may use these mods as content in monetised YouTube videos without asking me first. :) You do not need to credit me but I would appreciate a link to the modpack and/or a mention in the video's description.

Dr. Z

Does this effect existing parkas or only newly generated?
Prasie the Squirrel!



So this behaviour is not a bug? I just intended to create a bug report. On the elkhide parka info page it says -45 but on the colonist page it says -90. -90 is too much.


Quote from: Kubouch on December 13, 2014, 02:53:30 PM
So this behaviour is not a bug? I just intended to create a bug report. On the elkhide parka info page it says -45 but on the colonist page it says -90. -90 is too much.

Have you tested it in really cold weather yet and does it do that for all parkas?


It only happens with parkas made from animal hides, which have a factor greater than 1 for minimum comfort temperature offset. Hence -45 gets mutiplied up to -90.

I did report it as a bug.


It's not a bug. It's just an imbalance in the game. A bug is when something breaks the game, which this doesn't do. And the fact that animal hides protect more against the cold than cotton or other fabrics is actually a real thing in real life. Ask any Inuit. They would much rather wear animal hides than a modern Nylon shelled polyester filled jacket. I don't think the numbers should be double exactly. But maybe 50% increase would be acceptable.


Well, I know it's not a bug now, I'm just saying that I did originally report it as one.

A 50% factor is a bit much. It multiplies across all apparel which can use hides.

Even with this mod installed you can be nice and toasty in a tundra biome during winter if you get some hides to make winter apparel with. But with just cloth parkas in December, it will be a bit more challenging - I tried out a winter landing using Prepare Carefully tonight and even my hot-skinned colonists were shivering. :)


One side effect I've noticed with this mod is that it turns my colony into a deathtrap for visitors and traders. The landscape is littered with the frozen corpses of those who didn't come dressed correctly for the occasion. On the plus side it's now viable to wait out a siege.


Well, honestly the problem is that the clothing for vistors seems to be mostly random. Like tribals showing up in just their tribalwear in December. That's a problem with the vanilla game, so far as I know.

I've actually found that siegers tend to give up bombarding and attack the base sooner than in Alpha 7 due to the cold.


You're still soft. I reduced it all to -10. Because it's f#ckin cheats.
You must wear yourself in the damned lot of things that really do not freeze.
And not so that you wear on one parka and can go naked in -50C.

But the modifier it was a good idea, thank you.


Updated. No change to the temperature offsets, but I added a small penalty to global work speed. Also, compatibility notes and a patch file for the Ice Sheet biome mod.


Psst! marv! the date *discreet nudge*
(also thank you)


I discovered for myself that the ice sheet can get a bit chilly. -70C! With a hide parka you can survive that sort of blistering cold, but any new colonists you pick up who don't have the Hot-skinned trait will probably suffer a little bit of hypothermia even if they're wearing hide gear from head to toe.

Also, yes, it's 2015, thanks for spotting that. :)


I'm testing a new version. It adds the Winter tag to the jacket, duster, parka and tuque, and extra PawnKindDefs which have that tag top of their apparel list. I don't know if that will do what I think it will, but it can't hurt to try. :)

The idea is to not have as many visitors (and raiders) die from easily-avoidable hypothermia.