[MOD] (Alpha 10) Caveworld flora (V10.0 29-04-2015)

Started by Rikiki, January 13, 2015, 05:27:34 AM

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Caveworld flora

    Are you tired of those void caves?
You ever wanted to crash on a caveworld?

Then this mod is for you!


Adds 3 kinds of cave plant that will enliven your dark caves.
Each plant can be harvested once mature.

  • Shimmershroom: nutritious and good as raw meal.
  • Glowbulb: nutritious but very bad as raw meal. Is better cooked.
  • Gleamcap: natural healing properties (can be used like herbal medicine). Mind the funny effect on a nearby colonist during eclipses... :D
Note: these plants will only growth on natural floors. You can get rid of them by constructing a floor or smoothing it.

Planned features

No more for now, but I am open for suggestions! :D

Technical support

Balancing a mod is difficult, especially with plants. Please leave me your feedback if you think there are too much of them.


* Alpha 8 initial release.

* Small typo correction in plant def (harvestMinGrowth).

* Small correction: "tried to destroy allready destroyed gleamcapSporeSpawner".

* Small correction: gleamcapSporeSpawner parent was not correctly saved.
* Small correction: glower type on savegame loading is not updated if the plant is mature.

* Alpha 9 update (decided to change the version number to reflect the current Alpha).
* Heavily nerfed the mushies so they don't flood all the empty caves and take much more time to grow (building an underground base will no more give you infinite free food... I hope ;))

* Alpha 10 update.

Compatibility notes

This mod uses a MapComponent to work.
Easy way => start a new colony.
Technical way => Follow these steps.

  • Go into the CaveworldFlora\About directory.
  • Open the "How to add CaveworldFlora to an existing savegame.txt" file and follow the instructions.

Original glowing plant idea from Igabod. :)
A big "Thank you!!!" to Shinzy for all the beautiful art! :D
Thanks Haplo for the hint about the MapComponent. I used your well detailed "How to add XXX to an existing savegame.txt" mini-tutorial. ;)

Modders note

You may be interrested in the following features:

  • Small plant generation algorithms.
  • Magic and so powerfull MapComponent use!!!


You are free to get inspiration from this little work and include it in any other mod/modpack. Just put a link to this thread so people can use it as a standalone version too.
So this is basically licensed under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.

Note to modpacker: not that I don't want to help, but I have very little time to mod/play so I may not be very fast to answer integration questions.


Caveworld flora V10.0
Caveworld flora V10.0 source => for modders




wow those look great - cant wait to look at the code :)

Also dont eat the glowing mushrooms they might have funny side effects



Click picture for Epyk Pack!
Try Epokalypse!


WOW love the idea but, whats about raids or airdrops?? how did you manage this?? or is this mod built just as basebuildingmod??


OKAY, I am gonna break the myth as you are expecting too much of it! ;D

This mod just adds some caveworld flora into the caves, you don't actually crash in a cave but you can recreate a caveworld community by digging your base into the deep mountains.
For now the mod is pretty simple (from the user point of view at least. Ouch! a plant generation algorithm :P):
- 3 different kind of plants.
- some you can eat, another which has healing properties
- a funny effect that occurs once in a while with the gleamcap ::)

I may extend it based on your suggestions but I doubt I will go the troll way. AI is too hard for me for now. :P


I don't see any download link, is just me?


So wait are these farmable? Or do you just find x amount and that's it?
I ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders. -Atlas


ok not what i expectet but these version it also very nice so go on i will give it a try.


Quote from: Rikiki on January 15, 2015, 02:10:30 AM
Released V1.0!
Enjoy and give me your feedback! ;D

Code Digging engaged!

Aw yiss dis public bool TrySpawnNewClusterAtRandomPosition()


Love the new flora!  8)

I am having an issue that they all spawn and grow correctly but never provide anything when harvested.
In fact, even when fully grown they only show the option to cut (rather than cut or harvest) and this doesn't provide any resources  :-\