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Ideas / Re: About this board
« on: December 09, 2019, 08:22:27 AM »
I've updated the cheapest ideas thread OP.

Ideas / Re: About this board
« on: December 05, 2019, 11:30:01 AM »
Could we have a board with "we give all rights for the idea in RimWorld to Ludeon Studios if they want it" as a place for suggestions for you all?  ;D

That's already part of the RimWorld EULA (and it's not even necessary anyway). But unfortunately no matter how strong our actual legal ground is, frivolous lawsuits are still a thing so this is safer.

Don't worry, though - we have no shortage of ideas in-house. Never have.

Ideas / About this board
« on: December 05, 2019, 09:47:51 AM »
The ideas board is a place for players to discuss ideas for the game with each other. Modders can also use it as a source of ideas.

For legal reasons, Ludeon developers won't be reviewing this forum or any of the threads in it (or any game development suggestions/ideas posted or sent by any other means). I haven't had time to look at the forum for many years anyway, and unfortunately, there is too much risk that someone could try to claim ownership of an idea that we implemented because they happened to have sent/posted something similar here. It wouldn't be a valid claim, but people can still file invalid lawsuits, and I really don't need the trouble. Combined with the fact that many of the ideas for this game are fairly obvious (thus people often suggest things we were planning to do anyway), and it seems too legally risky. I'm sorry it had to be this way, but I hope players can still enjoy the forum together.

Support / Re: Rimworld doesn’t start after Catalina Update
« on: November 25, 2019, 11:43:39 PM »
Hello Tynan,

thank you for your effort. Just testet the new version "Catalina_test"... but it still doesn't work for me. Still freezes at "initializing".

Is a clean installation needed? Just installed it over the latest version.


Steam should have synced properly. Okay, well I got another report that it worked, perhaps it was spurious.

That's some hardcode Steam hacking. Nice.

The versions are:

Oct 1, 2019    1.0.2408     main default branch
May 27, 2019    1.0.2282       
Apr 7, 2019   1.0.2231   
Jan 20, 2019    1.0.2150
Jan 16, 2019     1.0.2096     beta branch: catalina_test

So basically you're saying something happened between April 7 and May 27 which causes lag spikes.

We didn't change any content during that period, the only change was optimization to game loading as described in this blog post. However that code shouldn't in principle do anything during play at all; it only made loading faster. But, bugs can be weird.

What I'd be interested in is if anyone else can try those same observations and see what happens to you. The beta branch catalina_test is version 2096, so you don't need to use the Steam console to get it.

A small amount of further testing: The 32-bit (x86) version of the game also runs without issue, zero spikes.

Now that's really interesting. It would be amazing if you could actually tell me how many milliseconds the spikes are on each version.

We're looking at possibly doing an update that comes with a new Unity version update, and Unity updated their Mono runtime which includes an improved garbage collector, so it may solve these issues. But, don't hold your breath - it isn't planned for the immediate future.

There will be small GC spikes in every version of the game, because they're inherent to C# and Unity. They should be small enough not to be perceptible without tools, but if you're using tools you'll always see them.

This simply isn't the case, though. At least for me, they're consistent and extremely noticeable. I can't pan the camera without a spike causing it to fly off in a random direction as the game is still taking the camera movement input during the spike. This happens at least once a minute on a purely vanilla save.

Oh, I was talking about a new game situation as in some videos that were posted earlier.

How old is your colony? How many colonists? How much wealth? Which mods are you using of any kind?

What you're describing doen't sound like GC spikes. If the system is under low memory pressure it'll create tiny GC spikes (not perceptible) every 20-30s. If it's under high pressure it'll make big spikes every 5-10s. It's hard to see  a case where it'll make big spikes every 60s.

There will be small GC spikes in every version of the game, because they're inherent to C# and Unity. They should be small enough not to be perceptible without tools, but if you're using tools you'll always see them.

We have collected a few mature colonies (1,000,000+ wealth) and we're going to do some profiling and look at them. If there is an issue it'll be fixed.

Support / Re: Rimworld doesn’t start after Catalina Update
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:36:08 PM »
I've posted an older version of RimWorld 1.0 to Steam under the beta branch catalina_test.

Some users reported this version works with Catalina.

Anyone having trouble on the latest version - can you give this one a shot and tell me if there's a difference? Thanks!

Ah, yes. Sale is my nickname given to me in a church by my godfather.
My mother called me Sasha when I was very young so I suppose that could work too.
Though I would prefer it 'Sale' if that's alright with the game world?'

In my country, people are given nicknames in the church by their godfathers, religious or not.
Though that doesn't prevent them from being entitled to different nicknames.

What do your friends call you every day?

Sure, that's fine for the accent if it's your real name on your birth certificate. We just don't want people abusing accents and if it's your actual name it's definitely not abuse.

Though I'm not sure 'Sale' is part of your legal name given you wrote it in quotes like a nickname?

I tend to delete the saves when starting new colonies, but I did start a new unmodded game yesterday, so I should have one in a day or two that I can send to you. Hopefully it'll help!

Much appreciated :)

If you've got a vanilla savegame with performance issues can you just email it to me? tynan.syl[email protected]

It'd be useful to be able to take a look; these cases are hard to reproduce in-house.

It's possible there's actually bad memory hardware. You can use memory testing software to test your memory.

thanx for reply. i did two test.
That one integrated windows and that MEMTEST and both of them without any errors :(

Meanwhile i realized that i can take that work laptop home and play so its good for now but still i dont understand.
Crashes started when i added mods. i played for a week or little bit more on vanilla without any crash

That's... even weirder. Maybe go back and see if it's still okay?

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