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Support / Re: How to get your Steam Key
January 16, 2018, 12:10:19 AM
@Calahan Thank you I got it sorted out. It seem steam was not taking the link from Rimworld after I sign in. Sign in to steam first and it worked. All good off to play.  ;D
Support / Re: How to get your Steam Key
January 14, 2018, 01:39:21 PM
Hello I bought the Rimworld in 2014 from SendOwl downloads On behalf of Ludeon Studios. I tryed to get my copy on steam using the link on the first page of this post. i get the confirmation email followed it to the link on steam signed in and then got a error "Incorrect login". I am on sure if this is trouble on steams end or yours. I am not great with PC to know can i get any help on this mater. I was logged in to my steam account so not sure why it not working.
General Discussion / Got a question?
January 14, 2018, 01:03:34 AM
I got Rimworld back in 2014. From Tyana as a kick started. I found my email and the link that take me to where I can download the game. What I like to know is to get the game on Steam do I have to re-buy it there? or is there anyway to get it moved to my Steam account?

Anyway I am glad to come back and see what new stuff has been changed in A18.
Quote from: II7II LOCKDOWN on May 20, 2016, 11:05:48 PM
Thank you for the update Justin, this mod is well worth the wait, it could be next release when the a13 version comes out and people will still love it the same :) keep up the hard work and keep your head up.
I agree Justin take your time. This modb worth the wait.

I just started a new colony. But I will add this in to my list of mod for the next one. It looks good.
Quote from: Austintrollinski on May 11, 2016, 09:28:28 AM
will this mod be updated for A13

On the page before this one Justin C said he working on it between real life. give them time. Last post from them was only on the 29th of April.
This mod is so worth the wait. It was fun when waves of zombies would come at my colony. And if I did not get over run I get a lot of clothing to sell.  :)
Quote from: PrZe77 on May 02, 2016, 04:06:39 AM
Fueled Generators produce a lot of heat so it is usefull to build them outside.. Rain has no effect on them.
Thank you. Right now I have them in a big cave and it winter so the heats not hurting me at all. I will build some outside for summer.
General Discussion / fueled generator question?
May 02, 2016, 12:06:37 AM
Simple question can I build Fueled Generators out side? Or will the rain short them out?
I had been away from the game sense A9. And I thought this game was great then. Now this game is just so much better. Few weeks back i was watching a YouTuber who was looking for a new game to do a let play set of video on. So I suggested Rimworld. I had a lot of fun playing it. So I thought I had not played in some time. Let me see what alpha the game was on. WoW I love how much it has changed. A lot of the mod I like have been added in to the game. And the new layout of the game is much easier to use. Keep up the good work. Now I am off to to see what of the old mods I used and that are not part of the game are up to date with A13. Cheers and have fun all.
My main PC in middle of getting repaired but as soon as I get it back working and up to date for 10 I will be back to playing. I really like your plans for your mod with the adding of race. Keep up the good work.  :)
nothing to be sorry about it not a mod I made that has the boltes (dont have the skill to make mods)it a imperial guard mod I use. I for one am happy to see even more 40K mods. And I will be glad to add them to my game.

LoL oh hell yes you already added a chainsword that I did not see the first time I downloaded it. Ok re-downloading again to get that weapon added.  ;) Keep them coming how about a heavy bolter next?
I have a mod now that has the bolter and bolt Pistol all ready. But I will try yours out as well. I would so like to see more WH 40K mods. And I will gladly try or use any that come along. I will  try it tonight.  :)
I like the airborne virus event.  But out 4 game I have played with the zombie mod that in game have last two + years only one has gone airborne.  Seem ether I or some other are have good luck or bad when it come to the airborne event.  ;D
Quote from: StalkerCZ on March 25, 2015, 06:01:39 AM
Quote from: Vonholtz on March 12, 2015, 11:48:59 PM
I am not great with computers. But I had a thought for a new power source. With brewing and corn in the game it can only be a short time before someone mix the two and make moonshine. Now if someone want's to mod that and maybe some ethanol or moonshine fueled generators. And we could have a back up power supple.

Any thoughts on this or dose anyone know is this a later plan for the game anyway.

Hello This is interesting. I try to get it to the mod project catering. I try to make something like agregate for bio fuel which is made from ethanol and mix of raw resouces. What you say man?
Sounds like a great plan can not wait to try it. I just started a new game and add project Catering in to my mods.  ;D