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General Discussion / Got a question?
January 14, 2018, 01:03:34 AM
I got Rimworld back in 2014. From Tyana as a kick started. I found my email and the link that take me to where I can download the game. What I like to know is to get the game on Steam do I have to re-buy it there? or is there anyway to get it moved to my Steam account?

Anyway I am glad to come back and see what new stuff has been changed in A18.
General Discussion / fueled generator question?
May 02, 2016, 12:06:37 AM
Simple question can I build Fueled Generators out side? Or will the rain short them out?
I had been away from the game sense A9. And I thought this game was great then. Now this game is just so much better. Few weeks back i was watching a YouTuber who was looking for a new game to do a let play set of video on. So I suggested Rimworld. I had a lot of fun playing it. So I thought I had not played in some time. Let me see what alpha the game was on. WoW I love how much it has changed. A lot of the mod I like have been added in to the game. And the new layout of the game is much easier to use. Keep up the good work. Now I am off to to see what of the old mods I used and that are not part of the game are up to date with A13. Cheers and have fun all.
I only wish I had the skill of some of the modders. But I am just not good with computers.

Now I have been watching the remake of the TV show Battlestar Galactica from 2004. And playing Rimworld. And so I put two and two together and thought why not a mod.

Now I am old and was a fan of the 1978 TV show Battlestar Galactica so i would like to see parts of it put in a mod as well.

So what could be put in a mod like this. Well first of some new factions. Like Cylons old and new. As they had in the show the old Cylons were a faction of there own. and the new cylons would have the toasters as well as the skin jobs. As well as a Colonial factions with weapons and gear like that of the show.

The tech in Battalstar Galactica is already close to what in Rimworld already. So a lot of the changes will come in the factions.

So anyone up for this? Or dose anyone have any thoughts of stuff to add to a mod as well? Or is this just to much work for a old show like this?

Maybe you can be the lost 13 colony....... 8)
I am not great with computers. But I had a thought for a new power source. With brewing and corn in the game it can only be a short time before someone mix the two and make moonshine. Now if someone want's to mod that and maybe some ethanol or moonshine fueled generators. And we could have a back up power supple.

Any thoughts on this or dose anyone know is this a later plan for the game anyway.
I am not sure this is do to any mod's I am running or not. I am just trying to find out if other are getting this.

Ok what I am seeing is hyper plant growth. I will cut down a tree in my windmill zone. And by the time it is cut down there is another one right next to it. So is this to do with the vanilla alpha 9 or is one or more of my mod's doing this? So has anyone else seen this as well?

Also I see that the windmills stop some times with out any thing blocking them. So again is this some thing new to alpha 9?
Mods / Mod order?
February 23, 2015, 08:19:33 PM
Ok not sure if this is the right place to ask this. But being a thick headed old guy I am going to ask anyway. Is there anyway to know if your putting your mods in the right order? I am still kind of new to adding mods to my game. I came in to A8 at the end of the year and it ran just fine now I am having all kinds of troubles with A9 and the mods.

So is there a way to know if I am doing it right. Oh and I am using EdB mod order mod so I can move them around. I got that fare.
General Discussion / A message for Rimworld Modders.
February 19, 2015, 11:05:14 PM
This post is for all the men and woman out there that put the work in to modding for RimWorld. This is not said enough but I would like to say a big. Thank you You all make this fun game even better with your hard work and it need to be said more offen.  :)

P.S. Oh Tynan don't worry I still love your game and Thank you as well for the game in the first place.  ;) ;)

I was just wounding is there anyway to still run alpha 8 till the mods all get updated for A9? And still play around with alpha 9 with out having to deleted my old alpha 8 files?
General Discussion / Noob question?
February 18, 2015, 08:33:06 PM
I bought rimworld back on Christmas day 2014(yes I know that only 2 months ago). Now I hear rumblings that Alpha 9 is close to being out. So here is what I do not know. How do we get the new update? Now before all you computer people jump all over me. I am not great with computers so I am sure it some thing you all know. I for one just play the games I do not know much more then that. Keep in mind I can repair most Musical instruments. But when it come to PC I know the right size hammer to fix it with and that about all. So plz little help.  8)
It funny at first it did not dawn on me why I liked Rimworld so much. I am 47 now but back in the 70's as a child I had the fisher price little people toys. Now if you do not know what they are they are a round shaped body made of plastic or in the case of some of my older one made of wood. With a head stuck on top. Here is a pic of a Fisher Price little people family.
Now you tell me this is not Rimworld or just Fisher price in space. So dose anyone know was this planed out this way or is it just the way it came out? And don't get me wrong as a kid growing up I loved playing with my Little people toys. And now as a big kid I love playing with my rimworld little people. Oh and when are we going to get a Rimworld dog for are colony?  :P
I have been playing a game right now where I have been going in game for 6 years. I have a big base taking up a little less then half the map. And last night I fell I busted the game. Fire will not show up any more. The glow is there the sparks are there but the fire it self is not. Now I have tried saving and logging off and coming back but the fire still not there.

Now I am running 3 mods. First mod Project Armory I have been running from the started of this run. But the other day I added 2 more mod's. I put in Deep Strike and Colonial marines. Now the game ran fine for few hours logged off came back later was still running fine. Played for a hour or so and the fire stopped working.

Now I ran with the mods all was fine most of the day. I also had a fire that burned for almost 10 day in game and with all the firer working fine. It was set in a place where the plants would grow back up on one side and the fire would burn back and forth across a area day after day till I got some rain.  Soon after or maybe the next fire I saw after that I could not see the fire just the sparks and glow.

So has anyone seen this before did i add to many mods in to late did the 9 day long fire do it or have I just run my base out to big. and over taxed the game? Oh as a side note the game still runs but any of the fire even if I can not see the main part of the fire that I can not see drop my frame rate down so fare if it in my screen that the game is not play able.
General Discussion / What are the shells for?
January 07, 2015, 07:23:49 PM
As in the title. I see some trade ships sell them some times they drop in pods. They are called shells said they are used in cannons. I am new to the game I tried to do a search and shell came up in a number of post and every time I go to a post there nothing about what the shells do. And then I could not go back had to re-enter the forums. So what cannon are they talking about. So what do the shells do?
General Discussion / Helping a dieing allies?
January 06, 2015, 04:04:01 PM
Ok I am in my second week of Rimworld and it still a blasted. Now I have had random people or groups come by my colony and pass on. Now the other night one of my colony allies came by and then left. As they were going out a enemy of both of us attacked and came right for my colony. They saw the allies before I could do any thing to help as they come on to the map not fare from there leaving. They killed one and left the other one dieing on the ground. They attacked and I wiped them out to the attacker.

Now is there any thing I can do to help my allies dieing member? I can not do any thing else for them. Any thing else I do will get them mad at me other then let them die.

So have I missed some thing is there anyway to save a allies people and stay good with them?
Ideas / Draft commands.
December 31, 2014, 07:56:38 PM
Ok I have only been playing for a week now so I am sure this may already been suggested. But I found some post close but a little different.

I would like to see some set commands for when you draft your people. Commands like the one below.

Draft order all return to base. (or maybe pull everyone back to jobs in the home zone till the all clear) I know this may not be a draft order but it would help when every second counts.
Draft order all assemble at set place
Draft order all go to set battle stations
Draft orders all go stand by your assigned bed

There maybe more that would help but those are just a few I can think of. Now you ask why on some of them.

Well return to base is to get your people on the way back in case of a attack. This will also keep any other from going out. Maybe a base alarm keeping them to jobs only in the home zone till you can find out what going on. I know this may not be a draft order. But it a thought.

All assemble at a set point is so you can get ready for making a attack or getting ready for a attack. You have to have a way to set a place for all your people to go to when you call.

Now offen times I use the same people in the some point of defense. So why not have a set Battle station. Military base and ships do this why would you colony have some thing the same.  They will just run at best speed to the place they are set to go.

Last you ask why a command to there bed. Well I have found in my first game you have to have clothing for summer ans well as heavy clothing for winter. But what to do with the clothing when i do not need it. Well I have found I leave it in there rooms on the ground. And for this I have to wait for everyone to go to there rooms and then hand drop there gear. It would be easier if I can sent them all to there rooms and then go to each one and drop or pick up said gear. As well some time you want to get every one close to base but not ready to attack yet this will let you pull them in to a place where you will know where they are and look for anyone who is missing.

Now again I am new to the game I am sorry if this has come up before or maybe it in the game already and I just missed it. Hell I am not sure I know how to draft all my people yet with out dragging a box around them all and hitting draft. I only know a small number of commands right now. Anyway let me know what you think or if you have any more idea for commands.
General Discussion / Rimworld needs a safty warning.
December 30, 2014, 03:16:13 AM
This game is bad for your heath as well as it maybe a time machine. It may need a warning much like this. "This game may cost you a lack of sleep, no drive to do any thing else but play it, and a unexplained lose of time. Game at your own risk."

As for it being a time machine. I can not prove it is one. But I got Rimworld Christmas day. After watching a few YouTubers playing it. So I did the family Christmas dinner and went home to play this new game I bought. So I started playing. Now I looked at the clock and it was 7:30 PM so I thought I will play for half hour and see if there any thing on TV at 8pm. So I played for a time and then looked at my clock half hour later and it was 4am. Time machine or not it up to you to find out on your own. But some place I lost 8 and a half hours and I do not think it was aliens because I had on my tinfoil hat. LoL ;D

Realy great game this is simple but fun in a old school game style but with much more. and well worth the money. I will get hours of play with Rimworld and it is a realy fun game.

Oh P.S. Thank god I did not have to go to work the next day. LoL