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Very, very quick question: will the rest of the icons along the bottom be completed for 1.1? Seems a bit odd to have a mix of icons for the history, faction and pause menus, and then the rest is  still text
Mods / Re: Can anyone champion my mod idea?
September 02, 2019, 07:10:34 AM
@SargBjornson - Sure! I can't remember if i already posted a GitHub link here, but I'll post it again for the sake of convenience:
@Tocato - Are you talking about Survival Tools? If so, they're not really issues as such. I haven't made any more progress on the to-do list since I've been busy with other mods.
Mods / Re: Can anyone champion my mod idea?
August 18, 2019, 02:45:44 PM
My version of it has been almost release-ready for a while but I've gotten sidetracked by other projects, plus I'd like to make a few integration patches before pushing a full release of it.
@rimmer21 - You can craft syringes at a drug lab once you researched penoxycyline. You're very welcome!

Edit: penoxycyline, not neutroamine
This mod has now been officially released. Thanks for the testing and feedback everybody!

Ludeon thread:
Steam workshop:

This simple mod aims to make combat more interesting and more immersive by making biological pawns produce adrenaline whenever they are put into fight-or-flight situations. Yes, all biological pawns, from Joe Colonist, to that manhunting squirrel on day 5, and everybody else in between!

Adrenaline primarily boosts a pawn's consciousness, movement and melee damage while also reducing the amount of pain that they can feel - so they're really giving the fight 110%! However, after a prolonged adrenaline rush, pawns may then experience the opposite: adrenaline crashes that make them feel lethargic for a short period of time.

Some pawns may also be adrenaline junkies who get mood boosts from simply being in the heat of the action! However, other pawns may instead be cool-headed and never get worked up from the intense situations that adrenaline junkies practically live for.

Adrenaline also has another cool effect: If a pawn is downed and was carrying an adrenaline syringe in their inventory, you can make them inject that syringe and they can potentially get back into the fight! Beware though, because raiders can also do this!

Adrenaline can be synthesised at drug labs once you research penoxycyline production.

Any aspects of this mod that you don't like? You can disable natural adrenaline gains, animal adrenaline gains, adrenaline crashes and raiders using adrenaline when downed entirely in this mod's settings.

I recommend using Smart Medicine with this so that you can make your pawns stock up on adrenaline syringes without the limitations of vanilla drug policies. This also works well with Combat Extended!

Powered by the Harmony Patch Library.

Should work fine with alien races and modded animals. There are currently no known mod conflicts.

If you are a modder and wish to make animals or alien races have different adrenaline characteristics, you might be interested in checking out this mod's GitHub wiki:

Can safely be added to ongoing saves. There may be errors when removing this from an ongoing save, but they should be harmless.

Steam Workshop:

GitHub releases:
Source code:

Want to chat? I have a discord server here:

Brrainz for his fantastic work with the Harmony Patch Library.
Ryflamer for kindly providing the adrenaline syringe sprite.
Trunken for kindly providing the fancier headings on this page and proofreading the GitHub wiki.
Mehni for rubberducking :rubberduck:
Various members of the discord and forums for playtesting and contributing their ideas!
Alright, things are looking pretty good here. I'm probably going to go for an official release either later today or some time tomorrow - thanks for the feedback people!
Updated to Release Candidate 9. This just fixes an issue with Prepare Carefully
Updated to Release Candidate 8

Change Log:
* Reworked adrenaline gain from taking damage; target severity and severity gain rate now spike upwards for a very short period of time (half an ingame hour or about 20 seconds per hit) instead of adrenaline being applied instantly
* Pawns that are hunting or otherwise attacking other pawns that aren't fighting back view their victims as only 1/3 as significant of a threat - mainly to reduce extreme adrenaline crashes for hunters
* Manned turrets and pawns manning turrets are each viewed as 1/2 of a threat (for 1 threat collectively instead of 2)
@Brightsideguy - A very good point with cover actually! I'll try to get that one in at some point. Injuries are already effectively factored in since part of the formula in determining a threat's 'significance' is each pawn's 'SummaryHealthPercent', and I'll consider a map's owning faction check but that might not get in.

Yeah, adrenaline crash isn't as harsh now. It stays at peak severity for about 30% less time (maximum of 42000 ticks/16.8 hours -> maximum of 30000/12 hours) and drops in severity 25% faster than previously (0.4 per day to 0.5). I did also actually reduce the chances of heart attacks by about 30% with extreme adrenaline rushes (MTBDays from 1.2 to 1.7) but forgot to mention that in the change log.

Off-Topic / Re: Countdown to Rimworld 2
July 24, 2019, 07:31:41 AM
Pushed another update today, another fairly minor one

* Fixed bug where when a colonist hunts, neither the colonist or their target gains any adrenaline
* Animals now also consider their health and their target's health when determining threat significance
* Colonists now also consider age's body size multiplier when determining threat significance
* Slightly reduced the maximum duration of adrenaline crash
Just pushed yet another new update. This one's just minor balance tweaks, bug fixes and internal changes

Change log:

    Increased melee damage modifiers for adrenaline:

  • Moderate: 1.1x -> 1.125x
  • Intense: 1.15x -> 1.2x
  • Extreme: 1.2x -> 1.3x
    Adrenaline gain from taking damage is now scaled by the injury's pain caused instead of by its severity and a constant

    Increased tiredness penalties for adrenaline crash:

  • Minor: +10% -> +30%
  • Moderate: +30% -> +50%
  • Severe: +60% -> +70%
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where if one pawn attacks another and the victim doesn't fight back, the victim didn't gain adrenaline over time
  • Adrenaline from taking damage now correctly factors the pawn's current adrenaline production multiplier
  • Fixed bug where adrenaline accumulated much slower than it should

  • Moved all adrenaline rush and adrenaline crash hediff parameters from hardcoded constants to XML
  • Changed private access modifiers in Hediff_AdrenalineRush and Hediff_AdrenalineCrash to protected