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Unfinished / [1.0] [RELEASED] Adrenaline!
July 18, 2019, 12:32:49 PM
Note: This mod has now been officially released and discussion has therefore been locked. Thanks for testing, folks!

Ludeon thread:
Steam workshop:

This mod is virtually complete, but the reason I published it on this Unfinished thread before fully releasing it is because I woud like balance feedback and additional suggestions. If you're willing to provide said feedback, that would be very much appreciated!

This mod adds, as the name suggests, adrenaline to the game. Pawns gain a burst of adrenaline when they see anything that they perceive as a threat, or whenever they take any damage. In terms of what is perceived as a threat, humanlike pawns will consider other pawns and turrets, with the level of perceived threat being based on 'combat power' ratings and baseline market value respectively; animals only consider other pawns, with the perceived threat being based on the animal's body size compared to the threat's.

Adrenaline in RimWorld primarily affects how much pain a pawn feels as well as their blood pumping, though it also affects their breathing, consciousness, movement and damage dealt in melee combat. Due to RimWorld's time scale, adrenaline will generally be prevalent for around a couple or so in-game hours depending on the duration and intensity of a battle.

Adrenaline can also be gained through the use of adrenaline syringes which can either be purchased or made from neutroamine once Penoxycyline has been researched. You can also have pawns pocket adrenaline syringes via drug policies (or Smart Medicine's 'Stock Up'/Combat Extended's loadouts) so that if they go down, you can make them inject any adrenaline syringes directly next to them which could potentially get them back into/away from the fight.

Additionally, two new traits are added which relate to adrenaline rushes:

  • Adrenaline Junkie - Pawns with this trait get a mood boost from adrenaline rushes, with the strength of the mood boost depending on the intensity of the adrenaline rush
  • Cool-headed - Pawns with this trait will never get adrenaline rushes from being in danger or from taking damage
A pawn cannot be an adrenaline junkie and cool-headed at the same time. Pawns that can't gain adrenaline of any form also won't generate with any adrenaline-related traits.

There are currently four distinct stages of adrenaline rush. The following table details each stage and its effects on a pawn:

Stage          Pain          Blood Pumping          Breathing          Consciousness          Moving          Sight          Melee Damage          Mood Bonus          Other Effects
Slight          x90%          +10%          +10%          +5%          +5%          +5%          1.05x          +4          -
Moderate          x83%          +20%          +15%          +10%          +10%          +10%          1.125x          +8          -
Intense          x75%          +30%          +20%          +15%          +15%          +15%          1.2x          +12          -
Extreme          x65%          +50%          +25%          +20%          +20%          +20%          1.3x          +18          Heart attack risk

Beware though, because adrenaline rushes can lead to 'adrenaline crashes' where affected pawns become lethargic, nauseous and more prone to having mental breaks! The severity, duration and symptom onset speed of an adrenaline crash depends on the intensity and duration of the accompanying adrenaline rush, with severe cases potentially lasting for a few in-game days. Symptoms typically start becoming apparent a few hours after the adrenaline rush starts, though short and mild rushes may not even result in an adrenaline crash.

The following table details each stage of an adrenaline crash:

Stage          Tiredness          Consciousness          Mental Break Threshold          Vomiting (average)
Minor          +30%          x90%          +2%          Once per 5 days
Moderate          +50%          x80%          +4%          Once per 3 days
Severe          +70%          x70%          +6%          Once per 2 days
Extreme          +100%          x50%          +8%          Once per day

Credits so far:

  • Brrainz - Harmony
  • Ryflamer - Adrenaline syringe sprite
  • Mehni - Rubberducking
  • VintageNuke - Idea discussion
  • Ashen and noodlebox - Providing saves for testing purposes
Compatibility Notes:

  • Fully compatible with Combat Extended
  • Should work with all other mods too
If you are a modder and wish to make animals or alien races have different adrenaline characteristics, you might be interested in checking out this mod's GitHub wiki:


  • Can be added to existing saves
Source Code:
Unfinished / [Finished] [1.0] Survival Tools
September 30, 2018, 01:37:35 PM
This mod has now been completed and can be found on...

Thanks to everybody for playtesting and providing feedback and bug reports!

Hey, so this has been a mod I've been working on-and-off with for the past few weeks but found the motivation to put a playable version together. While I've enjoyed the concept of a tool mod, there isn't a single tool mod out there that cuts it for my taste so I've decided to take things into my own hands and get something going. I'm no stranger to the modding scene, but this is my first time actually taking the public test approach, so this is something new for me.

I have somewhat white box tested this so there shouldn't be any major bugs as it stands. That being said, this has only been tested with Pick Up & Haul; the game was otherwise completely vanilla while whiteboxing. There shouldn't be any incompatibilities though. This should work with existing saves, but I'd highly recommend this with a new save.

GitHub Releases Page (downloads)
Source Code

I highly recommend using tammybee's Cut Plants Before Building (Dropbox / Steam) because that auto-designates certain plants and trees to be cut by plant cutters, which helps when you have constructors without axes who'd otherwise take a long time to chop down trees that are in the way of their blueprints.

Screenshots (RC1):

Splits the following vanilla work stats

  • Mining Speed -> Mining Speed (vanilla def) and Digging Speed
  • Mining Yield -> Mining Yield (other) (vanilla def) and Mining Yield (digging)
  • Plant Work Speed -> Plant Sowing Speed (vanilla def), Plant Harvesting Speed and Tree Felling Speed
Adds 5 tools to the game

  • Axe - affects tree felling speed
  • Pickaxe - affects digging speed and mining yield (digging)
  • Hammer - affects construction speed
  • Sickle - affects plant harvesting speed
  • Glitterworld Multitool - affects all of the above, doesn't have quality levels
Tools are acquirable through various different ways

  • At the beginning of a new game (varies by scenario; no tools for naked brutality)
  • Production at crafting spots or smithies (all except multitool)
  • Ancient ruined buildings (40% chance per building, all except multitool, typically low quality and in poor condition)
  • Tribal/outlander bulk goods traders and settlements (all except multitool)
  • Outlander/orbital exotic goods traders (only multitool)
  • Ancient dangers (60% chance per danger, only multitool)
Colonists can use tools from their inventories (added functionality to allow for picking up items anywhere) as well as what they have equipped

  • If a colonist has multiple tools that affect the same task, they use the fastest tool of the lot. If there's still a tie, they use what's most immediately available out of the tied lot
  • Colonists are limited to 3 tools in their inventory other than when caravanning - this can be toggled via mod settings
  • Since this uses the inventory system, even non-violents can use tools
  • If a colonist somehow gets a tool that's worse than working toolless, they will continue working toolless
Colonists get work speed penalties if they don't have tools for tasks that need them

  • Animals aren't affected by this
  • For now, AI humanlikes also aren't affected by this due to design implications. I hope to solve this at some point
  • Construction speed - x30% speed if working toolless (x0% with hardcore mode enabled)
  • Digging speed - x30% speed if working toolless (x0% with hardcore mode enabled)
  • Mining yield (digging) - x50% if working toolless (x0% with hardcore mode enabled)
  • Tree felling speed - x30% speed if working toolless (x0% with hardcore mode enabled)
  • Plant harvesting speed - x50% speed if working toolless (x50% with hardcore mode enabled)
Different materials affect a tool's effectiveness in different ways

  • You can view each material's effect on certain aspects of tools by viewing their info cards
  • Tool lifespan is generally directly proportional to their max HP modifiers
Tools will actually degrade over use

  • 1 HP lost per 0.75 ingame hours of use (0.5 with hardcore mode)
  • Also significantly influenced by the quality of the tool

Design purposes of this mod:

  • Removing much of the Minecraft logic that RimWorld ends up having (e.g. punching trees)
  • Add tools that fulfil core niches - not going into nitty-gritty territory (e.g. knives for cooking, scalpels for surgery etc.)
  • Not aiming for hyper realism; tools are still slightly abstracted in terms of gameplay


  • Auto-optimiser for colonist tool selection, or at least a sidebar alert - alert implemented in v0.3. Auto-optimiser probably won't happen
  • Allow AI to be utilise tools - On hold
  • Pawns to auto-equip tools that they're using instead of an 'In-use' tag (very low priority, may not make it to v1.0 for this mod)

The oft-mentioned hardcore mode of this mod can be seamlessly toggled via mod settings. As this mod is somewhat of a WIP (though most stuff at this point is concrete), feedback and any suggestions that fit within this mod's design purposes would be much-appreciated.

Credits so far
Brrainz - Harmony
Mehni - Allowing me to directly use code from Pick Up And Haul (namely the 'Pick Up' part)
Why_is_that - SettingsHelper (not actually utilised yet)
Shotgunfrenzy - Artwork
erdelf - erdelf
This is just a list of noticeable changes in the latest build 1.0.1981 which is being posted since an official changelog hasn't been posted. If there are changes here that are missing and an official log hasn't been posted, be sure to let me know!

The list so far:
* Elephant tusk market value: 400 -> 80
* Distinction between damaging and non-damaging attacks for the sake of goodwill
* Breakdowns are now silent (no more letter notifications)
* Undergrounders no longer get 'darkness' thought
* Wild animals can now randomly leave the map
* 'Man in black' now has gender-specific labels

Edit: So, upon posting this, there has now been an official statement on the update. Ah, the wonders of terrible timing
Self-explanatory; as it stands, it's quite easy to gift too much to a faction, in the sense that you can end up giving way more than you actually need to in order to get your goodwill with another faction to 100. Granted, this can be checked by just checking your goodwill with that faction in the 'Factions' tab before actually exchanging gifts, but this would be a nice little quality of life improvement.

Maybe to reinforce this, there could be a warning for if you give more than what's required to get to 100 goodwill.
Just like how right-click prioritising cleaning filth has the colonists reserve and clean all filth around the initial target cell, there should be something similar in place for snow; it's tedious having to tell a colonist to clear snow from each individual tile when snow can be quite a significant impedance, whereas filth is usually just a minor inconvenience.
Although the Plant class is derived from ThingWithComps, one can't really add functional comps to plants since ThingComp only supports Tick and TickRare, yet plants use TickLong. I don't know if there are any other cases, and this suggestion is admittedly a niche one, but it'd be nice to have the ThingComp class have support for TickLong so that extra effects can be added to plants without having to make a new class which derives from the Plant class which could harm compatibility with other mods.
Self-explanatory. Since simple helmets are implied as fairly crude in nature (mediocre protection, low manufacturing cost, the lack of components needed to produce them), and since the medieval side of RimWorld has been fleshed out a tad more (plate armour), perhaps simple helmets could be producible at fuelled and electric smithies as stand-in medieval helmets.

Of course, the elite tribal pawns should probably also spawn with these - maybe the berserker chiefs.
Self-explanatory. Since plate armour and power armour are particularly heavy pieces of equipment and cover the body from the feet up to the neck, they wouldn't just be cumbersome but would probably constrain limb movement too, which'd hurt somebody's ability to dodge.

Maybe a -10 dodge chance offset for power armour and a -15 dodge chance offset for plate armour.
So, I'm officially taking requests for testing for those who perhaps want to see which equipment combination fares better in combat - all tests are 1v1 unless stated otherwise. You can be as specific about the equipment as you want, since I've made a quick devmode modification that allows me to be very specific with what gets spawned (e.g. only spawn excellent golden knives), so setup is much easier there.

Of course, I'll only accept requests that are reasonably easy to test in a controlled environment, at least for now. You can also specify any deviations from the standard testing methodology that's shown below (e.g. skill levels to test, cover etc.).

Tests conducted so far & results:
Build 1958:
Melee vs. Megaspider || Longsword/Spear vs. Scyther || Mace/Spear vs. Scyther/Centipede (meta until build 1968) || Sniper/Bolt-Action/Charge Lance vs. Lancer || Level 14 Shooter w/ Masterwork Power Armour + Masterwork Charge Lance/Rifle vs. Centipede || Level 8 w/ Longsword vs. Level 15 w/ Knife || Charge Rifle vs. Machine Pistol w/ different armour types || Knife vs. Bolt-Action/Revolver/Autopistol w/ varying armour and skill combinations

Build 1959:
Level 7 & 14 Melee w/ different Trait and Armour combinations || Excellent Power Armour + Plasteel Longsword (w/ and w/o Joywire) vs. Two Megaspiders (1v2) || Longsword/Spear/Mace vs. Scyther/Centipede/Eachother update || Longword/Spear/Mace scaling over various armour types

Build 1960:
Plasteel Longsword/Spear and Uranium mace scaling over various armour types

Build 1969:
Mace/Longsword/Spear vs. Scyther/Centipede Update #2 || Mace/Longsword/Spear vs. Centipede (2v1 and 3v1)

Standard Testing Methodology

* All pawns are trait-neutral (i.e. no tough people, wimps, brawlers, careful shooters or trigger-happies), and healthy adults
* All pawns will have level 14 shooting and melee skills
* All equipment will be of normal quality
* There are walls between each fighting duo so that nobody else gets hit by any stray shots
* Trials with either combat-relevant inspirations or trauma savantism (unless the pawn is already down) aren't counted, and thus redone

Weapon Testing:
* Armoured testing will be done with flak pants, a flak vest, a steel simple helmet and a flak jacket

Apparel Testing:
* Ranged testing for will be done with assault rifles at a distance of 20 cells
* Sharp melee weapon testing will be done with steel gladii
* Blunt melee weapon testing will be done with steel maces
* The terrain is concrete, so there's no dirt kicking

Results are determined by 10 trials, with each trial being 10 1v1 battles happening simultaneously, so each set of results has a sample size of 100 battles. Scores per trial are simply determined by how many people on each team are left standing. These are logged in an excel spreadsheet, and the final product will look something like this (click to expand):

This is what the actual test setup looks like:

Ideas / [1.0] Weapon quality should affect cooldown
July 08, 2018, 07:04:40 AM
Weapon quality should have an effect on cooldown as well as damage and accuracy. It'd make sense from a logical perspective since mechanical weapons (bows, assault rifles etc.) would probably have those mechanical parts be of higher quality, and melee weapons would probably be more finely-balanced and generally less unwieldy.

As a counterbalance, perhaps the quality's effect on projectile damage could be nerfed so that there isn't a significant overall DPS change.
Having seen the change log for the latest build, and also having recently finished a run, it's no secret that many unique characteristics of things in RimWorld are being axed, and it's been a growing concern in my eyes. Let's briefly outline what's changed so far which I believe warrants this thread, and this does include changes which have been reverted:

No more stat changes on apparel - While this has thankfully been partially reverted with armour affecting movement speed again, it's still disappointing to see that apparel such as parkas and power armour no longer having work speed penalties (something which could be attributed to their 'bulkiness'), and other larger apparel items no longer giving movement speed penalties (e.g. dusters). To a lesser degree, there's also the removal of the protection deviation between jackets and dusters, meaning that dusters are now decisively the superior apparel item to go for, rather than previously being situational (although dusters were still mostly superior due to their coverage, presence of blunt protection and heat insulation).

Normalisation of weapon cooldowns to 2 seconds - One of the most recent changes, and one I personally heavily disagree with. Each weapon feels kind of the same now, bar damage differences and costs; no more semi-unwieldy yet powerful longswords, or nimble knives, or anything in between. This is also a similar story for prostheses.

Generic renaming - The renaming of Some Challenge, Rough and Intense difficulties to Medium, Hard and 'Extra Hard', Pekoe to 'Tea', Gravel to 'Stony Soil'. Overall, everything just seems to be made more generic, and if anything, that's just somewhat tragic. Granted, this is a minor issue.

While I do understand that since 1.0 is going to be a 'To the masses' release where there will be an influx of new players, dare I say RimWorld's losing some of its flair and even appeal to us longer-term players - there is also the challenge of catering to the casual and hardcore at the same time. I personally think that the saying 'don't fix what isn't broken' fits very well in this situation.

I still very much enjoy RimWorld, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely sad from a hardcore player's perspective to see some of these changes happening. It'd be nice to see other thoughts on this too, perhaps adding to anything that I missed.
Ideas / Assign animal beds as medical beds
June 29, 2018, 04:12:02 PM
Pretty self-explanatory. It'd be a nice addition to be able to assign animal beds as medical beds for animals due to their higher immunity gain speed rate; I personally don't want perfectly healthy animals to sleep in those few cushy animal beds while the wolf dying from infection is stuck on a meager sleeping spot.
Ideas / Filter smelting bills by stuff
June 29, 2018, 05:17:43 AM
Pretty self-explanatory, but admittedly most useful late-game. All of those steel longswords and such which those tribespeople drop? Yeah, chuck 'em in the smelter. However, I wouldn't want to smelt say any plasteel longswords in storage.

Granted, forbidding micro is a thing, but it'll get tedious after a while.
I'll probably let this screenshot do the talking:

By all means, still allow for raids to happen during caravan formation or arrival if this gets considered, but please add a check so that raids don't spawn on the exact same side of the map that a player caravan is heading to/arriving from. In the case of the screenshot, I had literally no time to react to the siege spawning right on top of my departing caravan group. Needless to say I savescummed (or Alt + F4ed and restarted in the case of this permadeath run)
I think there should be a check in the WorkGiver to bury corpses for a deconstruction designation. This is mainly so that colonists don't constantly try to bury pawns in empty graves when transitioning from graves to a crematorium.

Just a very minor and theoretically very cheap to implement suggestion.
Bugs / [1.0.1947] A collection of typos I've found
June 27, 2018, 06:19:37 AM
Lazy formatting copypasta (too lazy to make a text file)... Label:  ->

Anyway, to the typos:

Description for 'Pretty environment' thought: This place look nice -> This place looks nice
Description for Heater: An device that converts energy into heat -> A device that converts energy into heat
Description for Uranium: An dark, heavy metal -> A dark, heavy metal

I'll add more to this list as I find them.
Ideas / [1.0] Ability to toggle viewing of art
June 26, 2018, 05:15:02 PM
When the mid-game comes and one ends up decorating everybody's bedrooms with sculptures, or their furniture is of at least excellent quality, it can be painful when other colonists end up admiring their art to satisfy their need for recreation. This is mainly noticeable between colonists on different schedules (e.g. night owls vs normal), where one person ends up giving the other person disturbed sleep, spoiling their mood.

Perhaps the toggle could be so that only colonists who are assigned to a bed in that particular room can admire art in that particular room.
Ideas / [1.0] New record for pawns: Times Died
June 26, 2018, 05:10:50 PM
Since the resurrector mech serum is a thing, it'd be pretty interesting to just be able to inspect a pawn and see how many times they died. Admittedly it's an easy one to track, but it theoretically should be relatively easy to implement, simply incrementing a pawn's record once the resurrector mech serum does its magic.

Should be safely addable to and removable from existing savegames. TE will also work fine with turret mods that don't use it, in fact doubling as a QoL mod.

TE naturally won't be compatible with Combat Extended, and also won't work with Beta 18.

If using Humanoid Alien Framework by erdelf, load this after.

There are no other known incompatibilities.

- when 1.0 officially releases

Turret Extensions (TE) is a combination of two things: a tool for modders which allows them to create better turret mods, and a quality of life improvement for those who use a lot of turret mods. Naturally, any mod that uses any of TE's framework extensions will need to have TE active in the load order since it's a dependency.

The quality of life improvements introduced by Turret Extensions include being able to see a full list of a turret's stats when inspecting it, and also the ability to view more information on turret ammunition such as mortar shells. A demonstration:

On the framework side of things, TE currently allows for the following:

  • Proper manned turrets that factor in their operator's stats
    • Customizable shooting accuracy for turrets
      • Automatic turrets that can be manually aimed

      For information on how to use the framework extensions by Turret Extensions, I have written some documentation (also proofread by Diana Winters). Click here to view it.

      Planned additions:

      • The ability for manned turrets to modify the operator's accuracy when in use
        • The ability to implement turret upgrades

        Powered by the Harmony Patch Library.

        Big thanks to Mehni, erdelf, Lanilor, ChJees and Spdskatr for helping me with the C#!
        Pardeike (AKA Brrainz) - for making the Harmony Patch Library - this probably wouldn't have been possible without his work
        Diana Winters - for proofreading the documentation

        If you want to contribute towards this project then make a fork the GitHub repository. Before going through the effort to actually make any changes though, please discuss them with me first. Pull requests with changes that are undiscussed will be left until discussion, and pull requests with changes that I stated aren't necessary will be denied.
See attached. Labels should be 'dull' and 'mediocre' respectively; not 'repulsive' and 'dull'. Awful is just fine.

Steps to Reproduce
1a) Make a dull bedroom. Diagram below is an example:


G = Golden Wall
W = Wooden Wall
D = Wooden Door
B = Golden Bed (Normal)

Flooring should be sterile tiles. This'll result in a room with an impressiveness of 20.

1b) Assign an ascetic colonist to the dull bedroom. Note that their thought says 'ascetic has repulsive bedroom' instead of 'ascetic has dull bedroom'
2a) Make a mediocre bedroom. Diagram below is an example:

W # S W

W = Wooden Wall
D = Wooden Door
B = Golden Bed (Normal)
# = Empty Space
S = Sculpture with ~150 beauty (e.g. good steel large sculpture)

Flooring should be sterile tiles. This'll result in a room with an impressiveness of 31.

2b) Assign an ascetic colonist to the mediocre berdroom. Note that their thought says 'ascetic has dull bedroom' instead of 'ascetic has mediocre bedroom'.

[attachment deleted due to age]