[1.0] Combat Extended - 1.8.2 CE Melee released (17.11.2019)

Started by NoImageAvailable, June 09, 2017, 04:13:13 PM

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Combat Extended

This mod completely overhauls combat from the ground up. It brings completely new shooting, melee and medical mechanics and drastically changes the way combat plays out. Unarmored combat is much more lethal and realistic, bullets are highly lethal. Melee fighters can use ballistic shields and score parries and critical hits against opponents. Bloodloss on the battlefield is a major threat and requires medics to immediately stabilize patients. Almost every aspect of combat has been redone.

Important: First time players should enable the ingame tutor. CE changes a lot about how combat works and the new learning concepts will explain the differences as they come up.

Requires a new save.

For a list of features, see here

CE Guns
CE Guns is an addon to CE which adds a selection of guns specifically designed to interact with new CE mechanics. These include weapon types that are missing from vanilla, e.g. belt-fed machine guns, anti-tank rocket launchers, etc. It is highly recommended that you install this if you're not using another gun mod that adds these things, as they fill niches in gameplay that are missing from vanilla's weapon lineup.

Load below CE main mod in your load order.

CE Melee
Like Guns, CE Melee is an addon to fill in niches opened up by CE mechanics, such as a two-handed blunt weapon and powered melee weapons with improved armor penetration.

Load below CE main mod in your load order.

Mod spotlights
Mod showcase by Barky

GitHub:Main Mod - CE Guns - CE Melee
Steam:Main Mod - CE Guns

Since CE makes sweeping changes to the combat system it is unfortunately incompatible with any mod adding new weapons and requires a compatibility patch. Mods adding new animals also require a patch to add new CE melee verbs and body shapes to animals. Trying to shoot at an unpatched animal will produce a log error to warn you about it using the default body shape.

For instructions on how to make a mod compatible with CE, see the CE Wiki on GitHub.

These mods have been made compatible with CE:
A Dog Said
Clutter Weapon Hands (part of Clutter Misc)
Defensive Machine Gun Pack
Hand 'n' Footwear
Mechanoids Extraordinaire
More Mechanoids
Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion
Simple Sidearms
Vanilla-Friendly Animal Surgery
Vanilla-Friendly Weapon Expansion
What The Hack?!

These mods have known conflicts with CE:
MedievalTimes (third party patch is available here)
WM Smarter Food Selection (hard conflict with hay food and loadouts due to destructive detours used by SFS)

Bug reports
If you found a bug, please report it using the GitHub issue tracker

We have our own Discord here

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Steam releaseN7Huntsman, Profugo Barbatus, Skullywag
Compatibility patches  XeoNovaDan, Pardeike, Boundir, JetpackManiac, Valerate, noooooo

A special thanks to all the people who helped with testing this mod.

Realistic Weapons by AY - The original inspiration for this mod.
Defend That Colony! by elStrages - Adopted the barbed wire.
Turret Collection by eatKenny - Adopted cannon turret sound effects.
Simply More Melee by Rottweiler - Adopted several sprites for CE Melee
cuproPanda - Adopted the code for PatchOperationFindMod
Vagabond - Donated the bassinet sprite


Future plans
  • Overhaul AI
  • Extend combat some more
  • Make a sandwich
  • World domination?
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LOL, that new game I was mentioning in your other thread may be coming much sooner now!

Grats on the release! And thanks!!

edit: by the way, if you want me to remove my post so you can reserve some early replies right under the original post please let me know.


It... is... HAPPENINGGGGG!!!


Is there a list of CE guns?
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"The power of friendship destroyed the jellyfish."


...I cannot confirm or deny shouting "YES CHRISTMAS HAS COME EARLY" out loud and getting yelled at by my mom.
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Does this mod only work with vanilla clothing due to the new deflection system?


Is this mod compatible with SimpleSidearms? That one not adds any guns, but changes loadout system. Or, will it be compatible in future? Or have same features?



Hey congratz for the release guys!

I wasn't aware the project was already so mature (more than 200~ish closed issues on the github!)

I'm looking forward to try this one


Been waiting awhile for a mod combat realism to make its debut. Thanks for all the hard work guys :)


Updated OP with Steam link

Quote from: Soldat947 on June 09, 2017, 06:40:28 PM
Does this mod only work with vanilla clothing due to the new deflection system?

Any apparel should be fine out of the box.

Quote from: Fregrant on June 09, 2017, 07:04:34 PM
Is this mod compatible with SimpleSidearms? That one not adds any guns, but changes loadout system. Or, will it be compatible in future? Or have same features?


I haven't had an in-depth look but there might be conflicts with CE's loadout system. Depending on how SimpleSidearms is coded it might just cause weird overlap but otherwise work fine though. If someone wants to test it feel free to report the results.
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Congratulations on the release, OP.

Again, I'll voice my only gripe with CE/CR; it uses the same damage, armor pen and bullet speed for every single weapon, making it difficult to code different firearms with the same caliber and differ them accordingly. Example: 5.56mm. In a nutshell: 5.56mm out of a 5' barrel has 1900 fps velocity; out of a 12' barrel, 2900 fps. That is 50% difference in muzzle velocity that most certainly account into all the three stats I've laid out earlier.

This can be solved by simply making the shooting verb of the specific firearm inherit the stats, instead of the bullet type. This way we have more customization and can assign different armor pen for different weapons. Possibilities suddenly become endless; you could make thirty 9mm guns and each would operate differently under not only those three, but all the rest of the stats.

It also does not cover fall-off armor penetration according to the range of the guns, but that is very passable.

EDIT: Disregard what I said; it can be done by making multiple    <CombatExtended.AmmoSetDef> with different projectiles based on the same ammo set.


Quote from: NoImageAvailable on June 09, 2017, 05:03:00 PM
Quote from: BetaSpectre on June 09, 2017, 04:52:57 PM
Is there a list of CE guns?

Updated OP with a list of guns.

The guns I know from the list is RPG-7, AK-47, and M60.
And my knowledge of them is limited to 'Shoots explosives' 'Shoots lots of bullets' 'Also shoots lots of bullets'.

Also, just wondering, but can a pawn carry two shields? How would that effect them?


Shields are worn so you cannot have two equipped at the same time.  You can wear one and carry another though.  Also, since it's a clothing item it is useful for non-violents.  I had a doctor who was pacist use one to drag people away safely from combat.