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General Discussion / Long-winded Rant/Critique
« on: May 25, 2020, 05:07:46 AM »
Rimworld is called a Colony Sim, but a simulator requires actual simulation (even if simplified) and common sense rules. No wonder Ty has lately refered to it as a Story Generator, because that's a much, MUCH lower bar.
There's so many thing that are wrong and have never been addressed. It physically pains me to see just how much better this game could be with a just a little work. There's nothing sadder to me than wasted potential.
I honestly don't know if Tynan has grown just lazy, or perhaps being sorounded by yes-men that fellate him on every turn has boosted his ego, but he went from a developer I respected to a cautionary tale. He is more interested in whacky stories than good gameplay.
He will try to force anyone to play his way, he will try to force outcomes that make no sense and he will actively try to make you miserable by implementing mechanics that make no logical sense whatsoever - they are only there to ramp up the difficulty and create drama. Drama and lolssorandom = whacky stories = funny posts/videos = fame.

Let's list a few examples, shall we?

- Biocoded Weapons so you can't use them (because you cannot be rewarded for surviving a raid with weapons, even though they are mostly broken down shit quality - even that is too much). No rewards, only misery. The opposite of good game design.

- Manhunter pack and you defeated it? Oh no, now you have plenty of food. Can't have that! How about a magic desease that instantly rots all meat? There's no way the food abdundance could have been handled in a more neunaced, natural way - like let's say, making larger freezer harder and slower to obtain, making meat rot faster in general, requring you to focus on butchering right away. Nope, can't have that. Or simply removing manhunting events, or restricting them to early game.

- metal burns. He never fixed that because he thinks that loosing your metal stores in a fire is a good thing. A literal 5 second fix, but Ty has been too lazy to do it for years.

- catastrophic surgery failures. Operate on a leg, end up cutting someones eye out. Unpredictable, as it defies common sense, and also forced drama/loss. How can anyone defend this is beyond me.

- infestations and mountain bases. Instead of making digging trough solid stone REALLY slow and/or add possiblity of cave-ins/earthquakes (thus requireing solid walls and supports), he adds infestations. Or requireing pickaxes to dig. Either of it means that mountain bases are far slower to get up and makes it so it's a slow transition form outside to inside.

- Lack of colonists presonality. Soulless, without any real personalities to speak off. Nothing to differentiate their behavioral patterns. Psychology went way too deep, but have at lest some basic system in place.

- "Incapable of" mechanic. It's not enough that some colonists might hate doing some type of work and will recieve ever increasing mood penalties the longer they are assigned to a specific job - a great system from a great mod - no, that's not annoying enough and it's too realistic. What is required is a magical force field that prevents paws from doing some work, even if their lives and the lives of everyone they hold dear depends on it. But that's good design, because "muh drama", right Ty?

- mental breaks that happen at the most retarded times. Ate without table is enough to cause one to abandon their wife and kids to burn to death, can't go putting out the fire now, I'm off to food binge in the burning kitchen!

- raids are RNG based. Nothing else factors in. Distance? Terrain? How many nearby enemies the faction has? When has it launched the last raid against you? How did it go? Factions can pour infinite manpower and resources and attack without any thought. The raiders teleport to the map, no chance of interception or detection. 0 simulation for a supposed Sim game.

- Tied to that, other settlements/factions that are static and lifeless. They do not interact or wage war with each other or grow or fall. Again, something that is simple to add, all it takes is a few variables to track settlement population, wealth and defenses and some basic logic to govern behavior.

- defenses are garbage. He has been nerfing all turrets and defensive structures to the point of uselesness. The very reason people build killboxes is because a normal, realistic defense has been rendered unfeasable by his design. And then to get rid of killboxing, he added mechanoid clusters. "Fixing" a problem he created with an even worse problem.

- Granite or steel walls can be broken trough WITH BARE FISTS. How about making walls practically immune to certain weapons, make sapping and proper equipment actually matter.

- hamfisted population mechanics. Instead of players setting their own limits based on hardware/wants, the game will try to brute force it. Over the fixed magical number of people? Every attacker drops dead, no capturing for you. Tasers, bolas, blunt weapons, fists. Doesn't matter. They will DIE because Ty doesn't want you to have more

- resource costs and gains are all over the place. Why does dissasmbling a giant robot tank give me less resources than is needed for a club?

- enemies (and pyromaniacs) can set fire to everything without any tools. You can't.

- stack sizes. Default ones often make no sense. You often need massive freezers because you can apparently only store a few potatoes in a 2x2 meter space. But at least this one is easily fixed.

- a permanent hidden negative mood modifier for higher difficulties. Apex of bad difficulty design.

- Solar flares kill all of electronics. But only yours. Your enemies are fine.

- cut grass yields nothing (why can't I feed my cows with it?)

Aside from those?
Clear gaps in tech progression, holes in the tech tree. Early game techs missing, the massive gap between caravan and spaceship. No zeppelins, helicopters, trucks, boats. When asked why, when mods already did those things - Ty answeres because something being in the core requries a level of QUALITY and testing.
And his half-baked expansion that no one asked for, that contains a few things that other mods did FAR better (for example, hospitality is a million times better system than what he made, Rimword of Magic has better and more balanced powers, etc..), ends up being a buggy mess requireing a new patch every day. Mechanoid swarms balance? Bio-coded muskets? Crashes? Where's that quality control now, Ty? One and half year in the making for an expansion that shat it's bed on arrival.
Why are supposedly complex changes jurry-rigged by some drunk slav more stable, better balanced and less buggy than your own additions? Anything a modder can do you should be able to do better, faster and cleaner, you wrote the code, you have the source for the love of God! So I don't buy that excuse. Just say you don't want to do it, I'd respect you more.

And lately he's been pushing for modders to make the DLC a requirement. Scummiest move of all.
I used to like him, but the more I saw of his actions and way of thinking, the more disgusted I became. I don't recall last time my opinnion on someone tanked so hard.

P.S. - in case the whole "if it's so bad, more people would complain here" brigade show up:
By Steams own data, most people that buy a game either only play for a few hours tops, or never start it to begin with. Lord knows a lot of people have a backlog of bought games that they never got around to installing. Very few people ever finish a game. Of those that do, only a fraction will come to this forum, an only a fraction of those will feel strongly enough or bother to speak up. And this forum is very defensive of RW and Tynan, so even less incetive to speak up. Not a single person I know in RL or on-line that plays RW plays it without a bunch of fixes mods. You might want to keep those in mind.

Mods / Is there a mod that actually makes body type matter?
« on: May 03, 2020, 06:26:51 AM »
FAT pawns being slower and less healthy
THIN being agile and fast
HULK being strong, hitting harder in melee and able to carry more

Stuff like that.

It seems like a simple enough thing to implement

General Discussion / The problem with raids and defense
« on: March 17, 2020, 06:47:43 AM »
Is that it doesn't really make sense, hence why killboxes are necessary.

Pawns can destroy granite walls with bare fists or handguns (though the Ai rarely does that).
Mountains can be mined with bare hands.
Defensive turrets are useless garbage.
You have no proper defensive walls/bunkers/embrasures.
The enemy has no proper tools and attack strategies.

The way things currently work is the root of all the problems.

Now imagine if walls (and armor) acted like they should - impervious to fists and most melee weapons. You'd have sappers in every raid. Proper siege weapons and equipment. Raid AI that isn't braindead (no bee-lining for the trapped door, use of smoke, suppressive fire, making their own entrances, etc..).

Raiders may come with combat shields, RPG's, even APCs or tanks (that would be invulnerable to small arms fire), requireing specialized weaponry to deal with. The upside is that you can get away with smaller raids being a much bigger threat.
The downside is that you're (almost) boned without proper defenses and equipment. Things like APC's carry troops to your base, so they by themselves wouldn't be a threat.
The AI should also be smart enough so that you cannot simply down a pawn with sapping/anti-armor equipment and call it a day - other raiders should pick up the critical gear.

Ideas / Balacing base defense/mountain bases/turtling and so on
« on: February 28, 2020, 07:06:04 AM »
How to fix it without it being stupid and gimmicky:

- tool requirements - you can't dig solid stone with bare hands. You need to make a pickaxe to mine. Slows down the entire mining process and limits hte amount of pawns that can dig based on equipment. Heck, you can apply it to cutting down trees - make an axe requirement. A stone chunk and some wood and you have a stone axe. (but how can you get wood if you can't cut trees without axe? Simple, you can gather wood without axes by breaking branches. That would yield only a tiny amount of wood, take a long time, the tree would stay and it's growing would be re-set)

- slow down mining. Simple. Mining should take time even with good tools. Because it's stone.

- have raiders attack farming plots and reduce farming yield, requiring bigger farms that would have to be on the outside, making it harder to turtle and protect. Also, makes sense. A tiny farm isn't going to feed an entire colony so easily. Might also require some nutritional value balancing.

- earthquakes (artillery bombardments too) that can cause cave-ins. Support pillars and walls for strong, but flexible materials help.

- vehicles. Blimps and ariplanes/shuttles (can drop bombs). Trucks/apcs/tanks (can carry troposp to your walls or carry big weapons). Usable by the player AND enemies. Old-fashioned siege engines, like a giant drill (goes trough walls like butter). SOME of these would be impervious to small arms fire, requireing tank mines, AA guns, heavy guns and interception.

- combine with Preemtive Strike Stuff. More reason for the player to leave the colony and the safety of the walls. To thin/weaken a raid before it reaches the base.

- actual AI settlement simulation (simplifed). Population (number of paws, decreases with losses. Sending a raid also decreases it), defense (defensive fortifications/turrets), wealth (affects how attractive it is for other factions to attack, how quick the population grows) - these 3 variables would be enough.

- all the basic QoL additions and fixes (Pawns are Capable, metal doesn't burn, vein miners/designators, death rattle, improved surgery, medic bags)

I can think of a lot more things.

General Discussion / Am I the only one who's dissapointed?
« on: February 26, 2020, 04:01:08 AM »
I hear a lot of complains. Some with merit, others without.
But it feels like this update and DLC messed so many mods and playtroughs, without actually adding anything of actual worth (the perormance improvements being the only thing of interest).

People complained that the game, despite is age, is never on sale or discount, and that this DLC is overpriced. I feel they are somewhat right.

People complained that the game is unfinished, and kinda feels like it. There are so many holes in the game that I cannot imagine ever playing without 100+ mods, simply for all the QoL improvements and adding missing content. What is missing, you may ask?

The tech advancement seems to skip and jump all over the place. The early game lacks content. You go from tribal to industrial. So much more research could be added, more stages and research could be better gated (you much have X number of medieval tech researched before you can unlock industrial) Something like royalty would have been good for medieval content, instead we get psychic space emperors content that feels off.

I would have been 1000 times happier if Ty either copied or simply directly implemented content from some of the best mods.
You jump from pack animal caravans (which you cannot even ride) to starships. Nothing in between. No boats or coastal cities/trade. No trucks (which would be good on roads and flat plains, but terrible/incapable in swams, mountains, etc..), blimps/zeppelins, aircraft of any kind.
Interaction between factions is primitive and beyond bare-bones. Raids magically appear at your doorstep. Etc, etc..
And lets not forget the attrocious mod loading system, where you have to wait for the game to load all of the mods BEFORE you can actually set up mod load order.. instead of having mod selector/load order as the first thing to start

Mods/ideas that should be part of the core game (at least some parts/aspects of them):
Giddy up
SMRT (whatever the mod name with shuttles is)
Any of the surgery improvement mods (default mechanics are trash)
CE (just the ranged combat aiming part)
Death rattle
Prison labor/Simple slavery
More faction interaction
Preemptive strike
Vein Miner (seriously, how is this NOT part of core???)
Duel weield/Simple Sidearms/Run and Gun
Dubs Hygene

I could put up a long list. And I know people might accuse Ty of "stealing" ideas if he does that. First, ideas cannot be stolen or owned, not something so vauge as "let's add vehicles to the game"
Second, I don't give a crap. I just want a functional game that doesn't feel like half the content is missing.

But suppose you want something new mechanically.
How about gear prerequisites - like for example, a minigun either not being equippable or suffering massive penalties if a pawn doesn't have power armor (apparel with power armor tag, so that modded power armor would work easily).
More damage types? Freeze guns?
Pawn attributes (like a RPG, strength, agility, endurance, toughness, etc..) that interact with skills and are hard to change. You many have great knowledge of mining, but a weak body.

Anyway, long rant, bottom point is... I'm dissapointed that after this long, nothing of real value (to me and many others at least) has been added.

Help / Stupid question
« on: January 16, 2020, 06:40:52 AM »
If I want to create a headdiff that boosts size and HP (let's call it genetic enhacement)

I would basically create a sickenss, with 1 stage, flag it as not bad and non-curable, and put increase baseBodySize and BaseHealthScale using the same synatax like one would use to boost manipulation, or conciounsess, or any other attribute  (irrc, that was using offset, so 2.0 for 200% increase), correct?

Here is the current file:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <defaultLabelColor>(0.55, 0.05, 1)</defaultLabelColor>
    <label>supreme genes</label>
<!--     <lethalSeverity>40</lethalSeverity> -->

Basically, I also want to set body size to 1.25 and boost HP

Halp pls

Mods / Trade Beacon Range?
« on: April 11, 2019, 11:05:42 AM »
Anyone know if it's possible to change that?

I'm looking at the buildings defs and I can't see where that would be defined. Is it hardcoded?

General Discussion / How is attraction calculated?
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:46:08 AM »
Seems like a value that gets RNG'ed at the start and then does not change.

Ideas / Re-wroking armor
« on: August 02, 2017, 09:02:17 AM »
As it stand now armor has a % damage reduction. It is simple, but unsatisfactory.
Some games use damage treshold (completely negate up to X damage). I recommend a combo.

Armor has a damage resistance (to damage type) and damage reduction (to damage type).
Any damage below the resistance value is completely negated - 0 damage.
Any damage above that is reduced by the %, with the remaining % taken from the armor.

So an armor with a 10 pierce damage resistance and 60% damage reduction:
- hit by a 5 damage shot - 0 damage to pawn, 1 damage to armor
- hit by a 30 damage shot - pawn takes 40% damage and armor takes 60%

Since armor has HP, it gets damaged with every hit - either only scratches or bigger damage. As armor condition worsens, so does it's protection. Both values take a 5% reduction for every 10% HP lost. So even an almost destroyed armor will still have 50% of it's original protection.

To add to this, ability to repair armor - time depends on HP to repair and material. Assuming 1 HP repaired every in-game second, a heavy power armor that has 1000HP might take a while to repair.

This is way more realistic system that gives armor more value, but also gives the ma mainteinance requirement, costing time and resources to keep in good condition.

General Discussion / The eternal topic - MELEE and combat in general
« on: July 23, 2017, 06:22:19 AM »
How to make melee combat more attractive? How to balance combat better? Well, first we have to look at what makes melee combat undesirable:

1. Melee is risky. Closing distance is risky, fighting is risky due to injuries.
- proper shields and shield belts will make closing distance safer

- proper armor (add damage negation treshold to armor - any damage below X is negated) would make closing distances safer, and melee weapons more viable (as they do more damage than most ranged weapons). No more pistols killing a guy in power armor.

- increased HP of body parts and organs would make ALL combat better. Having a pistol shoot off an arm or a squirrel bite off a nose is just insane. Reduced chance of your colonist loosing limbs is melee makes melee more viable.

2. Guns are too easy to get and maintain.
- ammo. The need to conserve and produce ammo gives a cost to weapons. There should be a simple way to repair guns (a bit of steel and 1-2 components to repair a gun) to compensate.

General Discussion / hard to sell - trader problem
« on: July 12, 2017, 08:04:21 AM »
Why is it so hard to sell some stuff?

I have so much stuff that I can never sell, because traders that can buy it are very rare.

General Discussion / Relative generation is bugged
« on: July 11, 2017, 04:45:04 AM »
It needs some sanity checks.

I had two of my colonists get married - the girl was 19.

Then immediately after that, a raid appeared with their 12-year old daughter.

Something as simple as checking the age and WHEN they became a couple before assigning children, would be nice.

Ideas / On animal husbandry, genitals and castration
« on: June 28, 2017, 06:29:14 AM »
You know that situation where you love your animals, but they breed like crazy?
Or that cool new creature you'd like to add, but it doesn't fit with the male/female split?

Well, the idea is simple - add genital as organs (penis and vagina as standard, modders could add others).

Also, currently only animals/creatures designated as male can breed with a creature designated as female - the game looks at that designation only. That's kinda restrictive. What if I want creatures that re-produce asexually (mitosis?) or are hermaphrodites?

First this enables you to prevent animals from breeding humanely, secondly it makes sense, because reproductive organs is just as much part of a body as eyes and fingers are.
Third it adds more options to modders for addition of more interesting creatures

Mods / Mod suggestions: Art Overhaul
« on: March 21, 2017, 07:00:10 AM »
New, classical art graphics used for high quality, great art
The "modern Art" graphics used for shit art.

Just like in reality.

Help / Best way to go about making a Space Marine?
« on: February 09, 2017, 05:40:20 AM »
I'm conflicted about how to make it.

Looking at various files, I made a astartes body defeinition, replacing all ribs with a chest plate.

Of course, an astartes is far tougher, meaning I have to go trough body parts - fingers, limbs, bones - and adjust their values (do I have to re-name each part? Will a left_middle_finger in the astartes definition xml work without overwriting the normal middile finger? It is a separate file, but the body part name is the same.)

Then come the organs. For some things I see I can tie in the functions easily - multi-lung, secondary heart.
For others, it seems like specific boosts can't be tied to an organ.
How do I tie fast healing/bleeding reduction to a specific organ?
How do I give the multi-lung an air filtration role?
How can I have the organ reduce the need for speed?

I know I can do most of it trough a desease or infection, but again - it's not tied to the organ.
I am trying several different variantions and approaches and I'm not sure how to proceed.

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