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Genes are just buffs, regardless of how little sense it makes.

Genes that change a part of the body don't actually change a part of that body. (new body parts should be added or existing body parts changed from genes)

Buffs tied to a body part don't go away when you loose that part of the body. (got your hand shot off? the long-fingers buff was tied to that new/changed body part, so now you lose half of the bonus)

The implementation is just shoddy.
General Discussion / Incompetent Wild Men
July 30, 2022, 01:32:37 PM
Wild man as they are are completely and utterly incapable of surviving. They usually lack the basic survival skills you'd expect (melee, animal and plants at least. How the hell did they survive this long with 0 plant skill to forage?) and their AI seems to be suicidal (starving, dying of heatstroke or hypothermia even when there are safe areas they can reach).
They really need some improvement.

Speaking of which, staying next to a fire (even when outside) should prevent freezing.
General Discussion / Re: really bad precept balance
July 30, 2022, 01:20:04 PM
And dying because of lack if firewood is NOT weird?

You are in the middle of a forest. You plant new trees. You cut a few to make a house and to cook/heat during winter. You are still sourounded by trees and nature.
But somehow cutting the few trees that you NEED to survive makes you a monster and causes you so much mental anguish you decide to burn down the entire forest/kill the colony animal/colonist???

THAT makes sense to you?
General Discussion / really bad precept balance
July 30, 2022, 01:01:14 PM
Ideology has Trees Desired (not even Nature Primacy meme). Cutting down trees to build stuff murders your moral. Practically permanent -20 mood, despite being sorrounded by trees. Planting new trees grants nothing. Worst precept to pick.

Nudist. Rages because he/she is wearing a necklace/slave collar or a hat and is thus "not naked".

Holy hell, does anyone even playtest this? How can anyone think this is OK?
General Discussion / Re: Still dissapointed
August 23, 2021, 08:36:00 AM
Quote from: Locklave on August 20, 2021, 05:23:25 AM
How is that a Transhumanism? Transhumanists what to trans away from humans to a higher state of being, non human machines. Transhumanists don't want to replace human parts for different human parts.

Sez who?

Bio-enchacements are transhumanism.
Mechanical enchacements are also trans-humanism.
BUT they are not one and he same. In fact, you can want one but despise the other.

Flesh is sacred, machine is unholy... or vice-versa.
General Discussion / Re: Still dissapointed
August 20, 2021, 04:36:56 AM
Biological arm and mechanical arm are an examaple of two different things. One is OK, other is not.

Age reversal may be ok.
A scyther limb or brain chip would not.

As to how to sort them - a tag?
General Discussion / Still dissapointed
August 20, 2021, 02:21:39 AM
After all this time, all these patches, Rimworld STILL doesn't have a proper launcher.

When any sensible game lets you adjust a mod list first and only THEN load them, Rimworld goes backwards and insist on loading the entire game and all mods before giving you an option to change the order or mod list.

Consider that depending on how many mods you have, the game may take 10-30 minutes to start. And if you're toubleshooting mods and thus have to change the list, that means a 20 minute wait time EVERY TIME you change even a single mod.
Utterly, completely unexcusable.

So many QoL things still not merged into the core. So many BS decisions that mods have to fix.

And I might also mention Ideology here - restrictive. Lumping too many things together. For example, I cannot make a transhumanist that ONLY want biological enhancements, but reject cybernetics, because there is no destinction between the two.
Ideas / Re: RE-thinking raids
October 22, 2020, 03:44:54 AM
Quote from: Canute on October 21, 2020, 05:37:38 AM
Well 60 vs how many ?
You know at the medivial era you need to bring 10 times so many troops against a city then they got to win the battle for sure.
Basicly rimworld isn't that different, the AI is weak tactican, most raiders got crappy equipment, while your pawn's better equipment and are prepared (hopefully).
And you still can lower the difficult of the storyteller anytime during gameplay.

Butter equiped raiders mosttimes just give your colony better equipment afterwards, that is my expierence.
Did you ever used GlitterTech mod, when 1-2 commando's attack your colony and wipe you easiely if you arn't prepared against them.
But if you survive and could aquire some of these weapons, 1-2 pawn could fight down a tribal attack.

It's not about the difficult per say - ti can always be tweaked/changed.
It's about the mechanic. The atmosphere. The gameplay.

Your interactions with the faction are bare-bones at best. Their raiding follow no sensible logic. Their resources are limitless. Their armirs just teleport to your location.

Personally, I cannot play anymore without Preemtive Strike, as such a mechanic should be standard. Allowing a player to be proactive.

More sensible raid and faction behaviors woudl greatly improve immersion and gameplay.
You beat a big raid - now the enemy colony that sent the raid has a drop in it's population (people) and defense (turrets/defenses + people). It's wealth may have also been affected, depending on what they sent on that raid.
Now the AI has some thinking to do. Do they try to send a revenge raid and risk loosing even more or do they wait to regain some strength? Them being wealthy but weakened might invite a raid from other enemies (actual faction interactions???? Shocking, I know), and if it hits while their raiding force is out, their already weakened defenses may not hold. Did they do enough damage to you inthe first raid to think a immediate second raid is wise? Or do they wait to gather a greater force (as in, they cannot send a stronger raid than they have capacity for)?

This actually requires some AI logic to be written to handle this, and since Ty is big on "story generator" and just throwing RNG events, rather than actual cause-and-consequence and connected systems/events living world implementation, I doubt he would ever do this, but one can dream.
The HP of individual body parts could use boosting. That or the logic behind how organ/bodypart damage is calculated needs work.

I lost count of how many times a fist-fight results in torn off limbs and pulverized brains. WTF?
We're talking normal, non-agumented humans, specifically ordered to use just fists to calm down a beserking prisoner or bring down the last injured raider.

It's downright infuriating how EASY is to loose organs and limbs from even the most improbable sources.

ONLY HIGH-CALIBER weapons (as in sniper rifle, .50 caliber and above) and explosives should be able to actually destroy/shot-off a limb. A regular bullet won't blow off your arm or leg.
Blunt weapons should definitely NOT be able to tear off your limbs.
Cutting weapons should only be able to do so if you have no armor or low-quality armor.
I don't think people realize how durable armor is and hard it is to chop off a limb.
Ideas / Re: RE-thinking raids
October 21, 2020, 04:58:12 AM
Quote from: Alenerel on October 15, 2020, 08:07:37 AM
Quotebad rng: they actually do come with 60 dudes armed to the teeth

Altho I agree that the AI doesnt make sense, this is just game ending. I dont think players appreciate that at any given moment for any given reason your game might just end, just because.

It's used as an example. Replace 60 with reasonably appropriate threat level number. Basically the best and worst case scenario are variable and change to (roughly) match player strength.
Ideas / RE-thinking raids
October 15, 2020, 07:28:46 AM
The raids and the mechanics behind them, as well as the world factions and luckluster, to say the least.

Post ideas here for how to improve raids and factions:
Here are some good ideas I ran into:

Quote>why the fuck does the game make you build killboxes so desperately

Because the ai is very focused on killing your colonists and "ending your save file" instead of being reasonable bandits and raiders and raids are predictably random.

""""Raids""""" can instantly improve by changing how raiders work.

1) raiders should want different things, which they usually attempt to obtain by sounding threatening (could be a bluff)

example: raiders hear you have a stash of glitterworld meds and want it to cure their leader's wife's son, if you accept they will visit your colony peacefully to retrieve it. if not they will send a massive force of 60 men (while your colony wealth is still low) to claim it by force. they claim to have explosives and are fully armed.

with good rng: if you say no, they show up but only like 10 dudes armed with small guns
bad rng: they actually do come with 60 dudes armed to the teeth

2) raiders should offer quests as well, demanding quests in order to keep your colony safe (from them)

example: deliver silver (or whatever) to this nearby location and come alone, bringing another pawn will result in a shootout

3) raiders will use the relationship points better. -100 is basically big raids trying to end all of your lives, you have to actually really try to get them to this point though. this should come with a rework of the relationship point system

tl;dr: the game is shallow because tynan made the game shallow. this is why even tiny mods thrive extremely well

>1) raiders should want different things
This would be a huge improvement over current raider AI, where raiders are nihilist retards who just want to smash and burn everything for no apparent reason.
>2) raiders should offer quests as well, demanding quests in order to keep your colony safe (from them)
This is historically how raider-type cultures have operated. The Mongols, for example, gave their targets an option to become a tributary and give the Mongols what they wanted instead of just massacring all of them right off the bat. The Mongols wouldn't have been able to conquer so much land if they murdered all of their potential subjects like a bunch of retards.
>3) raiders will use the relationship points better. -100 is basically big raids trying to end all of your lives, you have to actually really try to get them to this point though. this should come with a rework of the relationship point system
You mean there should be a difference between -10 (mild dislike) and -100 (mortal enemies)? I don't get it. Those two things are the same.

Quoteto add, at +100 relationship with raiders, they will treat you better and trade instead of demand things from you, and invite you to raid with them as well, something probably unique to the currently permahostile raider faction.

but yeah the relationship system in rimworld is so unfinished and simple and not a single mod has been made around that. it could be a very nice thing, managing neighboring relationships instead of just finally researching drop pods and showering them with gifts to maintain +100

Aside from that: faction towns/bases having a few variables that track their development (population, defenses, wealth) and that also determine their actions (they might act differently depending on their population/defenses. You defeating a raid reduces the pop of the town that sent it, and it recovers over time, etc..)
Mods / Re: Need TM travel
August 27, 2020, 02:53:35 PM
No, the TM error was from Rimworld of Magic and turned out mostly harmless.

The REAL issue is different - it doesn't really throw out errors until map generation, sometimes not even there.

The issue is when I start playing, right mouse click does nothing, I cannot give order, tell pawns to pick up things and they do no jobs.
Bloody hell, I hate this.
Mods / Need TM travel
August 25, 2020, 01:19:50 PM
I just spent an eternity trying to figure out WTF is wrong with my mod list.
I get a whole bunch on Need TM_Travel error on pawns during world generation, and the map fails with error on loading afterwards.

anyone have any idea what Need TM_Travel even IS?
As in, will we finally get the launcher and ability to sort a mod list BEFORE the game decides to load everything?

It's a utterly horrible design decision.
Quote from: zizard on June 05, 2020, 03:54:07 AM
Game is built to try to force mental break storytelling. That's why bloodlust trait is so good (oops inb4 nerf for subverting storytelling).

This. The game is a forced drama generator basically.