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Mods / [Mod Help] Errors for everyone
« on: January 21, 2020, 03:43:50 AM »
Started up Rimworld after a bit of a break and have been getting a lot of errors, most likely due to the 400-ish mods I had installed. I uninstalled some, but I am getting errors in game now that I go that running again.

Been getting these as errors in game -
No idea why or how the are caused, but it looks like a creature mod I have is one culprit.

There are more errors, like all NPCs being named ErrorName as well as factions... Any help would be appreciated.

Outdated / [A14] Project Sar V0.4 (WIP)
« on: August 14, 2016, 06:03:12 AM »
This is my attempt at a weapons mod. It is Fallout based, but I am trying to avoid using the same weapons that are in other fallout mods.
Its needs a bit of balancing, but should not be OP at all.
I plan on added a Combat Realism Patch when I can figure out what I need to do for it.
The art is taken from Fallout Shelter and is just temporary until I can get better stuff.

Finished: Still needs to be balanced a bit better.
Guns - .32 pistol, Pipe Pistol, Henrietta (Custom Hunting/lever action Rifle)
Lasers - Institute Pistol, Institute Rifle
Melee - Pool Cue, Fire Hydrant Bat

To Do List:
The Alien Blaster
The Fatman
The Gauss Rifle
The Junk Jet
The Minigun (Think I saw one in another mod though)
The Missile Launcher (Maybe)
The Railway Spike Rifle
The Scoped .44 pistol

Dropbox link
Project Sar v0.4

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]

Unfinished / Project Sar v. 0.4 - Fallout Series Weapons - A14
« on: August 10, 2016, 03:23:53 AM »
I am trying my hand at xml modding with a basic weapons mod. It's kind of an addon for the Project Fallout mod since I am using Fallout themed items currently. It's a definite WIP, but I figured I would post it to see if anyone could point out my mistakes and what not.

The art is not original, hopefully I can get some better stuff, but since this is more or less just a test of learning, I hope there won't be a problem. There are a few things from the Project Fallout mod in there, they will be removed or replaced when I figured things out.

Edit: thought I would add a list of the current weapons. They still need work, have to customize the stats a bit to balance them out and not have them just be copies of others guns. Wanted to be sure they worked first though.

Guns - .32 pistol, Pipe Pistol, Henrietta (Custom Hunting/lever action Rifle)
Lasers - Institute Pistol, Institute Rifle
Melee - Pool Cue, Fire Hydrant Bat

Dropbox link
Project Sar v0.4

Edit: Think I fixed the formatting.

Mods / Modding attempt (Currently failing)
« on: August 01, 2016, 04:40:33 PM »
I decided to attempt to update the Nightling mod to A14 for personal use mostly and to see if I could do it, but I am getting an error on load from it, not sure what I did wrong. Any help would be awesome.

I added the attempted mod rar and a screenshot of the error I got.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]

Mods / Weeding out my Mod list
« on: August 01, 2016, 07:14:44 AM »
Trying to figure out if any of the mods I use have issues with each other. I get a couple errors on occassion, but nothing to serious usually. Yes I know I use a lot of mods, I just like variety. I am trying to cut some out though, any tips, pointers, or recommendations for ones to remove/replace? I use both forum and Steam based mods.

         <li>Community Core Library</li>
         <li>Community Core Library - Vanilla Tweaks</li>
         <li>Miscellaneous 'CORE'</li>
         <li>Misc. Robots</li>
         <li>Misc. MAI</li>
         <li>Misc. MapGenerator</li>
         <li>Vegetable Garden </li>
         <li>EdB Prepare Carefully</li>
         <li>Misc. Patch - Prepare Carefully</li>
         <li>Toxic Fallout Protection Suit</li>
         <li>Armor Crafting</li>
         <li>Canned Food</li>
         <li>Clutter Furniture Module</li>
         <li>Clutter Structures</li>
         <li>DE Surgeries</li>
         <li>ESM - Do Not Disturb</li>
         <li>ESM - Mine Vein</li>
         <li>ESM - Smooth Wall</li>
         <li>Grenade Fix</li>
         <li>Heavy defences mod</li>
         <li>High Caliber</li>
         <li>Less Rebuff</li>
         <li>Fluffes Random Lore Friendly Animal Mod</li>
         <li>Mannable Turrets</li>
         <li>Mechanite Augmentation</li>
         <li>MOAR Bots</li>
         <li>More Factions x10</li>
         <li>Neutrainer and AI Persona Core Crafting</li>
         <li>Project Armory 20th Century</li>
         <li>RD - Allow Dazed Drops</li>
         <li>Remote Explosives</li>
         <li>Rimsenal - Federation TEST a14</li>
         <li>Rimsenal - Feral TEST</li>
         <li>Rimsenal - Rimhair</li>
         <li>Rimsenal - Security</li>
         <li>Auto Equip</li>
         <li>Pawn State Icons A14</li>
         <li>Training Rack</li>
         <li>Vegetable Automation</li>
         <li>Weapon Crafting</li>
         <li>Expanded Traits</li>
         <li>Xeva's Rimhair</li>
         <li>Stonecutting Tweak v1.02</li>
         <li>Medical Tab</li>
         <li>Animals Tab</li>
         <li>Misc. Training</li>
         <li>Medical Training v1.05</li>
         <li>Work Tab</li>
         <li>Area Unlocker</li>
         <li>Cheaper Components</li>
         <li>More Trade Ships</li>
         <li>Misc. Incidents</li>
         <li>Colony Manager</li>
         <li>ED-Laser Drill</li>
         <li>Right Tool For The Job v1.15</li>
         <li>[T] MoreFloors</li>
         <li>Capsule Power v1.02</li>
         <li>Fortified Wall</li>
         <li>ED-More Vanilla Turrets</li>
         <li>Glitter Tech (No Surgery)</li>
         <li>Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering</li>
         <li>Storage Search</li>
         <li>Fluffy Breakdowns</li>
         <li>Project Fallout v1.2c</li>
         <li>Spoons Hair Mod</li>
         <li>USCM - Core</li>
         <li>USCM - Turret</li>
         <li>[T] ExpandedCloth</li>
         <li>RTGs v1.15</li>
         <li>Less Incident Trolling</li>
         <li>Mind Altering Device</li>
         <li>Nackblad Inc Rimhair</li>
         <li>Modular Tables v1.48</li>
         <li>Follow Me!</li>
         <li>Mine Tech</li>
         <li>Roof Support</li>
         <li>Misc. Objects</li>
         <li>LT-No Cleaning Please!</li>
         <li>RT Quantum Storage</li>
         <li>A Dog Said...</li>
         <li>RT Fuse</li>
         <li>RT Power Switch</li>
         <li>RT Solar Flare Shield</li>
         <li>Apparello 2</li>
         <li>Izzyssentials Core</li>
         <li>Izzyssentials Switch</li>
         <li>Izzyssentials Solar</li>
         <li>Izzyssentials Hydro</li>
         <li>Izzyssentials Lights</li>
         <li>Izzyssentials Furniture</li>
         <li>Foam grenades</li>
         <li>3DG's Weapons Pack 01</li>
         <li>Practise Target v2.06</li>
         <li>Explosive Snowmen</li>
         <li>RW_ColonistBarKF - Steam</li>
         <li>[CHEAT] More Capacity Researches For RT Quantum Storage</li>
         <li>3DG's Electroshock Pack</li>
         <li>Prisoner Harvesting</li>
         <li>Desert Eagle</li>
         <li>NW Sterile Wall</li>
         <li>20th Century Weapons Mod (20CWМ)</li>
         <li>Firearm Names + Generic</li>
         <li>Auto Seller</li>
         <li>Less Crippling Moods</li>
         <li>Mad Skills</li>
         <li>Additional Joy Objects</li>
         <li>Zen Garden</li>
         <li>Selling prisoners with no guilt</li>
         <li>Steel extraction</li>
         <li>ADogSaid - EPOE workbenches</li>
         <li>Medieval Times</li>
         <li>Anti Material Rifle</li>
         <li>RT's Weapon Pack</li>
         <li>No debuffs from pet killing\selling</li>
         <li>Advanced GeoGenerator</li>
         <li>Relations Tab</li>

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