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Outdated / [A15] Brain Mod
September 09, 2016, 04:36:01 PM
Brain Mod (working title)
(WTB a better title)

- Natural Brain
- Bionic Brain

Pics for Clicks

- Allows you to perform brain transplants with a Natural Brain to fix Alzheimer's and Dementia. Effectively wipe the slate clean of local injuries and diseases (brain specific).
- Or go the "Super-Deluxe" Route and install a Bionic Brain for enhanced abilities!
        - Bionic Brain 5000
          - Consciousness +100% Expand your mind (by replacing it)!
          - Breathing +5%
          - Sight +5%
          - Talking +10%
          - Manipulation -10%
          - Complete immunity from debilitating mental conditions!
          - Guaranteed to work as hard as you do! (Minimum forced efficiency of 100%!)
          - And you'll be working hard indeed, because you'll only require 25*% the rest requirements! (*subject to change without notice)
          - May affect personality.
          - Warranty not included.

Does not:
- Allow you to transfer the personality, skills, traits, favorite ice cream flavor and very soul of one pawn into another. This is not because I am mean, but because I am dumb.
I don't know how to do it; or rather, I'm nearly certain it would require advanced plugin voodoo and I dislike such things. Would be cool though.

Installation (of Brains):
- Natural Brain requires x1 GlitterWorld Medicine & 12 Medicine Skill and 3500 Work (might increase medicine cost). Medium chance of Success and High chance of death on Failure.
- Bionic Brain requires x2 GlitterWorld Medicine & 16 Medicine Skill and 5000 Work (might increase medicine cost). Low chance of Success and Very High chance of death on Failure.
- During Tests I succeeded brilliantly when I was in a proper hospital room and bed (and sober). When I tried performing surgery with just a sleeping spot and a torch...not so much.

Balance & Future Vision:
- I hear you yelling "OP OP" and it probably is a bit, especially the rest requirements. I may tone those down a bit, but I like the idea of it. Reminds me of an old X-Files where there was some secret military program where they performed brain surgery on soldiers to remove their need for sleep. Of course it made them go psychotic, but that's just details. "May affect personality..." (I'll come clean and say I haven't implemented this. Yet. Feel free to leave suggestions :) ).
- I was also thinking about having it give you random traits, but I haven't figured out how to do that without a plugin. I'd like to at least have it give you "Psychically Deaf" and maybe a random chance for getting "Prosthophile" ("Suddenly I really like the idea of getting more artificial implants...where did this thought originate from?")
- Manipulation -10%: There is a degree of disconnect between the body and artificial brain. Think of a dancing marionette that has a controller that is a half step out of tune.
- Edit: Thinking it over some, I think I will do a Mk2 Bionic Brain and confine the quirks to that model, but tone down the Mk1. That way people can have either a sane or insane experience, as they desire.

- Probably compatible with all the things, everywhere. Seriously. If, let me know, yeah?
- I imported some abstracts from Core, but they're unchanged and really serve no purpose other than completeness. Def's all have unique names, starting with DR_ so are unlikely to conflict.
- Made sure not to override anything. Probably should load BEFORE any other Surgery mods so it gets overridden if need be. Tested with loading first and last and it doesn't seem to matter.
- Tested with EPOE and DESurgeries. Uninstalling a Bionic Brain (DESurgeries) is fatal.

- You can still get drunk (and hungover). Alcohol has a malus to consciousness, which still affects you. This is probably because it hits the "Whole Body" body part and the Bionic Brain only fortifies the "Brain" body part.
Not sure if this is an actual issue, especially because even when my test pawn was hammered for -60% Consciousness, he still had +322% Consciousness overall (note this was with the 2.0 part efficiency version, likely lower now).
- Diseases that affect consciousness (e.g. Flu) will still affect consciousness (unless they are locally specific to the brain). And will likely still kill you.
- Stun Guns (which work by dropping your consciousness) will probably still work too.
- Currently can't Harvest Brains. Nice try Zombies. (Oversight, will be fixed Soon.)
- Currently installing a Natural Brain requires the current brain to have a defect of some sort, or be Bionic. If there is demand, I'll see about allowing you to swap brains at will (for no gain other than for roleplaying purposes).

- As always, feedback and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. I'm pretty new to modding, so I'm sure there is room for improvement. Like a better title for starters.

License (included for completeness and posterity):
- Honestly, I don't really care. When a point of this license is in question, see this point.
- I'm providing it for free, and would prefer it to stay that way. Taking donations is fine - flat out charging for it is a no and kind of a dick move (Adfly, Mediafire type stuff is fine).
- Mod pack authors are free to use and modify; would be nice if they let me know, but not required.
- Share-A-Like (as in you can redistribute it, in pieces, or in total).
- Credit: Would be appreciated, but see first point.
- Hit-By-A-Bus-Clause: If I'm inactive (i.e. don't log in) on the RimWorld forums for a period of, let's say, two (2) months, this mod can be effectively be considered up for adoption.

How do you calculate ticks between shots?
Take the Machine Pistol as an example. Does the RangedWeapon_Cooldown get added after each shot in a burst, or at the end of a burst of shots?
RangedWeapon_Cooldown is defined by the game as "How long it takes to recover after firing this weapon."

I came up with two versions. I'm leaning toward number one, but I really don't know. This is important because of reasons. ;D

==== VERSION 1 ====
--Combat Round Begins--
warmupTicks +45
*Shot 1 of 3 Fired*
RangedWeapon_Cooldown +0.66
ticksBetweenBurstShots +7
*Shot 2 of 3 Fired*
RangedWeapon_Cooldown +0.66
ticksBetweenBurstShots +7
*Shot 3 of 3 Fired*
RangedWeapon_Cooldown +0.66
ticksBetweenBurstShots +7
--Combat Round Ceases--

==== VERSION 2 ====
--Combat Round Begins--
warmupTicks +45
*Shot 1 of 3 Fired*
ticksBetweenBurstShots +7
*Shot 2 of 3 Fired*
ticksBetweenBurstShots +7
*Shot 3 of 3 Fired*
ticksBetweenBurstShots +7
RangedWeapon_Cooldown +0.66
--Combat Round Ceases--
General Discussion / Bullet Speed does...?
September 08, 2016, 10:59:38 PM
Obviously it determines the velocity of the projectile fire. What I'd like to know is if it has any other effects, such as on damage.
Reading the wiki page on Weapons, which gives damage calculations, it would seem not. Can anyone confirm?

I forget if the Combat Realism mod utilizes it or not - anyone know off hand? I'm guessing it does, since it seems the type of mod to better mod projectile physics.

Weapons Wiki Page
General Discussion / Question on forum notifications
September 06, 2016, 10:23:52 PM
Not sure where to post this, feel free to move to a more appropriate spot (as always).

Anyway to to setup notifications so that you only get notifications when someone replies to you (as in quotes you)? I'm not necessarily as concerned with what people are saying in the thread in general, but when they're talking directly to me, I'd like some way of knowing.
I've looked through the notifications settings multiple times, and haven't seen anything (I could be blind though). It just seems to be Board, Topic or Email notifications, none of which are relevant.

If it doesn't exist...feature request? Along with the ability to tag people directly.
Bugs / Game reading contents of <!--Comments-->
September 04, 2016, 02:42:24 PM
Mod edit: this thread was moved from the Mods discussion forum. The summary is that 2 comments in series in XML seems to throw an error when it "shouldn't".

Is there a reason the game is reading the contents of comments (or even sees them at all)? I'll freely admit I'm not the saviest with coding, but I was always under the impression when you commented something out, it prevented the program from reading it. Completely (with minor exceptions). Yet on more than one occasion, I have found that to not be the case with RimWorld.
I kept getting "Duplicated XML node name #comment in this XML block" errors, but thought that couldn't be the issue (screenshot one). However, when I went to the Hediff referenced in the error, Feral_ArmorPiercing, and deleted the two commented out Hediff lines (screenshot two), the error disappeared.
Is that working as intended?

And yes, I know the joke.
Patient: "Doctor, my arm hurts when I bend it this way."
Doctor: "Then don't bend it that way."
But respectfully, that's missing the point.
Is there a difference between the two?
There is a "specialFiltersToAllow" but best I can tell no "allowedSpecialFilters." Logically, you would think there would be, so there probably is - I just haven't found an example in the Core game.
Mainly just curious as to which I should use in what circumstances.



So I was going over all the new drug additions and noticed there was no way to produce Luciferium, so I decided to remedy that by making a micro mod. Nothing fancy, just adds to the DrugLab bench. What I'd like to know is if anyone has any opinions about how to balance the thing.
Here is what I currently have...
1x Luciferium = 3x Go-Juice + 1x GlitterWorld Medicine

Note: market value of Luciferium = Glitterworld Medicine = 100 in the stock game. Why Go-Juice? Seemed the most appropriate drug, given the various flavor texts (high functioning/synthetic). It also ties the production into the rest of the drug chain. Glitterworld Medicine as the (presumable) source of mechanites. Or something. You can now craft basic Medicine at the drug lab in A15, but Glitterworld Medicine remains out of reach still.

SimpleMeal: 300 (iirc)
Go-Juice: 600
Luciferium: 2500

BaseCost: 3000 (same as ComponentAssembly)
Tier4, requires HighTech Bench with MultiAnalyzer. Prerequirements: DrugProduction. TechLevel: Industrial.

I'm not a 100% on how the trade formula works, but the fact that the marketValue of one of the ingredients equals the marketValue of the end product, probably indicates this formula is not a profitable one. I could be wrong about that.

Mod bugs / Body disappears on death...
August 22, 2016, 08:22:35 PM
I have a number of mods installed and recently added a few more. However, one of the new ones seems to make it so that bodies "vanish" at the moment of death. It's happened twice in my current game, both times they were KO'd first. First time I shanked them to death, second time I let them bleed out. Both times....body disappears as soon as they die (presumably, as I didn't see the actually "crossing over" point either time).

Modlist below. Mods starting at Combat Realism at the bottom of list were added recently and are the likely culprit, but I can't for the life of me pin point it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Community Core Library
Miscellaneous 'CORE'
Zen Garden 14.00
World Wars Weapons
Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden Tools
Turret Collection
Expanded Traits
Rimsenal - Storyteller pack
Rimsenal - Security pack
Rimsenal - Rimhair
Rimsenal - Feral
Rimsenal - Federation
Rimfire 2.1 + Clutter Misc Hands
Rimfire 2.1
RimPharma 14.00
Pawn State Icons A14
Auto Seller
RT Solar Flare Shield
Powerless! 14.00
Flare Mortar
Firefoam Mortar
Mood Balance
Misc. Training
Misc. Robots Xtension
Misc. Robots
Misc. Objects
Misc. MAI
Misc. Incidents
Less Incident Trolling
Area Rugs v1.04
JT's Sleeping Pallet
JT's Field Surgery
Izzyssentials Switch
Izzyssentials Solar
Izzyssentials Lights
Izzyssentials Hydro
Izzyssentials Furniture
Izzyssentials Core
High Caliber
Heated Sun Lamps
Extra Floors 14.00
ESM - Smooth Wall
ESM - Mountain Temp
ESM - Mine Vein
Dwarven Crafts
DE Surgeries
Craftable Medicine
Corpse-Fired Generator 14.01
Clutter Structures
Clutter Misc Module - Hands
Clutter Misc Module
Clutter Furniture Module
American Civil War Weapons
Canned Food
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Build Productive!
Ancient Amulets 14.00
Additional Joy Objects
Achtung! Mod
A Dog Said...
A.LT-A Dog Said...
A.Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Emergency treatment
A.DE Surgeries
20th Century Weapons Mod (20CWМ)
Ushanka! 1.1
Mind Altering Device
Glitter Tech (No Surgery)
Realistic Moods and Needs
Training Rack
Replacement Organ Crafting
Neutrainer and AI Persona Core Crafting
Combat Readiness Check
Char's Fences - 1.0.4
Medicine Kit Crafting
M&amp;Co. MiningHelmet
RT's Weapon Pack
Community Core Library - Vanilla Tweaks
High Caliber
Soylent green
Craftable Robots
Expanded Power
20th Century Weapons Mod (20CWМ)
GHXX Tech Advancing
Roof Support
Apparello 2
RT Quantum Storage
Storage Search
Medical Training v1.05b
Additional Joy Objects
[T] ExpandedCrops (for Vegetable Garden)
Vegetable Garden
Fences v1.01
A Dog Said...
More Furniture
Stonecutting Tweak v1.02
Feed The Colonists
Tilled Soil
More Vanilla Turrets
Efficient Light
Xeva's Rimhair
Medieval Times
Repair Workbench
Selling prisoners with no guilt
Prisoner Harvesting
Colony Manager
Relations Tab
Animals Tab
Area Unlocker
Follow Me!
Medical Tab
Work Tab
Fluffy Breakdowns
Animal Incest
Craftable Medicine
LT-No Cleaning Please!
RT Fuse
EdB Prepare Carefully
As Simple As Rack
Dont Mourn The Dead v1.01
Less Rebuff
Log Walls v1.26
Mechanite Augmentation
RD - Allow Dazed Drops
RTGs v1.15
Combat Realism
High Caliber (Combat Realism Patch)
RT+CR Compatibility Patch
Bionic Replacements Crafting
Craftable Robots - base robots
M&amp;Co. MMS V14.0
3DG's Electroshock Pack
Toxic Fallout Protection Suit
Project Fallout v1.2c
Right Tool For The Job v1.15b
Misc. Robots++
Support / Location of Linux (Steam) Output Log?
August 19, 2016, 11:31:09 PM
For starters, I am familiar with where it's supposed to be (see thread below), but I just spent an hour looking for it and it's not there. I searched my entire computer for Player.log and Output_Log.txt to no avail. I have plenty of experience with finding where Unity usually hides logs from playing KSP, and I found plenty of other logs, but nothing relating to RimWorld. I've tried playing in game with Verbose Logging on in case that had to do with it. Are there any ingame developer mode settings that need to be on? I see the in game log just fine, I'd just like an out of game log.
It's also not in the "RimWorldLinux_Data" folder either.
So....what do?

Where it's listed as being (which actually doesn't exist):
Steam (Linux): Users/<UserName>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log -- untested, possibly incorrect