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Help / A question regarding seasons
February 18, 2017, 09:29:20 AM
I've searched in the Core folder for any info on the seasons, but it seems that seasons aren't coded into the game like many other values (at least I couldn't find it). I also checked in Source but didn't see anything either, so I'm guessing it's in a .dll or .asset file or somewhere...

If I wanted to modify how seasons work (their length, temperature, visual effects...) how would I go about it? Has anyone made changes like this before?

    sorry about the size image, I was too lazy to resize.

    What is this mod all about?
    Well to start off, this is just a patch, I liked the seeds mod a lot but found it was unfair here and there, especially when the game constantly uses blight and cold snaps and you run out of seeds, which are super hard to find, cost a lot of money and the extraction bill most of the time set you behind on seeds instead of helping you make your garden bigger. The original mod's intention is to add immersion, this patch adds a little bit of "realism", or at least uses the mechanic of the original mod in a way that it feels like you can grow and scale with time.
    It also adds a new trader, the "GreenHouse Trader" in both Caravan and Orbital Trader form, they sell raw foods for you to cook or extract seeds from, buy seeds and a couple of barn animals.

    How did you even reach this super arbitrary numbers?
    I did a little bit of simple math (and arbitrary numbers) to find better values for seeds and extraction rates, you can find the spreadsheet here with all the values.
    If you think the balancing is bad/wrong/could be better, please do leave your suggestions here and I will get to them. If you check the spreadsheet you can see some "Hardcore" values, I am thinking about a harder version at some point, but I don't think it will be necessary.

    This mod has some requirements, you must have HugsLib installed (I think it's best to load this one right after core since it's a very popular lib) and then Vegetable Garden, Mod Friendly Overrides (MFO), SeedsPlease! and SeedsPlease! Vegetable Garden Addon and load them in that order before this patch. You can find all three in the original SeedsPlease! thread.

    Notes and things you should know beforehand
    • As a general rule of thumb, a little less than the harvest of 3 plants will allow you to extract 4 seeds. That means, if you buy or start off with 3 potato seeds, once you harvest the potatoes there is a chance for seeds to drop, and then the raw potatoes you get will be enough to extract 4 seeds using the workbench, this allows you to grow the number of seeds you have over time and you can actively maintain your seed stock in case your growing zones are affected.
    • It's not necessary, but I recommend getting the Pests mod that changes the blight function into something more manageable.
    • If it gets too hard to micromanage, cheat a little and get PlantSaver for Vegetable Garden (load before seeds and after VG)
    • Flowers need seeds and you can't extract them, which means you have to actively invest to get the beauty improvement.
    • If you are in a map where little wood grows and need wood, I recommend planting Cecropia Trees for starting off and then moving on to Oak or Teak (they take longer to grow but yield a lot more wood per seed).
    • Psychoid, Smokeleaf, Tobacco, Healroot, Aloe and Neutro require seeds just like all the other plants and you can extract seeds as well, meaning that you can run your drug cartel if you wish to.
    • This mod does NOT patch any of the starting scenarios, if you are planning on growing food at the very start of the game, get EDB's Plan Carefully and make sure to get a few seeds (about 10 to 15 seeds of potatoes, rice, corn and some seeds for aloe and healroot are the essentials, tree seeds if you need wood).
    • Yes, this mod will add something else to worry about and make the game harder, if you are looking for easier, don't get any of the seeds mods and continue to let your colonists spawn gigantic plant fields (which will turn into economic growth and money) out of thin air.
    • You don't need to start a new game, but if you save after you've added these mods, you won't be able to play again without them without editing the save and deleting all references to the new things definitions.

    Known Bugs

    • Users are having errors regarding SeedSmokeleaf and SeedPsychoid, I haven't been able to reproduce the error in order to fix it. It might be related to incompatibility with other mods or mod load order, try to put HugsLib, Vegetable Garden, Override, SeedsPlease, SeedsPleaseVGAddon and SeedsPlease! Rebalance higher up the load list.
    • "Hash collision between YYY and ZZZ: both have short hash ######" this is a known bug, should not cause any real issues and will be maybe fixed in A17

    Credits where due!
    I only sat down and fixed a couple of numbers for a few hours, most credits go to notfood for maintaining the SeedsPlease! Mod and giving us the awesome MFO (if anyone out there is planning on making patches, MFO should be your go to tool), and all the people mentioned in the original thread's credits.

    As an alternative, you can download this pack that contains Vegetable Garden 5.3, FMOverride and all the SeedsPlease files, including this patch. HugsLib is not included.

    NOTE: This download is only for those NOT running Vegetable Garden! If you have it, ignore this download link

    Compatibility & Patches

    • v0.1 - All VG missing seeds were added and the values were updated. Sadly, I had issues with overrides and some errors popped up relating the flower seeds. Errors regarding SeedSmokeleaf and SeedPsychoid appear but can't recreate them.
    • v0.2 - Flowers were removed and most of the overrides were rewritten, some overrides were deleted and a complete rewrite of certain seeds and extraction bills were made. Errors regarding SeedSmokeleaf and SeedPsychoid persist, but can't recreate them.
    • v0.3 - Flowers readded, more bills and seeds were rewritten completely. Errors regarding SeedSmokeleaf and SeedPsychoid persist.
    • v0.3a - A small bug regarding the Rice Plant showed up. It seems like the errors regarding SeedSmokeleaf and eedPsychoid might have to do with mod incompatibility or mod load error.
    • v0.3b - Rice Plant fixed, no news regarding SeedSmokeleaf and SeedPsychoid so far.
    • v0.3c - Trees not dropping wood fixed. Seems like SeedSmokeleaf and SeedPsychoid bug is gone.