[1.0 - 1.3] T's Mods (New floors, bed colours, crops, meals, and cotton tweaks)

Started by Telkir, June 29, 2014, 10:58:53 AM

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Vanilla-friendly mods for a better RimWorld!
Current stable version 2.3.0 for RimWorld 1.0 to 1.3 - also supports Royalty & Ideology DLCs

New in v2.3.0
I know you've heard this before but this time it's real: the final update for T's Mods!

Added support for RimWorld 1.3. A fair bit of work happened in MoreFloors as I redrew all of the added stone floor textures to be as absolutely consistent as I could make them, firstly to the vanilla RimWorld visual theme and secondly to each other (by ensuring effect settings were identical). There was some further compatibility work done to support Alpha Biomes and RimNauts, along with tweaks to existing compatibility patches.

The new MoreFloors textures may not appeal to you, but the good news is the old textures are included within MoreFloors and you can swap back to them by following the instructions in the readme.txt.

All of my other mods are working just as they were in v2.2.0, so nothing else new to report.

[T] ExpandedCloth :: Tweaks the game's cotton and cloth system.
● Cotton plants yield raw cotton fibre. No more magical cloth directly from plants!
● A new research topic, cotton processing, will unlock the textile bench
● The textile bench must be used to produce cloth from raw cotton fibre
● Using MoreBedsCloth? Build padded sleeping spots as a stopgap until you have cloth for real beds

[T] ExpandedCrops :: Expands and refines the fruit and vegetables your colonists can grow.
● Three new crop types - tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots
● Two new meal types - salad requires lettuce and berries, and soup requires tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes
● New bulk cookery bills for cooks who are sufficiently skilled
● New kitchen cupboard that boosts the productivity of a nearby stove

[T] MiscStuff :: Things that don't fit anywhere else.
● One new wall type, the scrap metal wall - weak but cheap and fast to build
● Alert lamps that glow in various colours depending on colony threat (requires colored lighting research)
● Threat sensors to provide data to alert lamps - without one, they're useless

[T] MoreBeds :: Bored of plain beds? Indulge your inner decorator with new bed graphics and colours.
● Adds five new colour styles for normal, double, and royal beds
MoreBedsCloth changes all beds to require some cloth to build, while MoreBedsVanilla doesn't - use one, not both!

[T] MoreFloors :: You can never have too many styles of flooring!
● Adds six new styles of wooden flooring (plus straw floors for that barn feel)
● Adds eleven new styles of stone flooring in all five stone vanilla stone types
● Adds eight styles of chequered stone floor in various combinations
● Adds six new carpet colours - orange, yellow, turquoise, purple, black, and white
● Adds a new style of chequered carpeting in all colours
● Adds a new style of wool carpeting in all colours, requiring woven wool from the new loom workbench
● Adds plasteel and jade flooring perfect for end-game colonies
● Support for Cupro's Stones and Extra Stone

[T] RawCropThoughts :: Adjusts vanilla crops with added detail.
● All vanilla crop items now give specific colonist thoughts if they are eaten raw

Compatibility Notes
MoreFloors has integrated compatibility with Cupro's Stones, [K]Extra Stone, Kura's Extra Gems, Gemstones, CCP's Stone Tweaks, and CCP's Stone Tweaks Vanilla
MoreBeds has integrated compatibility with More Furniture, Vanilla Furniture Expanded, and Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module

Optional Downloads
Jabbamonkey's HD Textures (for CoreCropTweaks, ExpandedCloth, and ExpandedCrops) - from this thread

Mods From Other Modders
Vegetable Garden by dismar - takes the idea of expanding the crops your colony can grow and runs with it into the far distance!
Architect Sense / Stuffed Floors by Fluffy - an excellent mod for keeping your architect menu tidy. It completely integrates all of the added flooring styles in MoreFloors with only one minor drawback of not having per-floor work-to-build, beauty, and materials required.
More Furniture by Anonemous2 - if you like giving your colonies a bit of character with extra decorations and... well... more furniture, this mod is definitely for you.

Source Code
Available on request! :)

IMPORTANT: Unless you're using a TMods patch designed for older versions, make sure you delete any old versions of TMods before extracting the new ones! Filenames may change between versions and other differences may be present. Overwriting an old installation will almost always cause errors.

To install TMods, simply unzip the mod's zip file into your RimWorld "Mods" subfolder, load RimWorld, then activate the parts you want to use by clicking the Mods button on the main menu and ticking the mods to enable.

You're welcome to do pretty much whatever you like with all of my mods, but you may not directly sell or lock behind a paywall anything that includes them (taking donations is fine, though). If you use some or all of T's Mods in your own mod or modpack, please credit me and include a link back to this forum post or the mod's RimWorld Nexus page. Thanks!

Some artwork in T's Mods may be based on existing sources - see credits.txt within each mod's About folder for links to sources. All such art is at least "free for non-commercial use" to the best of my knowledge.

These folks have generously spent the time to create translations for T's Mods, either here or on the Steam Workshop. Thanks!

Special mentions to:
Skullywag - for being an inexhaustible font of modding knowledge
Shinzy - for artwork
dismar - for polishing some of my patches
Helpful Bot - for suggesting a floor made from jade
You, the RimWorld community - for being generally awesome and supportive

See the "T-readme.txt" included in the download for a history of changes.



Hey there.

Looks very good, but as billerinstinct said, downloads are broken. :)
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Whups, sorry about the broken Nexus downloads - not sure what's happening there. I've tried re-uploading them but I'm also getting "An error has occurred". Maybe it takes a few hours for the files to filter through Nexus's system?

Meanwhile though I added some Mediafire mirrors which seems to be working better, so grab them through those, and thanks for checking it out! :)


This could be the reason Telkir. Thank you for the mirrors! :D

Edit: Tested the mod a bit. Very nice Textures! And the requirement for cotton cloths is a great addition. Keep up the good work.  :)
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Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
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Awesome mod, the floors are great and new resources, only thing that turns me off is cotton to build beds?.
Keep up the great work T.




Yeah, it's a good point. I'll rip out the cotton cloth requirement for beds and put it in a separate mod tomorrow if I get chance. I didn't split cotton for beds into its own sub-mod because it seemed like such a small thing and I wanted to aviod ending up with a dozen or so really miniscule changes that each have their own mod.

On reflection this is a good change, though, because it'll tie into something else I wanted to add - varied bed colours! Once done folks can make a choice for their beds, similar to how you can choose CottonCarpets or MoreCarpets.

I was also wondering about creating something to bridge the gap between a basic sleeping spot and a full bed, perhaps a "Padded sleeping spot" that needs just unprocessed cotton fibre...


You made new thoughts?  That's pretty awesome considering that Alpha 4F didn't allow modders to do that.

Also, I was expecting the cloth to be made into clothes, since there's now armor for pawns.  I'll definitely try out this mod.


Can you do a dropbox or MediaFire version of this? Nexus is always sketchy for my computer.
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Quote from: JKTD1919 on July 06, 2014, 06:37:27 PM
Can you do a dropbox or MediaFire version of this? Nexus is always sketchy for my computer.

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