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not sure if it's been mentioned, but my droids seem to be losing their minds to exhaustion and other psychological problems...
There's no way to check their stats

Also, are there any plans for having droids that can do crafting and basic hauling?
i'm pretty sure i'm not doing anything wrong... but when i mine the uranium quarry, i don't get any uranium. built and mined five of them but so far, not a radioactive scrap :S

[Note] if you download and install the version from Nexus, the quarries don't appear in the build menu. download "" attached to the post and it works fine... other than what i mentioned above at least ;)
Mods / Re: [Request] Mortar
July 06, 2014, 09:14:18 AM
and now they're in, they're the footstep of doom...
EVERY siege has me dead by dawn... they can shoot ANYWHERE on my base and there's too many of them to shoot on-foot... Game over man
General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
July 06, 2014, 09:12:51 AM
Hey all, I'm Xane Tempest (Real name Nathaniel) and I'd like to say 'Hai!'

-What introduced you to RimWorld? Or to this style of game in general?
My best friend send me a link
-What's your favourite other game?
changes day-to-day... usually first person shooters and the such though
-Most embarrassing gaming-related story?
(backstory, i'm british) I'm gaming online and my accent goes spare (i think i was yelling insults in londoner) and an American dude started laughing. We decided to swap accents and he was a posh british limey, i was a hillbilly yokel.
Two games later (new teammates too) someone shouted "Hey you, english, give me a hand!"
Of course, being the only brit there, i ran over.
"no not you, the english guy!"
me and the other guy (now talking normally) had to explain it all to this guy who honestly thought i was some heavily inbred redneck who was trying to marry his cousin... Honestly, i was more worried about offending than actually convincing people!
-What kind of breakfast cereal is the best?
wouldn't know... i tend to eat dinner for breakfast XD
General Discussion / Re: Alpha 5 and sieges
July 06, 2014, 09:08:08 AM
unfortunatley, lacking sniper-rifles (we has pistols... gangsta, innit?) I've not found a decent way to avoid losing my entire base to a mortar raid...

Ok, i've been playing for a while and am starting to get on with everything, then a group of raiders nearly a HUNDRED strong drop in, lay down mortars and lay waste to everything i've spent the last six or seven hours building...
once, that sucks. twice, that's annoying... EVERY TIME i get a siege, it's goodnight gracie.
Ideas / Re: New List Of Suggested Features
July 06, 2014, 06:59:19 AM
Suggestions? sweet.

Adrenaline: stopping settlers from going spare mid-firefight. Only lasts until you're not being shot at, but gives them a boost...
Yes, you're hungry, annoyed because you've been shot... but NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO WALK INTO A BURNING BUILDING BECAUSE YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH

'happy pills'
disabling prisoner mental breaks / stopping them from being able to kill each other in the middle of the night when all but one settler went nuts.

training simulator (improve stats for time)

EM weapons that do extra stun damage to machines / perps

a way of seeing where the mountains are / removing mountain roofs so you can enjoy the sunshine on your face and solar panels.

Advanced Hydroponics that allow for much faster growing (EG, a reason to use it rather than using a fertiliser pump and a sun-lamp)

automated fire systems / lights / power cost for rooms made with a special kind of wall? could fog a room (damaging survivors of course) and extinguish fires on places they cant reach. like inside a geothermal or a solar lamp

turrets that target animals!

mounting weapons as turrets? costs a weapon, metal etc, but now uses that weapon as a turret

MORE ACCURACY WITH MORTARS and defence against them with a constructed roof

ANY way to manufacture metal... i neeeeeeed that stuff! the mod Ironweed was a godsend!
The mortar is WAAAAY over-powered...
A group of pirates siege your base, three mortars and you are screwed. You can't hit them because it's not accurate enough but no matter WHAT they hit you have to rebuild.
destroy a wall between prisoners and supplies / colonist room(s) and they're screwed. hit your power-generators? you're screwed. Hit your store-room, you're screwed!

using them defensively has it's advantages, but facing one guarentees MASSIVE trouble. Especially because your shots always miss. been firing at two mortars with two mortars for ten minutes and not hit anything. glanced their supplies, that's it!

Fire... It's kinda common, but if it hits a building that is more than one tile thick, you can't extinguish the fire in the rear or central tiles. EG; a Geothermal plant. that sets on fire, the moment it spreads to the inner-tiles then it's gone. you can't extinguish it and you've got to repair endlessly and hope for the best... so far, not been able to save one.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
July 05, 2014, 08:48:33 PM
I'd like to suggest some kind of drug production. some kind of 'happy pill'.

Seriously! I can't describe how annoying it is that i've lost three prisoners to one unstable sumvavitch!

Roof-Lighting. something that illuminates a room and takes a little power, but nothing you could grow with

waterproofing research for sun-lamps (if nobody else has suggested this, then i'm shocked... but i wanna add a +1 to the list)

Packed lunch. The option for a collonist to take a lunch-box instead of a weapon. carries one meal / food heap

the option to 'rescue' a stranger from an escape pod... why take them prisoner? aren't they from the same ship? "Hi, I'm Russ from E-Deck. Can't remember me? that's ok. I'm taking you prisoner. How's the family?"

Animal pens / lures / breeding and farming options (milking?)

Entertainment systems (EG, music device. prioritise to exchange time for happiness)

the ability to prioritise sleep and food (colonist. Serve thy self)

Also; FIRST REAL POST. Hey all.
about to build for the first time...
Shame there's not a radius that shows the length of the light's reach... i sense lots of careful adjustment in my future grow-patch XD
Thank you for this mod. great stuff! any plans for more advancements? Uberturret? Hyper-hydroponics? Super-powers generator? haha
Has anyone found that with this mod active, it makes the game graphics spaz out and you can't see anything? images re-re-repeat until they over-expose to nothing?

I have rather a lot of mods active at the moment, will try to number it down before i post them all
Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 4F) Mushroom Mod V1.1
June 26, 2014, 12:45:57 PM
I love these funky things! first thing i start a-growin is the shrooms!
The only thing i'd request is that they become sellable over the vendor?

also, i hate to shoot myself with this, but i would suggest that you need to research them to plant them?
any other plans for things? the simplicity and awesomeness of this mod makes me want to see moar! MOAR I SAY!
I love the mod (these lill pups are THE most useful creatures on the map!)
if i ignore all meat on the map, i can keep them around quite comfortably :D

when i start a new game, i get a slew of messages of pathing errors and the such from previous games.
The last game i played, all the dogs decided they wanted to walk into one room repeatedly and paused at the same place? no idea why. i'll let you know if i can replicate though.

Other than that I have a few suggestions:
A dog-bowl type structure that you can use to store meat and they'll eat it from there, rather than going out and blowing themselves up on boomrats or being wolfed to death

Training research. start off only being able to train mutts, then level it to get the bigger sheps, then upgrade to wolves!
otherwise, wolves are such a prestigious pain in the arse!

the wolves seem a little over-powered. they can kill any dog that decides they are lunch (which happens annoyingly often) and then they go kill boomrats and never seem to take much damage...

perhaps to tame a dog, you need to have a certain weapon (leash)? or you 'arrest' them to a training room like a prisoner?

a crafting table where you can make 'dog food' from meat and spuds would be good?

it would be nice to have a little more control over the dogs though. being able to tell them to pick up a certain thing? or control them all as one from a kennel or such building?

all the other things i want i think have been said or i can't remember...

I love this mod and as all things cool, i just want moooooooar! mwahahahahaaaa!
Keep up the great work!
Outdated / Re: [MOD] Shields!
June 25, 2014, 03:45:44 PM
confirmed. Shield is good for one use only before it starts to insta-kill itself...