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Sculptures beat floors / walls by a massive margin and its not even close.

For most biomes its optimal never to build floors ever. This almost eliminates cleaning labor need as well. See:
General Discussion / Re: Where did Merciless Go?
April 25, 2019, 09:15:24 PM
I think there is an option on the difficulty screen to unhide it.
Quote from: BoogieMan on April 06, 2019, 12:46:21 AM
This should answer your questions.
This information is outdated.
I suggest you read the game code. The increased food poisoning penalty only kicks in at -2 as of 1.0, much lower than a dirt floor. Since pawns do not trash or track dirt onto dirt floors, this makes dirt floors effectively safer for cooking than even sterile tiles.


In the optimized meta, floorless is king.

Never reading code and making 'commonsense' assumptions is why most advice for this game is really misguided.
Food poisoning code was changed anyways, now cooking on dirt floor is 100% safe
General Discussion / Re: Why Build On Mountain?
March 04, 2019, 08:27:40 PM
infestation is quite solidly in the easier half of threats. Melee only threats are trivial in this game, even on highest difficulty.  In fact one of the strongest eco plays is just farming infestations, which is enough to buyout all relevant items in two exotics caravans on cooldown.

open mech combination drop or pirate sapper is far more dangerous.

I'm not even sure infestations have a one-hit kill attack (maybe high roll neck slash? never seen a full damage to internals attack), which is the primary indicator for difficulty.
General Discussion / A comprehensive advanced tech guide
February 17, 2019, 04:25:33 PM
Decided to put this set of links for people that are interested in improving their gameplay. There were originally planned 10 parts, but it is a lot to write and annoying to test to make sure the contents are compatible with game changes. There is also electricity-less freezers, melee killbox, killbox made of wind turbines, methods to kill caravans without consequence, supreme raid point control techniques, etc. And maybe they will be covered in due time.

Call it cheese, exploit, advanced QA testing, whatever. It was fun discovering and refining the techniques nonetheless.

Part 1 - floorless gameplay primer (and why dirt floors are completely safe to cook on)

Part 2 - interaction spot stacking, and advanced space efficiency primer

Part 3 - anti-sapper wall molotov / anti-mech wall EMP, remote detonation of crashed ships including rainproof chemfuel fuse, zone micro to force pawns on fire to stay in place

Part 4 - precise combat animal control via stack-zoning (no animal training required), and video demonstration of flawless defeat of 2x merciless mech CenterDrop variant (zero shots taken vs colonist)

Part 5 - economy hyper-acceleration via controlled infestation farming (>5000 shooting xp per pawn and >1500 silver/day with few pawns investment)

Part 6 - nutrient paste tricks, laundering away insect / cannibal meats, double processing food for 4.8x nutrition multiplier, stacking meal buffs

archotech - almost never

bionics to replace pawn destroyed part - depends on how good the pawn is, otherwise exile

bionics to replace healthy part - leg is realistically the only one I'd consider doing this with.
In what actual play situation are you getting to -2 unless you get drop podded in your production room? Even if you never set anyone on cleaning.
You don't even know how poisoning from rooms works. The food poisoning increased chance triggers at -2 cleanliness or below which is near impossible to attain unless you are trying to sabotage your base or attempting to cook in your killbox.

For reference, a pure dirt floor is -1.00 cleanliness. 

This is the danger of theorycrafting without mechanical understanding, as it means everything you come up with will be inapplicable to the actual game.
all production (kitchen tailor stoneworking drugs) dining and rec should be in the same room

livestock is inefficient, why even bother

QuoteMight one get an issue where a pawn will take a meal from the separate meal storage area, and then a hauler pawn will finish their job elsewhere and then go to the kitchen and take a single meal to replenish the other meal storage area's stock? If so, that would be inefficient.
I think you don't realize the incentive system of the game. This game does not reward efficiency since it scales all threats towards your wealth. The question is how efficiently you can utilize your wealth to maximize survival chance.

Even on merciless having half your pawns idle isn't even bad.
Both beer and tea are safe when administered on schedule...
Funny thing is that charge lance will still kill with a normal flak vest protected heart shot over 70% of the time

If you let a lancer take a shot at an unshielded pawn, you made a mistake. Devise your strategies accordingly from that premise.
Quote from: BLACK_FR on October 28, 2018, 06:37:32 AM
I didn't have an opportunity to test new animals mechanics. My main reason to use them is to increase melee power of the colony in the case of drop pods raids. If release-capable animals add to raid strength then is it good idea to have some non-release capable animals like alpacas? Do they worth their wealth-adding?
alpaca is release capable though