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Help / Changing History tab graph colors
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:26:21 PM »
hey i need help folks please.
I'm trying to change graph colors in history.
I changed the RGB value in ​HistoryAutoRecorders.xml​ but that doesn't change at all in game. Any idea plz?

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <label>wealth (total)</label>
    <!-- Yellow -->
    <graphColor>RGBA(240, 228, 66, 1)</graphColor>

    <label>wealth (items)</label>
    <!-- Bluish Green -->
    <graphColor>RGBA(0, 158, 115, 1)</graphColor>

    <label>wealth (buildings)</label>
    <!-- Vermillion -->
    <graphColor>RGBA(213, 94, 0, 1)</graphColor>

    <label>free colonists</label>
    <!-- Bluish Green -->
    <graphColor>RGBA(0, 158, 115, 1)</graphColor>

    <!-- Vermillion -->
    <graphColor>RGBA(213, 94, 0, 1)</graphColor>

    <!-- Bluish Green -->
    <graphColor>RGBA(0, 158, 115, 1)</graphColor>


Releases / [B18]DESurgeries - 06/12/17
« on: July 24, 2016, 04:56:06 PM »

In order to release the 1.0 version I started from :
DESurgeries mod (originally by DarknessEyes) + tweaks from Aristocat's Medical Complication Mod Pack

Quote from: the readme
    Adds new surgeries to Rimworld.
  •         Possibility to sedate patient in order to make him stay in bed Now in the base game
  •         2 cosmetic surgeries: Ear and Nose
  •         9 chronic surgeries: Bad back, Frail, Cataract, Hearing loss, Dementia, Alzheimers, Asthma, Cirrhosis and Heart artery blockage
  •         12 injury surgeries: Burn, Crush, Crack, Cut, Surgical cut, Scratch, Bite, Stab, Gunshot, Shredded, Bruise, Frostbite
  •         2 Parasite surgeries : Muscle Parasite, Gut Worms
  •         12 bone/limb surgeries: Finger, Toe, Mandible, Pelvis, Clavicles, Sternum, Ribs, Radius, Humerus, Femur, Tibia and Spine

B18 On Github :
(Click on

B18 On the Steam Workshop :

Very Important Disclaimer :
In case of updating from a prior version, please be sure to completely erase the DESurgeries folder BEFORE adding the new one

I want to say a big thank you to Kyos - Even if you don't know why ;) - I managed the EPOE compatibility after reading some of your comments and browsing through the code of Mechanite Augmentation Project.

And everyone who participate on the Github Issue/Suggestion tracker. (Bluewinds it is only you for now :p)

A big Thank You! to our translator :
  • RU : Man232 and Desert Rain
  • FR : Jozay
  • JP : Proxyer

Outdated / [A17] Less Rebuff
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:21:38 PM »

Less Rebuff

Tweaks several mood penalties relating to romance. All penalties can only stack once, now.
Details :
  • Failed romance attempt incurs -5 mood and lasts for 4 days.
  • Break-up incurs -15 mood and lasts for 25 days.
  • Cheating incurs -15 mood and lasts for 25 days.
  • Divorce incurs -20 mood and lasts for 30 days.
  • Rejected marriage incurs -18 mood and lasts for 30 days.

Again a big thank you to Dingo,
most of the code in there has been added by him (at first I only have done the rebuff nerf)

Hi RimWorld Modding Community !!!

I have setup a Slack space ==>

I hope/want it to be a place where RimWorld modders can gather and live-chat to help each others out  in a more direct way (But i'm not thinking it should be a replacement of the forum at all, it's another communication channel :p ).
My secret expectation is to see us all work together on a megamod ^^

Just send me, kaptain_kavern or Skullywag a PM (all we need is an email address to send you the invit)
Due to the numbers of people involved, this is now actually intended for active modders who are actually working on mods and have ideas they want to share or need help with their projects. The Slack is a place to mod not to chat with modders.
8) in alphanumerical order 8)

Hilarious quotes :
skullywag : can you do an unfinished thing using ingredients that arent stuff, what happens if you try?
1000101 : hrm, never did try that
skullywag : it should be possible
theres no reason we know of for it not to work
1000101 : recipe MakePistol
cost rawPotatoe 10
skullywag : haha potatogun
does no damage but reduces food need by 0.00001
1000101 : lol

float lengthHorizontalSquared = (this.currentTarget.Cell - this.caster.Position).LengthHorizontalSquared;
            if (lengthHorizontalSquared < 9f)
                num = 0f;
            else if (lengthHorizontalSquared < 25f)
                num *= 0.5f;
            else if (lengthHorizontalSquared < 49f)
                num *= 0.8f;
If someone's one square away from you you're guaranteed to hit him (without accuracy checks) but if he walks a single square away from you you're way more likely to miss
 juliaellie : well it worked for 12 alphas now :smile:
 alistaire : I think this code is entirely based on the assumption that people won't fire high rate of fire weaponry at short range anyways
If a pawn carries another pawn you're instantly more likely to hit the carrier
Holy shit according to the code you're 90% less likely to be hit if you carry a squirrel
I'm gonna try this right now
 kaptain_kavern : voodoo shit with squirrels, this game can be frightening sometimes ^^
 juliaellie : 90% of this game is voodoo shit
a method which calls a method which calls a method which calls a method somewhere hidden in a cave in nepal
kaptain_kavern : Voodoo Squirrel Trinket :-p

 kaptain_kavern invoke Shinzy for add this to Apparello

juliaellie : you there?
FREEDOM!!!! takes of pants
 juliaellie : burns her pants
 juliaellie : I hereby declare this modding colony and every man and woman living in it created equally in the eye of Lord Tynan free of the opression of fabric. This colony is a pants free colony!
 alistaire : crafts pants just to burn them
 alistaire : a sacrifice mod would be cool
 juliaellie : cough Blood Pact cough cough
 alistaire : it should be a story teller
 juliaellie : saome kind of cocky god who dermands sacrifices or bad things will happen?
 alistaire : Eille'a'iluj DEMANDS you sacrifice ALL YOUR PANTS NOW
 juliaellie : If you fail to do so there will be burning sulfur raining from the sky!
 alistaire : Eille'a'iluj demands the life of Herberd Masterdoctor OR ELSE
YOU DID IT! Medicine rains from the skies!
 juliaellie : maybe you start in a barren wasteland and have to repopulate the map with your powers but you only get mana when your colonists sacrifice all kind of shit
oh you want trees to gather wood?? you better build me a stone obelisk first and worship me
 alistaire : Want your 8th rib to be healed? Better sacrifice your youth for that!

"Gadgets" already in action :

Outdated / [A11] Modlist (last update 15/08/2015) - by K_K
« on: June 26, 2015, 02:00:49 PM »

You can view it there :

Or download in PDF (Google automatically updated link - or from Github)

I will try to do my best to maintaining it up to date.

Any suggestions / comments are welcome :)

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