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Started by skyarkhangel, May 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM

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How you relate for the full removing automatic turrets?

Positive. It's realistic. Fight with killboxes continues.
Negative. Make a button to kill all enemies in one click.


Quote from: Supes on August 18, 2015, 04:06:00 PM
Quote from: skyarkhangel on August 17, 2015, 11:02:59 PM
New version Autoseller with bunch of red bugs too. Even worse than the previous one.

is the modpack using the latest Autosell ( hotfixed)

if you're getting a version error, most likely you need to update the Miscellaneous compatibility patch to the latest compatibility patch

also can you show me what error messages are showing up

Edit: Added Misc compatibility patch to attachments

Big thanks, Supes!  ;)
I wrote before about error in your topic that errors related with autoseller.config file. Trying to test with bugfixes.

Quote from: Nanako on August 18, 2015, 10:45:36 AM

Thank you Nanako. Reworked soylent green for next version.

Quote from: Nanako on August 18, 2015, 10:45:36 AM
Also i want to ask, what the heck is with auto turrets?

As far as i can tell, the only autoturrets you can have are a base with a normal gun mounted on top. Like, a personnell weapon. This seems really dumb

I've tried them out, and the interface is buggy as hell. When i right click the base, i'm given a list of guns to choose from, but only one of them is not greyed out, and thats the only one i can pick.  it took me a lot of fiddling and luck to mount a sniper rifle on one of them
wtf is going on?

What about all the other big turrets, like the Mg12, and the 50 cal antimateriel rifle? How can i make them automated, all i can seem to do is place them as mannable guns.

Since 1.4 version, there no automatic turrets.. except miscellanious. And each version I  also have the desire to remove them. This project firstly aproach goal to make Rimworld more realistic, sometimes with not popular methods and its not fits for all players. Here is much harder to play. That is why we are losing in popularity to Overhaul, but have own group of (a smart; those who wants to succeed) people. Other people download alternative modpack + glitter tech with golden trees, one click kill all enemies on full map and plasmagenerator with 100500+W and then remove Rimworld from PC. lol  :D ADDED A POLL for this question.


I say keep some automatic turrets, but make them more of an expensive supporting kind of thing. Where they will help your colonists win fights that happen later on against a lot of enemies, but won't win them alone and will drain your resources if you don't protect them. Perhaps allowing people to enable/disable them in the mod manager would work as well and make everyone happy.

Mod to look into: AstroTecLabs: off-world mining.
I'm not sure if it would be balanced, but looks interesting and could help expand the usage of more metals in the production cycles (too many steel parts needed), by making them more accessible. I have not tried it personally, but just wanted to bring it to your attention.


Quote from: ChiefSlapahoe on August 18, 2015, 11:06:35 PM
I say keep some automatic turrets, but make them more of an expensive supporting kind of thing. Where they will help your colonists win fights that happen later on against a lot of enemies, but won't win them alone and will drain your resources if you don't protect them. Perhaps allowing people to enable/disable them in the mod manager would work as well and make everyone happy.

Mod to look into: AstroTecLabs: off-world mining.
I'm not sure if it would be balanced, but looks interesting and could help expand the usage of more metals in the production cycles (too many steel parts needed), by making them more accessible. I have not tried it personally, but just wanted to bring it to your attention.
I have to agree i've barely gotten to the crude oil part of my playthrough eg the mining drill getting crudeoil thats all i've done
and the main bottle neck is have about 4 of my 8 dedicated crafters just making steel and steel parts and they others are often idle waiting for the 4 to finish


Quote from: losinator501 on August 18, 2015, 09:29:27 PM
Hey, I really enjoy playing this modpack, I think it makes it a lot harder and I'm having a lot of fun playing over and over trying to succeed.

One thing I've noticed is there's no playthroughs of it on YouTube except for Russian ones, so I started one since when I first came across the mod I had no clue what it was and was skeptical. So it would probably be useful to have screenshots or a video of some sort in the original post to show what it is like Ultimate Overhaul has. I'd love to offer mine, let me know if you want to see it.

Otherwise, great work on the modpack. Really enjoying playing it. Ran into some bugs with growing in 11b but all fixed now.

Thank you. I will add information about you. Yep, in Russian community project have already 3 youtube let's players and streamers and their number is growing... It's time to start with the English-speaking and not only. You can wait for the next version, it such soon. Thank you :)
When do you think it will be ready?

I maybe can delete my first video and just wait for the new version.

EDIT: Never mind I deleted anyways as I want to fix some audio issue. Looking forward to new version!


NO MORE AUTO TURRETs... I think the current ones should have thier prices doubled or somthing & that you shouldn't add more turrents


Re turrets: I'm a base builder, i like turrets. I want autoturrets, and i don't care what i have to do.

If you really don't like them, then how about moving them to lategame, and making them a part of a larger computer system. maybe in order to make autoturrets work, you need a central AI computer to control them, and cameras for them to see things, etc. Also give them limited ammo! i don't mind having to make or buy ammo for them

In the original game it was too easy to build them. But once you add a bit of difficulty, people won't bother unless they really want them,

Regarding the miscellaneous turrets that you stick normal guns onto.I don't care whether you like them or not, but you have to fix them. Not fixing a buggy feature because you don't like it is silly.

The poll on the first post seems heavily biased, it's clear what the author wants. But it's also dumb. In a world with bionic limbs, combat robots, mechanoid hives, AI control cores, automated doors, etc. It's really stupid to call automated turrets "unrealistic". They are very realistic, they fit the gameworld perfectly, not having them would be a glaring omission.


In my opinion auto turrets are important and cool part of this game. I wouldn't remove them.

What we can do is to reduce reliability of them and give tools for raiders to deal with them better. For example, add some weapons which are precise medium range EMP launchers and make EMP work on turrets (if it already does not). It's stunning power may be pretty weak on mechanoids, but considerable for turrets. Or maybe make any EMP damage flick turrets off power and require to flick them on manually.

We can also add a (quite rare) event that (specific) turret's AI is malfunctioning and it shoots at everything what moves until it's resetted. Smart colonists would provide flicking switch in safe place. Also make this event disabled when player has built tactical computer.

Also allowing raiders to be able to cause short circuits while melee attacking any powered device (maybe apart from doors) which would deplete all your batteries and cause traditional zzztt... battery discharge explosion event would help with reducing reliance on electricity.  (unless you have sufficient fuses, then just discharge). Or possibly "damage your grid" and cause mini solar flare type of event.

If you want more economic balance, maybe remove automatic turrets whatsoever, but introduce craftable (probably with AI-core or advanced electronic chips) targeting AI module which can be installed on any turret to make it automatic. If that doesn't work, maybe some kind of drone which can man turrets. It would be great to have something like that, together with ammo dispensers (hoppers) for heavier, artillery weapons.

Also add that raiders often use the chance of solar flare to attack your base when it's without power and your electric defenses are down.

Such as drones are great addition for the game, so is automating turrets and I wouldn't remove this great part out of the game.

Also I agree with Nanako.
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Quote from: skyarkhangel on August 18, 2015, 09:43:23 PM
I can post changelog for 1.12, but in Russian (what is already done). Can you help me to translate into english? Because the translation is time-consuming that i would have to spend for work. There are about 60 lines.
I can if I have free time. But I can't promise about it. Also my english is far from ideal.


Quote from: skyarkhangel on August 18, 2015, 09:43:23 PM
I can post changelog for 1.12, but in Russian (what is already done). Can you help me to translate into english? Because the translation is time-consuming that i would have to spend for work. There are about 60 lines.
I can help too.


I very appreciate you did great job sorting all mods' stuff into well fitted tabs. I have one request though, could you create separate category for bows?
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My approach to turrets in the Hot and Cold pack was this - give the player a good alternative to the default turret. So I have turrets which you can craft at a smithing bench, upgrade at the smithing bench, have limited range and firepower but can take more punishment because basically they're not squishy like colonists.


My position about auto-turrets: they should be and should be expensive and tech consuming. So early game you fight only using colonists and in late game auto-turrets help (but not replace) colonists to fight hordes of mechanoids.


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Quote from: TheGentlmen on August 19, 2015, 12:34:56 PM
Quote from: skyarkhangel on August 18, 2015, 09:43:23 PM
I can post changelog for 1.12, but in Russian (what is already done). Can you help me to translate into english? Because the translation is time-consuming that i would have to spend for work. There are about 60 lines.
I can help too.

Active changelog for 1.12 Sky-High: 19.08.15

1. Seedplease: Очередная пачка фиксов с семенами.
2. Добавлен мод SK_Agriculture. Теперь все растения которые можно выращивать требуют соответствующего исследования. Добавлено порядка 7 исследований на изучения растений.
3. Добавлен мод SK_Tech. Изменяет работу большинства электростанций. Добавляет газовую центрифугу, которая обогащает природный уран-237 до урана-235.
4. Убран плазменный реактор. Исправления в работе плазменного геотермального реактора.
5. Переделан геотермальный нагреватель, теперь может строиться только рядом с одной из геотермальных электростанций.
6. Обновлен Clutter до последней версии. Появилась новая возможность для колонистов - читать книжки.
7. Добавлено 4 новые вида животных: ёжик, буффало, мамуфалло, носорог.
8. Добавлены в ручную новые механоиды: Механический краб, сталкер, мамонт, терминатор (м и ж).
9. Полный ретекстур сосны.. Пожалуй северные леса теперь самые красивые в римворлде.
10. Добавлены новые прически, шлем и броня из мода JaffaKree! (по фильму Звёздные врата).
11. Ретекстур ткани и ткани из дьяволотника.
12. Норблам теперь можно лечить шрамы биоматерией.
13. Добавлен новый тип двери "Штора", которая пропускает тепло между помещениями.
14. Добавлен по умолчанию обновленный ToolForJobs с багфиксами.
15. Теперь в шахте можно добывать медь и алюминий.
16. Серебро и золото выделены в отдельную категорию драгоценных металлов. Теперь из этих металлов можно строить только некоторую мебель. А изотоп урана (обедненный уран) убран совсем и теперь будет использоваться для производства боеприпасов.
17. Турбина гауса теперь изучается совместно с тесла-электростанцией.
18. Геотермальный генератор, плазменная геотермальный реактор и шахты теперь не могут быть построены ближе чем в 15-20 клеток друг от друга.
19. Найден и убран баг с клон рецептом стекла.
20. В рецепт мульчи добавлен пепел.
21. Добавлены рецепты приготовления мяса на костре.
22. Провода (проводка) теперь производиться только из меди.
23. Увеличен спавн меди и угля на карте.
24. Изменен крафт стали. Теперь она получается при обработке железной руды и угля.
25. Добавлен новый ресурс: титан. Редко встречающийся дорогой металл. По прочности превосходит пласталь, но уступает композиту и ванцидиуму.
26. Убраны детали из изотопа урана.
27. Изменена цветовая палитра железной руды(стали), пластали. А для композита сделана ярче... теперь строения не будут слишком темными.
28. Добавлен новый ресурс: селитра. Один из главных компонентов черного пороха, а также широко используемый для удобрений.
29. Сульфаты переименованы в серу, изменена текстура. Теперь один из компонентов пороха. Можно получить при переработке нефти или путем переработки железной руды.
30. В соответствии с нововведениями изменен рецепт изготовления черного пороха.
31. Добавлен новый компонент: напалм. Используется для производства некоторых боеприпасов.
32. Переписаны полностью рецепты изготовления боеприпасов. Исправлен крафт магнитных и вулкан боеприпасов.
33. Изменена текстура шахты и буровой установки.
34. Исправлен сбор песка.
35. Добавлен новый ресурс: Торф, который теперь можно собирать на болотах.
36. Добавлена новая топливная электростанция, работающая только на топливе.
37. Угольная электростанция теперь может работать не считая угля, теперь еще на торфе.
38. Изменена работа биогенератора, теперь работает на биоматерии или биодизеле получаемый из бобов. Убран ресурс Биоэлемент и связанные с ним рецепты.
39. Добавлена функция сбора щебня на местности.
40. В рецепте мульчи снова изменения. Убрано требования дерева, но теперь требуется селитра.
41. Обновлен Autosell до последней версии.
42. Добавлены новые цветы и две технологии разведения декоративных цветов. Увеличены бонусы красоты от цветов.
43. Порезана мощность ветрянных электростанций в 2 раза. А стоимость солнечной увеличена..
44. Увеличено получение муки и сахара. Привлекательность напольной подсветки увеличена.
45. Добавлены рецепты карбона, ванцидиума, пластали на начальный (медленный) верстак.
46. Добавлен новый ресурс: древесный уголь (charcoal) который можно получить прожигая дерево. Рецепт также доступен для костра. Для получения стали теперь можно использовать на выбор уголь или древесный уголь.
47. Консоль связи снова получила отдельную технологию для изучения. Также как и в одном из патчей требуется для открытия технологии изучить Маяк + Строительство 2.
48. Увеличен выход или скорость производства в нефтеперерабатывающей станции (бывшая хим. лаба) и в бетономешалке всех рецептов в 2-4 раза.
49. Ретекстур снеговика и сойлента.
50. Моды Apothecarius, OmniStorage, MedicalDrinks теперь являются частью Core_SK. CombatRealism Defence, Industrialisation и частично Superior Craft с Mechanical Defence2 (MD2) теперь являются частью нового проекта Tech_SK основанного на dll библиотеке. С этого времени, Hardcore SK начинает себя позиционировать как глобальный проект. Модпаки в прошлом.
51. Переделана работа сойлента.
52. Оптимизирован размер стаков для большинства ресурсов исходя из их рыночной стоимости.
53. Убрано почти 3 десятка лишних вещей из Апарелло и Норбалов. Выпелены все носки, а перчатки теперь одного типа и надеваются на обе руки.
54. Переработана схема производства биодизеля. Добавлен рецепт переработки семян в биодизель в переработчике топлива (bio refinery).
55. Все луки, арбалеты, пилумы значительно порезаны по дальности стрельбы, максимальная дальность некоторых из них всего 18 (меньше чем у пистолетов). Но значительно увеличена их точность и скорость применения. На небольшой дистанции теперь смертельно опасны и хорошо приспособлены для охоты.
56. Полностью переработано оружие ближнего боя в том числе оружия норбалов, делая его более эффективным в ближнем бою. Порезан дикий урон норбальского оружия. Все оружие норбалов имеет чуть лучшие характеристики.


I don't speek russian tho... still I hoped I've helped save you some time...

1. Seedplease: Another pack which fixes seeds.
2. Added mod SK_Agriculture. Now all plants that can be grown require appropriate research. Added about 7 researches on the study of plants.
3. Added mod SK_Tech. Alters power. Adds gas centrifuges , which enrich natural uranium-237 to uranium-235.
4. Removes the plasma reactor. Changes things in the plasma geothermal reactor.
5. Changed the geothermal heating. It can now be built right next to one of geothermal power plants.
6. Clutter is now updated to the latest version. Colonists now can read books .
7. Added 4 new animals: hedgehogs , buffalos , mamufallos N1 and rhinos.
8. Added new mechnoids N2: mechanical crab, stalker , mammoth and terminator ( M and M ).
9. Added tekstura N3 pine... Now the northern forests will be the most beautiful forests in rimworld .
10. Added new hairstyles, helmets and armors mod JaffaKree!
11. Added tekstura Cloth and Cloth from dyavolotnika. N4
12. Now you can treat scars using biomater.
13. Now I have added a new type of door 'blind', which allows heat to vent between rooms.
14. Fixed ToolForJobs.
15. Now, the mine can produce copper and aluminum.
16. Silver and gold are now a separate category of precious metals. You can only build some furniture using these precious metals. One of the isotopes of uranium (DU) has been removed completely, and will now be used for the production of ammunition. N5
17. Gause Turbine is now researched in the same research that the Tesla Power Plant is researched in.
18. The Geothermal Generator, Plasma Reactor and Geothermal Mine can no longer be constructed closer than 15-20 cells from each other.
19. Locate and removed a bug which caused 2 glass recipes to apear.
20. You now need ashes to make multch.
21. Added new recipes for cooking meat on the fire.
22. Wires (wiring) can now be made only out of copper.
23. Increased the spawn of copper and coal on the map.
24. Changed the craft began. Now it is obtained in the processing of iron ore and coal. N6
25. Added a new resource: Titanium. Rare expensive metal. Stronger than plasteel, but weaker than composites and vanadium.
26. Removed parts of the isotopes uranium. N7
27. Changed the color palette for iron ore (steel) and plasteel... also the composite are now brighter... Now buildings will not be too dark.
28. Added a new resource: nitrate. One of the principal components of the black powder, and is widely used for fertilizers.
29. Sulfates renamed to sulfur. Also changed the texture. Now, one of the components of gunpowder. Can be obtained by the refining or processing of iron ore.
30. In accordance with the innovations changed the recipe for gunpowder.
31. Added new feature: napalm. Used for the production of certain ammo.
32. Completely rewritten recipes for ammunitions. Fixed magnetic crafting and Volcanic ammunition. N8
33. Changed the texture of the mine and the rig.
34. Fixed collection of sand.
35. Added a new resource: Peat, which now can be collected in swamps.
36. Added new fuel power generator which runs only on fuel.
37. A coal power plant can now operate on non-coal material, like turf. N9
38. Changed biogenerator, it now works on biomater, or the biodiesel derived from the beans. Removed resouce bioelements and related requirements. N10
39. Added  the collection of rubble on the ground.
40. Changed mulch again. Removed the requirements of wood, but it now want nitrate. N11
41. Autosell updated to the latest version.
42. Added new colors and two technologies of ornamental flowers. Increased bonuses from the beauty of flowers.
43. Overhualed energy generators. N12
44. Increased the amount flour and sugar you get from a harvest. The appeal of outdoor illumination has also increased increased.
45. Added the abilty to use Carboniferous, vanadium and plasteel to make the initial (slow) workbenchs.
46. ​​Added a new resource: Charcoal (charcoal) which is available from burning through the wood. The recipe is also available for the fire. For steel can now be used to choose carbon or charcoal.
47. The console connection again received a separate technology for learning. As in one of the patches is required to open the technology to explore the lighthouse + Building 2.
48. Increased yield or production rate in the refining station (ex chem. Lab) and mixer all recipes 2-4 times.
49. Overhauled snowman and Soylent Green.
50. Fashion Apothecarius, OmniStorage, MedicalDrinks are now part Core_SK. CombatRealism Defence, Industrialisation and partly Superior Craft with Mechanical Defence2 (MD2) are now part of a new project based on the Tech_SK dll library. Since that time, Hardcore SK begins to position itself as a global project. Modpaki in the past.
51. Remade Soylent Green.
52. Optimized size of stacks for most of the resources on the basis of their market value.
53. Removed nearly 3 dozen extra things from Aparello and Norbals. All the socks and gloves are now the same type and are placed on both hands.
54. Changed the scheme of the production of biodiesel. Added a recipe for seed processing into biodiesel in fuel processors (bio refinery).
55. bows, crossbows, pilum significantly slashed on the firing range, the maximum range of some of them only 18 (less than the pistols). But significantly increase their accuracy and speed of application. In a small distance is now deadly and well adapted for hunting.
56. Completely redesigned melee weapons including weapons norbals use, making it more effective in close combat. Cut the wild damage norbal weapons do. All weapons norbals use has a slightly better performance.

N1: What... Google translate being funky... forgot to mention... I don't speak Russian :]
N2: Google ain't so bright... it said and I quote "Added manually new AIM "
N3: Some sort of tree?
N4: Got no idea what that means...
N5: Don't exactly understand the uranium part...
N6: What?
N7: N5 all over again...
N8: Not sure what it means exactly
N9: Not sure what the proper resource name is...
N10: N9 again...
N11: N10/9 again...
N12: 'Cut the power plants rubella, chicken 2 times. And the cost of increased solar...' Um no...


Oh, also one minor thing: coffee and rainbow petals (spectago plant) aren't in "cooking stuffs" category (which could be renamed "cooking ingredients" tbh)

spectago is used for 2 things: spectago tea and painting

Stun gun and stun grenade are in "Others" instead "Weapons" in inventory menu.
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